Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merriest Christmas Ever!

Okay, our Christmas was about yours? I didn't get great pics though I was so lost in the moment that I snapped a few but then had to put the camera down to help Hope unwrap...eeeeughh...boy I wish I would have snapped more;( I'll have to redeem myself New years Eve! God bless you guys, enjoy your holidays!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 22.....

Ohhhhh this date forever remains embedded in my heart and special! Today was our offical D.O.E. meeting in Russia, one year ago exactly! With our nerves shot, jet lag and a long sleepless, unsure night...we were numb. Until they presented us with a little black and white photo of a baby girl. I had seen this little face before in the data registry, but never considered this girl as a possibility for us, because she was too young, born only in 2009! We were also lucky enough to be able to leave and meet our daughter right away...well I wasn't sure if she was really going to be our daughter but I was sooo excited to be at this stage in the adoption!

When we drove up to the baby house #3 (the orphange for babies with mental disorders); it was ever so cold, and everything was just frozen, the squeaky gate opened and we were minutes away from seeing the child that was for so long kept inside thise building.

Inside a dark dreary room we waited, where some plants were kept, and a little goldfish swam...the only highlight of the room, along with all the old toys that were neatly on a shelf. Did we really come all this way for our child? Was this really going to be our child? Was this a predestination?

In came the translator, as she sat us down and began going over the little girl's history. No name, just the birth mother's supposed name and minimal info. They had the girl as mentally delayed, hypoxic ischemia, vision problems, and weak bones. I knew that all these children would be listed with such diagnosis and that I had to be aware of the health and condition of the child....a lot for a parent to go through when you are just meeting your child, and after waiting so long and traveling afar......only we IA parents can understand as to why we are willing to go through all of this.

Soon after a baby was brought in a teeny blue dress. She was so chubby, and he hair had been cut bluntly. She was pale and coughing....I absolutely froze! She looked much different than the picture, and her crying was so loud. I needed to ask myself if I was right for her? Thank God my husband Freddy took over and immediately embraced the screaming baby. I finally found the mother instincts in me and went to take over....even if she was going to persist screaming, I just held her close and let her cry. She had right to cry, she had been through so much already....she didn't know what a mother and father was.

When we were finally left alone we pulled out a blanket and placed it on the floor, where we played with her and tested her reflexes and got to know who this little girl really was. She didn't smile or wasn't ticklish, but she sure loved snuggling. We even took her out of her too tiny blue dress and dressed her in her first Christmas dress. Watching my husband dance with her, and twirl her around was just darling.....the best Christmas ever! We ended this day by changing her name, and giving her one of her very own, along with her mommy & daddy's name.

Hope Isabel, we are approaching your first real Christmas...and I cannot wait to see your face, this Christmas maybe the one you remember as your first, I remember my first Christmas with you when we were in Russia together....I am sure this year will be another memorable one with you, for you are so alive now and so aware. God Bless you Angelka!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Was stepping out the door and hurrying to dress the kids...I pulled out a familiar sweater/dress and put it on Hope..then I had to stop and take a picture..because hope once was a shorty cake in this she's a big girl! Take a looksie at how much Hope has grown and changed;)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Meeting Santa...

So we arrived home yesterday from Disney! Taking Hope this second time around was soooo much better...she just was aware of everything and the characters, the fireworks..which frightened her at first but by the end she was clapping;) She just loved the rides so much. It was just pure joy watching her..I really recommend taking a child atleast 18mth-2yrs to Disney, so they can really get something out of it, but every child is just never have enough time at Disney and when you go in a big party its very difficult to all comply and stay was magical anyway for many reasons. I had my uncle's little girl in the same photos with my children and my nephews..that in itself is a magical experience! AMEN! God is soo good!

When we finally got home (Hope hates long drives, she complained the whole time lol). I decided to add to the excitement and get them all bathed and dressed to see Santa! I made sure not to put Hope onto Santa's knee, I asked the boys to first go to Santa and let Hope go to him herself...she was excited at first..but as she got closer she kind of cringed and just stuck her hand out and waved 'Hi', then I asked her to sit on her big brother Frederick's knee, and that was better for her, but because she kept slipping off they set out a little chair for her. The staff from Santa's workshop were the same as last year, and they remembered us-that we were waiting for Hope...and they were just in disbelief and awe that we finally had her..and just how beautiful she is;) Awwwwwww I'm gushing again haha! It is such an honor to have my four kids really. To have three boys and a girl,...I couldn't have asked for a better order of children, (more or less) I am just so happy with our kids. Around Christmas, it is really difficult to budget for buying..because I just wanna spoil them so much! I guess we really are Santa huh?

Blessings! All of them...all these children that God makes are pure Blessings!

I will post Disney pics a lil later...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Birthday MACKENZIE JACK!

My middle son Mackenzie turns 7 today..sighhh..they just grow up too fast..he is already getting older looking also, losing all of his baby fat cheeks;( Tomorrow we hit Disney to celebrate at Mickey Mouse's very Merry Christmas Party!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Well...aside from Fred hacking into my blog;)...all has been awesome! I have been doing some Christmas shopping..can't say its been easy with 4 kids..but its been fun too. I just want to buy the whole girl section of the toy store;) I have been buying then returning...coocoo...I know..but I just can't help it! Hope has just surprised us by her vocabulary these days! You ask her what her name is and she hits herself on the chest and says "HAP" haha...its so crazy adorable! When I was bathing her, and I dropped the soap she says "fall down?" And when her brothers are annoying her she yells "MAAAAAHHHHH" and points at Noah and complains (its always Noah) in her baby! Its hilarious! Quite a mature young lady! She poopoopied three days in a row in the pottie, and has us quite impressed, never have seen a child so consistant!

Little Hopee, has this annoying habit recently (grr..can be dangerous too), when I am in the kitchen talking or preparing something, she climbs into her high chair to sit down near me and listen to all that is going on-NOSSSSSY GIRL!

When I redirect her to watch t.v. she gets annoyed with me and calls me names I guess her bla bla bla. Hope's favorite program is Sesame Street and she loves Elmo & Abby..atleast she can sit and watch t.v. for a while. She takes naps everyday as well for about 2 hours-she's super moody when she wakes up though! And when I am on the is Hap!