Thursday, September 13, 2012

California Here We Come!

Some quick updates: We will be signing up for MAPP classes with 4Kids of South Florida. I was not able to take the Trees of Hope class because Freddy's job is requiring him to go to California for 3 weeks and we're tagging along with him.

Freddy and I will also be going to Chicago this weekend for one day!

This is a very busy month for us-Freddy is also a year older this month;)

Our friend/neighbor-just had a heart attack! Yes, you read right...the same person with the dreams just had a heart attack, but he is stable and recovering..he is still having the dreams and gave us all a scare including himself. He is eager to get back and start truly working for God's his exact words. He was not a religious person this is quite miraculous. I'll keep you updated, so that all of us can be encouraged by faith.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mei Mei or Foster Care?

God looks at the Heart  
Well I have already taught my first Sunday school class and it was terrific! I loved hanging with these little people and getting to know them and seeing things through their eyes.

After Nicaragua God has opened our eyes and hearts to many things and Foster care has been one of them. We adopted our little girl Hope, via international adoption and it has been an awesome ride ever since; obviously so, if we are thinking about doing it again. I previously wanted to adopt because of selfish reasons; just to have my little girl. But I am starting to think in other ways now; I think about just wanting to give more...and sharing more of what we have with a child who needs love and security-no matter the sex of the child.

1 Samuel 16-7
For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”

I thought I'd share a story with you...because we have been discussing adopting again, many ideas came to mind. How about a minor special needs child in China? Taiwan? Phillipines? Russia-again?
Well of course excitment was in the air as well as all the late night web surfing, phone calling, restless thoughts and conversation with the would all lead me to confusion at times!

Why was I feeling like this? I started to pray and read scripture for guidance. I'd pray God please if this is of you please deepen the yearning-but if it is not you and just my silly foolish heart, then take it away...I'd hear Foster Care here and husband even started saying how about Foster Care first Jeannie? The fact that he was willing to take the MAPP classes warmed my heart. I was still searching for another asian girl as my daughter though...

I received a phone call from a neighbor/friend of ours, he was concerned about some nightmares he was having and he described them to me and I was blown away by the fact it was evident that the Lord was speaking to him! As we were about to hang up he concluded with one last thing he had to tell me, and I said "sure what is it?" He said
"Jeannie, I know you like going abroad to help people and help the kids but there is work here and kids that need you here, your kids need you to work close to home!"

I was blown away! I asked him what made him want to tell me that as I have not mentioned anything to anyone really about my plans or prayers. He said
"Jeannie, my dream told me to tell you!"

WOW! How shocking....just like countless confirmations to adopt Hope, I was getting confirmation to also, stay home and not adopt abroad. I thanked the Lord countlessly that day, and could not help but sing praises for such a loving and caring God. He didn't want me to spread myself too thin and take away from the kids-let alone the costs I am sure. God knows our hearts, He knows our desires...He leads us to the our paths of grace.

I later began reading and I didn't realize that I would be reading again on Foster Foster Care be where we are headed? I don't know, but maybe so...I pray for continued guidance I know God is faithful and caring, he knows what we are capeable of better than we know ourselves.

I am afraid..I guess with all the stigma associated with Foster Care...and also with homeschooling..we'll have to see for ourselves I guess.

I have a class I'm interested in, called 'Trees of Hope'. It's a facilitator course for sexually abused girls. I have some family members/ friends, that I have in mind that I'd like to have take part in this course with me, as I see it very beneficial. So to think about this course and MAPP classes, is a little daunting...but I guess it's best for me to start somewhere and see where it takes me. The more training the I am keeping the ministries local for now;)

I just thought I'd share the amazing evidence of God clearly governing His ministries for His glory.