Monday, December 30, 2013


We are behind in our posts abd its because we've been having problems with the VPN and getting online here in China-we were warned about this. December 30th is officially Faith's 'gotcha' day. We waited in the hotel lobby at 9:30am to be picked up and driven to the government building for our 24 hour guardianship. We have to receive our child in front of an officer. When we arrived there it was a pretty simple, older building with a little play ground. There was only one other couple waiting there. We waited about 30-45 minutes for Faith to arrive and in the process we got to know 'John and Amy'. They are from Boston and are adopting a son through another agency and were heavily interested in CCAI and our daughter's special need. We got acquainted real well and felt more nervous for them-this is their first and only child. When they brought out their son Samuel we were so moved and Freddy recorded their 'gotcha' and then our children were peeking out the window for Faith when they screamed out "Mommy Faith is here-She's outside!" Immediately my heart pounded because we knew so much about her and we know she knows nothing about us. And it is weird, because with Hope we didn't know what to expect and with Faith we felt so prepared yet braced ourselves for this new person we were about to meet. She arrived so quickly in a young woman's arms and she made no sound she just stared as my children quickly approached her and handed her their gifts. I tried to approach her and touch her-she seemed kind of in shock. She was all bundled up and I could tell her orphanage cared about her because of the lovely coat she had on and her warm boots. We were given a little bag with a bunch of crackers for her and our little plastic family photo album. The boys quickly swooped her out of my arms and sat with her on the couch where they were feeding her and trying to tickle her-but she remained serious and focused on them. Hope was leaping up and down announcing that she has a 'meimei'! We were slightly concerned about her lack of emotion or lack of tears but we have been doing a whole lot of praying for her transition so it could just be that. So far the kids are in love with her and she seems to love them-they are the only ones who can get her to smile. She is quite stuck on her thumb and she has blisters on her thumb from her sucking. Her skin and hair feel so soft-yet very sensitive and she has been doing some heavy scratching. I've brought some Vicks and creams for itching which seems to be working. She is congested and has some heavy breathing that had my mind so worried I had 10 different diagnosis going on in my head. one said this was easy-its kind of bittersweet in a sense. You get your child and you are in love but you mourn over the bites, the pale complexion and the lack of knowledge of what affection is. When we kiss her she doesn't respond but she loves to be held close. She isn't walking and doesn't want to be left on the floor. She isn't talking or making any sounds. She just kind of stares and shoves crackers in her mouth...kind of natural I guess. we've since bathed her and she seems to like it a lot. She was slightly uncomfortable with me changing her diaper;( But I had to give her an up-down-turn around check and everything looks fine. I see the dimple from the Spina Bifida it looks a lot less minor up close than it did in her file and photos. You can only hope for the best and remain really, really positive...that may be what you might consider adoptive parents in the special needs program-very optimistic people lol. God is so good how can we not be? I will try and find more photos to post later as everything is so scattered.


We woke up early this morning uhm…like 3am early, cause our time clocks are all messed up. Hope has a shiner! She fell off the bed last night Can this all get better, please? Well it does, because we then headed for the airport and had for breakfast at McDonalds-per our kids’ request. We then went to check in and the lady gave us seat assignment
s all sitting
together! Yeahhh, is this really happening? Yes!!! Thank You Lord…I thought this was not going to be possible for us. My body is so broken, I cannot even explain it. So I went over to the massage chairs (yep they have massage chairs facing the airplanes in Japan) that give 10 minute massages. And I am not one that likes massages or one that will do this- especially in public. But I did it; along with all four of our poor kids! We were just so elated to finally be going to Beijing….what a trip! We boarded the plane and sat together, our four kids just beaming with smiles, because of the video games they provided. We flew via ANA airlines, which UNITED code shares with and they were really great! I also must say here before I move on that the Japanese, are among the nicest people you will ever meet! They are so soft spoken, kind and very helpful. Freddy says I should be more soft spoken too because I yell too much…he better watch it. The women though, are so glamorous and there is a lot of wealth…I’d say “look Freddy everyone has such pretty luggage.” Ours looks…well I don’t even know what ours looks like anymore…at this point, we probably look and feel homeless! haha! Ok, ok so we then arrive in Beijing! WOW we’re finally here. CHINA!!!! At this point in my excitement, I have forgotten that we are soooo late and off schedule with our agency’s reps…that shock has left my mind. So we descend to grab our luggage, its quite a hustle and bustle here in China. You have to keep up and we have to keep our children close…our kids are grabbing to us pretty tightly, because they too realized that they could be run over. While trying to find where to wait for the taxis, we bumped into an Israeli couple that warned us to be aware that the drivers-do not understand English. So we asked someone from their party, to write down ‘subway station south’ and Zhengzhoudong, she wrote it on a paper for us and I am telling you this, because Freddy says it’s important to mention this for others. Once we showed the driver the paper he grunted and said “700RMB!” we communicated-simple! He got us there in a heartbeat, I was very proud of our driver who was driving in the shoulder of the highway the entire time, bypassing all of the traffic. Looking around Beijing, a familiar picture entered my mind-Russia. It reminded me of Moscow, the smog and apartments….many, many apartments. The hustle of the people, with all of the stress in their eyes seemed familiar too. We are here again God; another journey to your people, whom you love oh so much. The Beijing South Station is a zoo!!! Literally, uhhh people were coming up to us and asking us things…and I just kept saying BU, BU,BU….no no no. Then I also had to tell them I am American, little mandarin. Hehe, that’s like all I know. I forgot everything I learned and we never got past the first Pimsleur cd. Anyway, it was crazy! People stared at us I think because of Hope and it was awkward…I didn’t know what to think..nor did I care at this point, they were pushing us out of the way and I just said BU! Freddy finally got the tickets for the train to Zhengzhou, we had to go through security again..I think it’s like our 6th time through security checks? Maybe more at this point? We didn’t care though, we hopped on that train! It was like another airplane ughhh….more sitting and travels. But it moved very, very fast and we could face each other and I put my feet up and conked out! Another 3.5 hours later, we arrived at Zhengzhoudong (east). Our rep texted us, that she is waiting for us with a CCAI flag. Someone cares!! Thank you Lord, we are here and someone cares. We exited off the train and find ‘Rita’. She’s a small, soft spoken woman with nothing but pity in her eyes for us-yeahhh she has pity! So now we are here in a Holiday Inn Express, with the nicest staff ever! We feel like we’re amongst family really. Wilson and Alice, are at the front desk and they are just the cutest, sweetest pair ever…the kindness radiates off of them and they seem so interested, in our crazy bunch of kids. I can’t tell you how good we feel right now, all nestled in our connected rooms. Our kids are psyched to have their ‘man cave’ and Hope is in the bed next to us. She too is excited to sleep because tomorrow, she will meet her baby sister Faith Amelia. I am a little confused about our schedule still, because we have gifts to give and we’re still not sure how the tipping goes. But I can already see that leaving Henan will be painful. We’ve been given Faith’s schedule, her diet and preferences. Uhmm she wakes at 5:30 am? We have to sleep. Tomorrow we will meet her and be her guardians for 24 hours. She is weary of strangers. Ahhhh another daughter tomorrow at 9:30am sigh. This is all moving so fast…wow. I keep thinking about Hope in Russia, and how awkward it was when we met….I hope tomorrow goes fine? Hope I can sleep tonight-my stomach is not so good with the jet lag…I feel like I can’t keep anything down.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Still not in China

Well we did arrive in Tokyo but we were not in time for our flight connection and there were not enough seats for the second flight, to Beijing. So after an exhausting fourteen hour flight, we just could not go on any further. We stayed the night in Japan sighhhhh. We are also officially off schedule with CCAI in China! I don't think I could cry because of the jet lag, and I was very thankful that the kids were well behaved and had ate well on board....but Freddy and I are seriously, bummed out! Today we have a flight leaving to Beijing, I pray we get on the first catch the train to Zhengzhou, but regardless of when we arrive, we'll be late for our meeting with CCAI staff:( At this point, we just need to be there by the 29th in order to meet our daughter the 30th!!! Yes, we need prayers...mostly, for our stress and for our children who are going through this with us. Thank you guys for the support. God bless you xoxoxo

Thursday, December 26, 2013


We made it to Newark and all six of us got to ride first class-it all seemed so smooth. And I could remain silent and just hope for the best...but that wouldn't be real and right now, I need to be real for my sanity and record, of this journey to Faith. We then got bumped off the Beijing flight! We panicked and decided to try Honk Kong, but again got bumped! And it wasn't until we were canceling our Beijing reservations; that it really started settling in my mind, of how severe this is. My husband started telling me that flights are really bad, and that maybe we should split up and meet in Beijing. Great! Seperate in a foreign country. This is crazy...I keep hearing this in my head. I try to ignore it, but the obstacles are raising their ugly, green head. I finally just broke down and cried when we checked into Newark Airport's Marriot tonight. I did not think this was where we were going to end up tonight. I wanted to sleep crouched up on a plane-to beijing! I know God's got His plan for us tonight and we're trying to see it and be enthusiastic about it. Freddy is so stressed, I feel so bad for him. Our children I must say, have been very good and understanding. They have been very enthusiastic and comforting to us. It has been a long day. Tomorrow we are looking into a flight to Japan that will then route, to Beijing. We are buying these tickets, so that we can leave the states and be a country closer to Faith.International adoption is very time sensitive, and this has made us very nervous to be off schedule like this:( Believe me, the fear has started to creep up in my throat and its so terrible to feel so helpless and so far away from your baby, all at the same time. Please pray for us and this mess that we're in. Praise God and His ways. Amen

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Merry Christmas! We are having a wonderful Christmas thus far. At the same time, we are also feeling the stress! The intensity has increased as we tie up loose ends around the house (my messy house) and as we attempt to travel tomorrow! I keep adding stuff and then deducting stuff...I think I have become very nervous. I got checked out by a doctor, because I just was not getting better, and I am glad I did because I do feel better with the antibiotics, but Please, I ask that you pray for our family. I am experiencing anxiety along with this cold. Please pray that it's a smooth process for our children and for Faith. Please pray all 6 of us get on the plane tomorrow, most importantly. Many blessings to you this Christmas and in the New Year. SHALOM xox Here is an article by my brother Jack and he isn't biased;) Bringing ‘Faith’ home for Christmas The Robaina family seemed to have the perfect family; two loving parents, and three boys. But for this family, there seemed be an important element missing - a little girl. “My story is that my wife really wanted a little girl and our third child was supposed to be a little girl, but it ended up being a little boy,” said Freddy. “So in order to get a little girl, we decided to adopt.” After a long process of adopting a little girl by the name of Hope from Russia, approximately four years later, the Robaina family found themselves yet again adding another missing piece to their puzzle, a fifth child, but this time a little girl from China. “We really considered our family complete with our four children - three perfect sons and a little princess who just blended right in,” said Jeannie. “We went on a missions trip to Nicaragua, and just fell in love with the children there whom of which lived in poverty. It reminded me of our daughter's beginning in a Russian orphanage.” After encountering children in Nicaragua who slept on dirt floors, had no clothing, food or education, everything in their lives began to take a turn. “Our hearts had changed, our thoughts had changed,” said Jeannie. “I started thinking about what we could do to make a difference. Again, I thought about our daughter and how she has blossomed and what her love did to our family.” “I also started thinking about my life with my siblings, and how enriching it was to grow up with a sister and brothers - its made me who I am,” said Jeannie. “So I thought, why not do it again? We have the space in our home, we throw away food and clothes all the time.Why not adopt another child and give God our best efforts?” During their first adoption, The Robainas found themselves in a tough financial situation, where they had to use their home equity loan to fund the adoption. They knew that there could be grave consequences; but they continued anyway. “We just wanted a little girl,” said Jeannie. “After giving birth to three boys, I felt a biological daughter wasn't as important to us as just the privilege of having a daughter. I know this sounds strange to some people, but having a daughter was very important for me.” After their first daughter’s adoption, everything seemed to unfold for the better and the Robainas family considered themselves to be very blessed. “To say that we could afford another international adoption is an error,” said Jeannie. “But this time around, I have a focus that is more important than finances; its a ransom for a life.” The Robainas tried to fundraise by selling items such as gold, jewelry and other household items. They also purchased items to fundraise with from different organizations. “We bought items from an organization that helps to fight hunger around the world-,” said Jeannie. “We had garage sales, bake sales and spread awareness in the community about adoption.” When the Robaina’s adopted their first daughter from Russia, they considered the experience to be a 'blind referral' process. “It was scary, but we were greatly pleased by God's choice for our family, said Jeannie. “We are now adopting from China's special needs program; where they send you a portfolio of pictures and information on your child.” Their child's documents stated that their child has Spina Bifida, which according to, Spina Bifida means to have a split spine and which occurs when a baby is inside the womb and the spinal column does not close all the way. Originally, the reason why they went with the adoption agency that they did was because of the fast process when it came to adopting children with special needs. The Robaina family was only interested in adopting a child with minor special needs such as things that western medicine can treat like cleft palates and only checked maybe for Spina Bifida. “We had no idea what that was and the more we looked into with our doctors, the scarier it was,” said Jeannie. “Until we saw her face and knew that we were staring into the eyes of our child.” “With this program that we are in, this is the child that God put before us, despite the circumstances, said Freddy. “This is our child and that’s it.” The agency gave them an option to turn the child down, but because of their faith, they knew that for some reason, this child that was put before them was a sealed deal. “These children are much more than a special need, they are special and they need families to love and nurture them back to health,” said Jeannie. Currently they are with CCAI China Adoption Program and they have been very pleased this time around with the professionalism and advocacy for the orphans. “There are 147 million orphans worldwide and it won't get better until each of us take a stand and be a hero in a child's life. They are the future,” said Jeannie. Their immediate family and closest friends and church family supported them through this adoption. Most of them giving them monetary gifts, or proceeds from their own fundraising efforts. Including being sponsored by, where the Robainas would get a certain amount of money from the sales earned. “We've already been blessed by the Love Cookie by being their sponsor family this month,” said Jeannie. “It was nothing short of the grace of God. They heard about our story through a dear friend of ours who also has taken it upon herself, to help us fundraise for our daughter with her gorgeous, hand-made jewelry.” But in the beginning their family members were not as supportive as they currently are in this time around. In the beginning, they thought that they were crazy to adopt. “It’s an unconventional thing to do,” said Freddy. “You’re adding complications to something that is already complicated.” “It’s not your child,” said Jeannie. “How can you love a child that’s not yours? Do you know what kind of problems that you are bringing to your home?” Those were some of the responses that the Robaina family received from family and friends during their first adoption. But for the Robaina family, they always thought of adoption as being something magical. Anna Maria Gatti, Jeannie’s mother, was thrilled when she first found out that her daughter was going to adopt a girl for the first time from Russia because her daughter only had boys. “She could have tried for a girl but she decided to adopt instead,” said Gatti. “It makes me so proud to have a daughter like her.” But when it came to her daughter adopting for the second time, her feelings went from being excited to confused. “I don’t know why she decided to adopt again, but I guess God wants her to save another child or maybe because Jeannie needed to save this little girl, but it is in God’s hand.” Whether she understands the reason that her daughter was adopting a second child, she none-the-less stands right beside her. “God decides the time and place where we should be,” said Gatti. “I support Jeannie for every positive thing that she does.” “ I think any good human been should adopt, not just for them but to save a child’s life,” said Gatti. “Personally I would love to adopt a child, but I am too old to do so.” Jeannie regularly keeps up with a blog that she used for her first adoption as well for this current adoption process. On her blog,, she shares her personal feelings, experiences and events for people who are wanting to follow along in this experience. I think that this is a great way to use social media,” said Kelsey Wasicsko a family member. “For something productive and meaningful in a way that gets the message out that they are adopting and looking for support.” “I'm excited that they are adopting Faith. I think Hope can use a sister. I can imagine that it would be hard to be a girl in a house full of boys,” said Wasicsko. “Jeannie and Freddy are such loving parents as it is, and they instill great morals into the kids. I think Faith will be a very happy addition to the family.” With plans to fly all four children with them to China to pick up their newest family member, the Robaina’s look forward to bringing their child home for this year’s Christmas. “We've been very blessed that it has been a very smooth process for us,” said Jeannie. “We await any day now for travel approval to pick up our daughter. The whole family is embarking on this journey. We believe that what we are doing is the true spirit of Christmas miracles.”

Saturday, December 21, 2013

"Oh Christmas Tree"

As I have mentioned in a prior post, I have become ill with another cold and can barely speak. With so much stress this year, I think my body is just not able recuperate properly, these days. I guess its been kinda evident at church, because I received a text the other day by my new friend Abigail, who said she'd be at my house at 5pm with chicken-noodle-soup?! I was dumbfounded; because not only did she arrive with chicken-noodle-soup that she'd made, but she also had fresh bread, pizza and herbal tea. It might have been emotional, but I immediately felt better when I had that tea and soup:) And I have never had anyone do anything like this for us before. It feels good to be part of a community/church of such caring people! These days have been very miraculous, and its supposed to be this way right? Well how about this one...with all the craziness this year, we decided to say no to the Christmas tree? I thought this made sense, we knew we'd be traveling close to Christmas if not on Christmas...and we'd be away for 2 weeks, so who would throw it away? And Faith is in an orphanage so why bother, really? Let's keep our hearts focused on Christ and His purpose and will....well maybe, He's trying to tell us something this year because a big, white truck pulled up into our drive way today and behind it, was a very, tall Christmas tree already on a stand? Our other two friends from Rio Church Bill and Susan, exited the truck and presented their gift to us-a Christmas tree! They bought the ornaments, lights and balls and had Freddy help them drag it in our dining room. Then they, along with our children decorated the tree. Our jaws were dropped! literally! How amazing are these people? It just brought tears to our eyes and it was hard to cry with the shock of it all. I am so floored by the kindness and thoughtfulness and prayers that these people have faithfully, offered up to us. Lord I thank you for them! I thank you Lord for all that you do and for the hearts that you touch. We are so BLESSED!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Our Travel Itinerary

Our trip has been slightly delayed;/ but I think in a good way. We were planning on traveling to Beijing the 25th to arrive the 26th-but flights are heavy!!! Also, after going to a concert the other day, and listening to our children complain about the Florida weather being too chilly, something told my heart that the Great Wall of China with kids in January,...uhmmm not a good idea! My husband and I are bummed, but we have visas good for a year, we can always return next year for the wall? So now there's been a slight adjustment to our itinerary and we've opted out of the tours. We will instead stay focused on the mission of Faith! 12/26/2013 Leave 6am for Newark-Beijing 12/27/2013 Arrive in Beijing China 3pm 12/29/213 Leave for Zhenghou (Capital of our daughter's province Henan) 12/30/2013 GOTCHA DAY! 1/8/2014 We take our family oath in Guangzhou We are still in the booking of Hotels, process because we will not be in a specific group with other CCAI folks. China considers us already, a good sized group I guess? If you have any advice, please let me know! As I am still sick with this cold and I am sure it is stress related. Has anyone else ever travelled to China during Christmas time? I really wanted a picture of Faith and Santa, guess they won't have post Christmas Santa's in China? Bummer.

Galatians 4:4-7

4 But when the set time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under the law, 5 to redeem those under the law, that we might receive adoption to sonship.[c] 6 Because you are his sons, God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, the Spirit who calls out, ‘Abba,[d] Father.’ 7 So you are no longer a slave, but God’s child; and since you are his child, God has made you also an heir.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

CCAI celebrates 100 HAITI ADOPTIONS!!!!

This past Saturday, CCAI was in high spirits, celebrating the exciting milestone of reaching their 100th Haiti adoption this month! The office was filled with balloons and Christmas lights, brimming with delicious snacks, and overrun by little kids, ready to celebrate themselves (as it should be). CCAI officially started the Haiti program in 2009. Since the 2010 earthquake, Haiti’s government has undergone some major restructuring, but has faithfully kept its doors open to international adoption, albeit with more than a few challenges. CCAI is absolutely giddy with joy to have reached 100 adoptions and are eager to continue finding forever families for these amazing kids!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


We are TA TA TA!!!! Today I was so grumpy with my stuffy nose and this dragged out waiting period for TA...when the phone rang with CCAI's number I dove for the phone. Sure enough a very calm voice was on the line and announced that our Travel Approval came in and she presented me with some dates....miraculously, the first date was December 25!!!! We really are having a Faith journey for Christmas! I am so elated....and tired and crying all at the same time! This will be the best Christmas ever!!!! I praise you Lord for what you do for your unworthy servant...I praise you! I will update our itinerary soon. And now I have to repack-for real:))

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Some more waiting time...

Our visas have returned to us and we have started, gathering and packing some. Of course, we do have time to unpack and pack again? Travel Approval timeline, is anywhere from 2-4 weeks, and its already been one week since our Article 5 pick up date....sighhhhh. We have been invited to everyone's Christmas party, which has been a blessing in giving us time to fellowship and smile...but no doubt, this kind of waiting is awful for me! People keep asking and we keep repeating "any day now"'s like when your 40 weeks pregnant and you look like you're about to pop and probably, feel like you're going to pop too. I think I have already broken down and cried enough for 2013. Just the other day, while I was driving Hope to ballet, I thought this adoption can pretty much be summed up as when I gave birth to Noah. Oh yes, I remember the contractions quite clearly and I just knew with all my complications in those moments, that it would be the last time, that I birth a child this way. I also have been thinking about Mary a lot lately, and just how she labored Jesus. I have been thinking about her sufferings, social pressures and her lack of resources....but I have been thinking about her rewards too for being so faithful to God's will for her life! Hopefully the next post will be our TA (travel Approval) with confirmed dates and until then I leave you with this wonderful song about our Savior. I heard this song before I picked up Hope and recently, I just heard this song this past Monday that reminded me of Faith; our gift from God and our opportunity to see Jesus' face through His precious children. Those who receive God's gift are orphaned no longer.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

While mom's away....


“Radical obedience to Christ is not easy... It's not comfort, not health, not wealth, and not prosperity in this world. Radical obedience to Christ risks losing all these things. But in the end, such risk finds its reward in Christ. And he is more than enough for us.” ― David Platt, Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream

Friday, December 6, 2013

Wishing for a family for Christmas

From the orphanage:“Holden” was born with Albinism and is aging out of the orphanage. He is a very sweet young man who likes to help others and this is evident in many photos. His file also states that he helps the children in the orphanage by feeding them “delicious food” and entertains them by singing to them! He has a heartwarming list of adjectives describing his personality: handsome, kind-hearted, helpful, obedient, smart, good with younger children, social, optimistic, polite, and friendly. In addition, he likes to sing and play sports and does well in school. He seems comfortable in his own skin, and we think he is a pretty cool kid!
Holden" is on the shared list at the CCCWA. Our friend in advocacy is Annie Hamlin with Lifeline Children's Services, and she welcomes communication for more information about adopting from China, older child adoption, or to help families review the adoption file for “Holden."

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Blessed beyond words....

This beautiful, photo of Faith was taken by a young lady who goes by the name of Kristin Clark. She's a teen adoptee, who decided to take it upon herself to return to China with CCAI, and give back to orphans. In the process, she was paired up with our Faith...yes, of course there are tears streaming down my face, when I opened up my email to this picture. When you're praying for your baby across the world and you have hope, its one thing...but to see the confirmation of your prayers being answered is another. God sent an Angel to care for Faith this summer, and we have the pictures to prove it!

Thank You so much Kristin-God bless you and your heart...keep following it.

Your family in Florida


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Collecting Orphanage Donations

Our Article 5 has been picked up and will now be sent off to the CCCWA. So we are now waiting for our travel approval (TA) and it is officially a 10-21 day count down from there.

We are sending off our monetary orphanage donation today. We want to thank all of you for your for help! We will extend the fundraiser; for another opportunity to donate, towards the much needed items for the special needs orphanage. 
We thank all of you so much for your prayers and help.

2 Timothy 1:5-7

New International Version (NIV)
I am reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also.
For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands. For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.



Monday, December 2, 2013


Tomorrow our Article 5 will be picked up and we will soon have travel dates (TA)...I can get into what an article 5 is...but its too complicated and I still, really don't have a clue myself:)

I just know its getting picked up tomorrow because our agency has set pick up dates. It will take approximately another 2 weeks for TA....sigh. We hear there are variations and its really in God's hands.

Our visas are scheduled to return to us December 9th.

And on another note: I never posted Halloween pictures of the kids and thought I'd give you an update on how they are doing thus far and how they feel about China travels.

Hope was Merida (Brave): She's doing great and loves to twirl and dance. We tease her and tell her we're going to China for a little brother...she gets quite upset and says NO MORE BOYS IN THIS HOUSE! I want a SISTER! It cracks us up every time-we're terrible! We're hoping she can put the pieces together with her own beginning.
Mackenzie was a ninja: He is 10 years old today!!! men are growing up to be quite handsome. He's such an easy going child and we are very proud of him! He is excited for China, and says he's looking forward to being mistaken for Justin Bieber....hence the do.
Noah was a ninja: and he just lost his first tooth yesterday at auntie's house....he feels relieved to finally lose teeth like his brothers. His reading has improved drastically, and he is just so sweet! He is excited for China and he says he wants Faith home already.
Frederick was a puppet/jester: He is super excited for China and he will be given the challenge of blogging and video shooting. We think this is going to be an awesome experience for him. He is at a very cool age....and its great to be parenting such a cool kid with a big heart.

Saturday, November 30, 2013


Follow our friends who are in China now!

Friday, November 22, 2013


We have been quiet for some time and its because Classical Conversations has come to an end. I thought I wasn't going to make it through the first 12 weeks tutoring-but we did. Our  Bible community group is coming to an end as well so that we can prepare for China. Today we sent off the visas for the 6 of us and I really hope, that I didn't goof something major! We will now wait and see......

Update: Currently, we have 14 more days to fundraise for our daughter's orphanage fee! And we wait still for our Article 5 pick up and then for travel approval (TA). After TA, we will be scheduled to leave, God willing 10-21 days later!

I don't even know how to plan for the holidays...I just feel tired lately. So please keep our family in your prayers.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


THIS SATURDAY 11/16/2013 10am-7pm
Empowering and encouraging local artisans to pursue their creative talents.
Handmade products created by local artistans such as jewelry, home decor, stationary and other gift items. Also a growing collection of fine art, hand painted by local artists. will be there with their goodies to support our adoption!
Hurry and order your Thanksgiving Goodies by 11/23/2013
Come support your community and local Talent!
3555 N Dixie Highway
Oakland Park, Florida 33334
Tel: 772-807-2104

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Our Adoption Story is being sponsored this month....

November is Adoption awareness month and our story is being sponsored by


Who they are
A husband & wife baking duo.
Love Cookie Company began several years ago around their kitchen table with friends and family dreaming about the possibilities. Occasionally, here and there, it would pop up its head and look around. And recently, they've been taking steps to be more formal about what it is they do.

Their Mission

Aside from the obvious (massive choc chip cookies, autumn and winter's yummy molasses cookies, italian wedding cake, pies and scones) we have it in our hearts to be a champion for orphans and foster families.
And so, they give a sizable portion of every purchase to benefit organizations and families that are making a huge difference for orphans through raising awareness, facilitating foster care and adoptions.

Their Love

The humble and simple homemade cookie is at the heart of baking. It is always welcome. It always makes you smile. It never fails to cheer you up. It's like a hug or a "Hang in there, You're gonna make it." This is the Love part of Love Cookie Co....

We've already been blessed by the Love Cookie by being their sponsor family this month! It was nothing short of the grace of God. They heard about our story through a dear friend of ours who also has taken it upon herself, to help us fundraise for our daughter with her gorgeous, hand-made jewelry!

More details are to come. But as you know we have been running out of time, between  homeschooling/tutoring and China paperwork, it has not been easy to fundraise or to even get a garage sale going. So this encounter has been God, sending His angels our way because of our little girl Faith.

I encourage you to check out the work that these people do with their heart and see our daughter's photo and article here!


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Counting Down...

We are 10-14 weeks away from travelling to China!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Next Steps...

We have another pack of paperwork to send to CCAI, which includes our clean bill of health and our travel companions (i.e. 4 cute little buttons that are tagging along with us) as well as 6 visas, to process after we get Immigration clearance. Sighhhh...

Also, our donation to the Henan orphanage must be sent by December 5th! I thought we'd have more time for fundraising, but apparently not...but its ok, we work better under pressure and have been setting aside some stuff for another huge garage sale.

Cash Local passport agencyIn China
Orphanage Fee Up to 35,000 RMB (Approx. $5,600-$5,700)Cash Local orphanageIn China

Orphanage Fee

   According to the Chinese government, the adoptive family is required to pay a child-rearing fee to the orphanage where the adoptive child was residing. The exact amount of this fee is determined by the orphanage and the daily exchange rate but is approximately $5,600-$5,700. This fee covers living expenses that the orphanage has already provided to the child and helps improve the overall living conditions of the orphanage. The families pay this fee directly to the orphanage when they are in China. Our daughter Faith, is coming from a special needs orphanage and so some of these children, may never get adopted by a family. 83% of China's orphans are special needs-anything ranging from cleft palate, missing limbs, nervous and cerebral disorders etc. Many are adoptable and just need the proper medical care that you and I often take for granted. You can help in multiple ways-word of mouth, social media such as FB, Twitter and Instigram-grab our Widget. Everyone can make a difference.

We are fundraising just for this portion of the adoption process. We do ask for as much help as possible, since we are now racing against time. China being a Hague country, does not make this all very easy. But truth be told, that falling in love with these Angels is very easy and very worth it!

Freddy and I want to thank you all for supporting us throughout this process.

Blessings to you all.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013


We are officially LOA today!

(Letter Seeking Confirmation of Adopter).

This is what the hard copy looks like. It doesn't have her little photo on it but it does have her precious name and date of birth. Yes Faith, we are finally your parents and you are finally coming home, very soon!

Our original timeline for this approval was 60-90+ days and we received ours just after 34 days;)

So just tears of joy! Pure joy....God is so good to us!

He listens to our prayers...He hears our voices and knows all-even before we ask.

Thank You Daddy!

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Here are pictures of todays baseball games on flickr. Amazing shots came out of today's games and the kids all played great!

We have more pictures that we are editing and copying onto cd's for parents. If you would like one of your child and his/her team mate, please let us know. All that we request is a donation of any amount towards our Chinese adoption. We are trying to raise $5000.00 by Christmas for our daughter Faith's special needs-orphanage in the Henan, province.

Purchase a T-Shirt showing you support adoption! Proceeds go to our cause;)

Thank you so much for visiting our blog and many blessings to all of you!

In His Service,
Freddy & Jeannie

click link below to see your child's game today.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Waiting for our Baby Faith

I realize today, that it has already been over a year of waiting and preparing for our youngest  daughter Faith. The conception of her birth into our lives is nothing less than a miracle. I remember being certain that four was the magic number for us and that one princess would be plenty already. But this year has truly been a tidal wave of a year, in only the right direction for our family. The direction that is headed for a special journey, to a special girl. Just yesterday, I caught Freddy looking at her precious photo and I realize, just how this waiting time is so difficult on all of us and that this family truly is not complete without our youngest baby girl. Waiting for our letter of acceptance (LOA) from China has been the slowest of moments yet, because at this point, there is nothing else for us to physically do in this adoption process. We are just waiting and she is just waiting...ugghh!!! Halloween is around the corner and then Thanksgiving...and I just keep praying, God please do not allow us to be here for Christmas...I don't think I can bear it...the process of presents and decorations and to think of our baby sitting in an orphanage still, along with other babies who may never receive gifts or a family-ever! Do not let us endure this and at the same time, let us ruin Christmas for our children and extended family by our misery of waiting. Please Lord connect our family with our baby girl this Christmas, let us change her Christmas the way we changed Hope's that year in Russia, December of 2009 view it here
 Please God show us your way and your will this Christmas for us and our daughter Faith.

Please pray for our family:

Our focus and strength and patience, peace and understanding during this process.

We did not receive one of the grants we applied to but are praying for the others we applied to.

We pray to receive our LOA soon and travel in December with our four children and pray for smooth travels.

We pray to raise more money for the orphanage donation portion of our adoption fees.

Please most importantly, pray for Faith's health and well being while she waits on us.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Thousands of older orphans in China grow up without the chance for adoption and without experiencing the love and care of a family.  This sad reality must and will be changed.
Thanks to a collaborative project between CCAI and Project 143, we are thrilled to announce a life-changing program – China Orphan Hosting – which will make it possible for a number of older orphan children to spend five unforgettable weeks with wonderful host families in the USA!
By hosting an older orphan, you will fulfill your dream of impacting a child’s life and leave a permanent mark of love on a precious child.  Hosting is a great opportunity to invest your time, energy, and money in a human life, one who otherwise may never know his or her true value.
Will you join us in making a difference in an child’s life?
For more information on hosting an orphan from China for the winter of 2013, including hosting qualifications, expectations and cost, children’s photo listings, and the hosting application, please visit the website of our networking hosting agency, Project 143, at
- See more at:

Friday, September 27, 2013

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Care package #2

Another care package has been sent to our little love in China!

I pray that this is the last care package and that we will not be sending her one for Christmas because instead, we will be with her!

Here is a pic of Hope enthusiastic about sending her little sister a 'silky blanket'.

We have just received a donation of $200 towards our Henan orphanage funding!

This donation is from a very generous friend of mine! We cannot thank you enough and you know who you are little lady!


Friday, September 20, 2013

Cost of a China Adoption

-Agency PROGRAM FEE TOTAL: $9,150.00 -Grand Total (including travel expenses for two adults): $25,500 - $28,700 The Break down: Application Fee $200 paid First Program Fee (Includes Home Study) $3,600 paid USCIS Filing & Fingerprinting $720 plus $85/adult USCIS paid Dossier Preparation Approx. $450 Check/Money Order Secretary of State(s), Chinese Consulate in Houston paid Second Program Fee $2,450 Dossier Submission paid by *donation CCCWA Fee $775 (LOI) paid Third Program Fee $2,900 Prior to receiving child match CCCWA Post Adoption Translation Fee $360   Visa to enter China $140 x our family of 6 (plus courier fee) US Domestic & International Airfare $1,200 - $1,900 by coach/per adult (Freddy has flying benefits phewwwwww;)Praise God! In China Travel & Accommodations Approx. $3,300-$3,800 for two adults + our kids ughh Adoption Registration and Notarization $400 - $800 Child's Passport $100-$150 Cash Local passport agency In China Orphanage Fee Up to 35,000 RMB (Approx. $5,600-$5,700) wired to Faith's orphanage In China This is what we're *fundraising for* Food $700 - $800 per couple Child Physical & Photo $90-$120 Cash Clinic In Guangzhou, China Child U.S. Entry Visa $230 Child's Birth Certificate $20 Fundraised $1000- United Airlines contributes $2000 post adoption- We have applied to grants but no responses yet.....Please pray for us!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

No More Training Wheels!

As you know our daughter Hope is a tough cookie! She commenced the day falling off of a curb at C.C (Classical Conversations) and she didn't make a squeak about it-which is rare, because she is loud! Then when we arrived home, she decided that she wanted to ride her bike-without the training wheels! I was really too tired to fathom the idea of her attempting this today. But then I saw her really trying and struggling, and then I felt a rush a little girl is not so little anymore:( So Freddy got out the camera, and I started to chase after her and hold her tight until she was ready to let go...and she let go sooner than I could have ever imagined! Sure enough, the girl was pedaling at top speed...she had one safe crash in our fire hydrant, but then she quickly got the hang of the breaks. She's bias here;) I can't believe she's riding her two wheel bike already! She is a wild concerns me at times. But she has started ballet and she is doing very well, I am so impressed with her and her ballet teacher. What they have already accomplished together is amazing. I was watching her in the window and I just could not fight the tears, the miracle of my children amazes me. God's grace on our lives, amazes me and I don't acknowledge or thank Him enough for what He has given me in this life. It must be true, we are the children of Royalty, because all that I have is beyond earthly riches and treasures.