Saturday, November 30, 2013


Follow our friends who are in China now!

Friday, November 22, 2013


We have been quiet for some time and its because Classical Conversations has come to an end. I thought I wasn't going to make it through the first 12 weeks tutoring-but we did. Our  Bible community group is coming to an end as well so that we can prepare for China. Today we sent off the visas for the 6 of us and I really hope, that I didn't goof something major! We will now wait and see......

Update: Currently, we have 14 more days to fundraise for our daughter's orphanage fee! And we wait still for our Article 5 pick up and then for travel approval (TA). After TA, we will be scheduled to leave, God willing 10-21 days later!

I don't even know how to plan for the holidays...I just feel tired lately. So please keep our family in your prayers.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


THIS SATURDAY 11/16/2013 10am-7pm
Empowering and encouraging local artisans to pursue their creative talents.
Handmade products created by local artistans such as jewelry, home decor, stationary and other gift items. Also a growing collection of fine art, hand painted by local artists. will be there with their goodies to support our adoption!
Hurry and order your Thanksgiving Goodies by 11/23/2013
Come support your community and local Talent!
3555 N Dixie Highway
Oakland Park, Florida 33334
Tel: 772-807-2104

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Our Adoption Story is being sponsored this month....

November is Adoption awareness month and our story is being sponsored by


Who they are
A husband & wife baking duo.
Love Cookie Company began several years ago around their kitchen table with friends and family dreaming about the possibilities. Occasionally, here and there, it would pop up its head and look around. And recently, they've been taking steps to be more formal about what it is they do.

Their Mission

Aside from the obvious (massive choc chip cookies, autumn and winter's yummy molasses cookies, italian wedding cake, pies and scones) we have it in our hearts to be a champion for orphans and foster families.
And so, they give a sizable portion of every purchase to benefit organizations and families that are making a huge difference for orphans through raising awareness, facilitating foster care and adoptions.

Their Love

The humble and simple homemade cookie is at the heart of baking. It is always welcome. It always makes you smile. It never fails to cheer you up. It's like a hug or a "Hang in there, You're gonna make it." This is the Love part of Love Cookie Co....

We've already been blessed by the Love Cookie by being their sponsor family this month! It was nothing short of the grace of God. They heard about our story through a dear friend of ours who also has taken it upon herself, to help us fundraise for our daughter with her gorgeous, hand-made jewelry!

More details are to come. But as you know we have been running out of time, between  homeschooling/tutoring and China paperwork, it has not been easy to fundraise or to even get a garage sale going. So this encounter has been God, sending His angels our way because of our little girl Faith.

I encourage you to check out the work that these people do with their heart and see our daughter's photo and article here!