Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy One Year FaY FaY!

December 30th is Faith's 'gotcha day' where has the time flown, it seems as though she has always been in our lives, to think she was in an orphanage just last year is unbelievable-and she has progressed so well. She is a blessing and a treasure to us. Our life is forever changed because of our youngest daughter's presence in the family. We have just completed Faith's one year post placement report for China. And per China's new rules (they are trying to be more flexible for adoptions) we no longer require a social worker to fill out our reports, we can now send them on our own now-yeaahhhh! Faith celebrated her first Christmas as well as Jiaxuan-they were both quite thrilled! I hope you all had a blessed Christmas-ours was exceptionally special. I pray for an amazing new year with many of the Lord's blessings!
Shalom xox