Friday, August 30, 2013

On Accident or on Purpose?

On Accident or on Purpose? Hope just can't seem to get these two words straight.... Hope "mom I peed in my bed on purpose!" Mom "well why would you do that Hope?" " Hope "Mom, because it was on purpose and not an accident!" Hope "Mom, Noah hit me on accident today." Mom "Hope it wasn't on purpose?" Hope "No mom it was an accident and he needs a time!" I keep correcting her but she says she's confused;) So am I....I love 4 year olds;)

Critical review complete...

Congratulations!!! The critical review of your Dossier is now complete and everything looks fantastic! Job well done! We will now forward your Dossier to the Colorado Translation Department! They will notify you via email once your Dossier has been mailed to China, once it’s received in China, and once it is logged-in at the CCCWA. CCAI

Monday, August 26, 2013


I was quite tired yesterday after 2 games of baseball our 6 year old son Noah's first season. He's looking great so far! This is also our first week back at school also looking great! Well, this week even gets better, because we finally sent off our dossier for final review, translation and then off to CHINA! Wow, was this ever a pain to do! Please remind me of these birth pains if I ever bring up thoughts of doing this again. My husband has even warned me about it...hehehe. I know it will be a heartache to see children left in cribs after we leave. I am so open for as many children as God allows...but it truly would also depend on my husband Freddy....we'll let God work on Him. My 11 year old son already wants to move to Haiti, so I figure we could afford to raise 25 children in Haiti? All jokes aside, sending off this dossier was such a relief! I have been responsible for most of the paperwork and so getting it out of here feels oh so good. I am also tutoring this year, and there is a lot of preparation needed for I truly recommend it for those contemplating homeschooling, especially if this is your first year. It has been such a blessing to our family. It is also the first time in my life that God has aligned all of my desires and dreams for my children as well as missionary work in one package. Its always been hard for me to understand that my children are my first ministry and everything else second. I truly admire mothers who get that right the first time around. I have to admit that it was difficult for me, and I am so glad that God has fixed that in me! Praise God, I tell you its a true testimony in my life-one of many. As well as this little girl Faith who has entered our hearts and the leading up to it. God will call you and you will know it! My husband often speaks of having another little girl and how wonderful it will be (Hope is his biggest fan). I think we are all starting to sense how 5 is the magic number for us and that it will work well for us. I know there are a lot more steps ahead of us from here on out, visas, getting LOA in China, and so on....but I also know it will all be perfect according to Him-He is making all things new...Revelations 21:5. So updates to come....and I am really stinking in the picture'd think I'd have a fancy phone (I don't) or that I'd have a good camera (I don't)...I also forget to charge it usually:( I need to try harder. So hopefully pics to come.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


As if our beautiful, Mommy/Daddy day could get did, when our mail lady brought us our envelope from Tallahassee! Woohoo, I literally prayed, God let it be here today so that we can get this thing to China, this month. Sure enough-it's here!
I made my scans/photocopies. I have already prepared its journey to Houston via courier service and rush fees;( Hey, you gotta do what ya gotta do. I just do not want paperwork lingering, during our brand new school year. Please pray for us and our little Faith who is waiting for her forever family. My mother in law bought the cutest 'Gotcha outfit' it melted my heart...its so her. I'll put a pic of it later. Good night and blessed dreams.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Exercise & Waiting

Our papers were sent last week to get certified by the Secretary of state, in Tallahassee. I am expecting it to get here any day now...We still have to make copies and then send them off to Houston, for the authentication process. Then we will need to make some more copies, before sending it off to CCAI for final review/translation- before it's sent to China. We're hoping to be LOI in China by September (our deadline was October). So these are the final, grueling, moments, where we are holding our breaths, before the deep sigh of relief. Homeschooling begins August 29, and it ends in November-we're hoping that we will travel around this time without worry. Its like jumping hurdles, it can be I've started working out today to get into better shape! Freddy and I have agreed to lose a few pounds...not that we're totally motivated, but we do need to start before it will really be hard for us, to shed these cookie dough pounds. It sure will help with the energy levels, focus and add some fun for the kids-they laugh so hard when they see me trying to work out to TAE-BO!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Baby Faith Update

They performed a TB test on baby Faith and she just tested negative-yeah. It's sad that we are not with her while she is going through all this poking;( On another note, it's cute that we are accumulating a little medical bill in China for Faith's-they've notified us for this bill;) I'm getting the dreams, the worries about her health and I am getting anxious about our little girl being on the other side of the world. We're praying for our paperwork, and we're hoping to get LID in China in we can move along and prepare for visas and travel. School starts August 29 for our kids and it ends in November-that would probably be a great time for travel and to be home by Christmas. God's time is exciting so let's see where He takes us. God Bless.

Monday, August 5, 2013

More to do...

The hubby and son are back from Haiti-woohooo! Now that he is back and rested we have more to do for China. Today we need to: Send our last papers (Home study, I-797) to Tallahassee and then the Houston Chinese Consulate...yeah more courier fees:( Send off our grants also and pray we receive some help. Sign Hope up for ballet/tap/acro Sign the boys up for baseball It will be quite a year since I too need to continue planning our school year and buy some last minute books and supplies. This will probably be one of the best years of our lives-I can feel it-Praise God!