Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hope's recent favorite activities..

I could not stop laughing at Hope the middle of a movie we were all watching together (bicentennial man, which was very good). Hope decided it was too quiet, so she started to tickle my feet and daddy's feet..hehe she laughed as we played along with her..and then I guess she wanted to up the activity by biting our toes..hehe and ewwww...our boys were roaring laughing, and that made her giggle harder with delight..the lil trouble maker...she's hysterical! She loves to be the center of attention. Is this just a little girl thing? Do we women just grow up wanting to be in the spotlight? I wonder as a mother of boys..I don't remember this behavior at all. During the movie there was piano playing, and that really caught her attention as well as any other kind of music that was playing. She just loves to dance...too bad I gotta wait till 3 to start her in something..this little girl was just born to dance or perhaps play an instrument ( I always wanted to play piano as a child) so I am so excited for her! To have a daughter, and just be so excited to see her just such a pleasure. I see her play 'pow pow' with the boys and water guns..its hilarious, how much and what she has picked up in the little time that she has been home...I don't think I totally realized till yesterday, just how much we needed Hope in our lives. Even my husband has mentioned that he feels so completed by Hope. She throws her arms up in the air every time she sees him and he loves it-cause all little girls would be afraid of him...but not his Hope;)

P.S. Maybe Hope will be a singer too..cause boy can she a voice-we can hear her anywhere in the house...truly unique!

I gotta start posting videos.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No More WINGS for NOAH...

We officially have 3 fishies now in the pool...good for you Noah bean!

Mommy's Little Ballerina

need I say more?..

Is this girl for real?

She is just the feistiest, sweetest, tippy toed Princess (with extra wide feet;)

Monday, July 12, 2010


For me that is!

I had previously mentioned, about going back to school to finish my degree in nursing(RN)-and I usually do what I say I am going to do..wink*

Cannot lie and tell you it has been easy with four screaming children who are constantly BORRRED! Sheesh..but I am determined. My daughter has inspired me to be all that I can be for her and the boys...and with such an unsure world-its better to just be prepared!

My Uncle Arturo has been gone for exactly a year now (this past July 11th) feels as though it was only yesterday that our hearts were shattered with such stunning pain...pain that almost caused me to give up on Russia & Hope;(

I PRAISE GOD for his FAITHFUL LOVE & STRENGTH for my family...Arturo's murder has not been solved yet...but its in GOD's hands. Knowing this, doesn't always take the pain away, but it helps me wake in the morning...and it helps me seize the days and moments with my family & precious children.

Leave the world's UGLY outside..a voice whispers...Freddy you have been too good to me..putting up with my bad days;( I can't imagine my life without are such an incredible man, husband & father...I love you baby!

GOD BLESS YOU GUYS xox Hope your summer has been as special as ours Amen.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Can You see Hope's resemblance to her uncle?

Isn't it any wonder how mommy fell hard for her girl?