Sunday, January 31, 2010

Guys if I have not personally contacted you to announce our new phone number and email address..please forgive me, I have been all over the place these days & quite absent at home. My email address is the same, only with the '' or I hope you understand what I mean when I say this...THANX;)

I am still receiving and checking the old address on my for my digits I'll tell you personally.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dizzzy...but HAPPY AGAIN!!


Looks like Russia is all over the place..but we now have a definite confirmation, of when we are leaving for court. It is not as early as we wanted, but somehow, we feel that these are the true dates, and it also really feels right this time around. So,
Februaury 11th, will be...GOD WILLING...the day, we 'officially' become Hope's parents!!!

We will leave February 8th, to be in Russia the 9th, and plan on seeing Hopee the 10th.

God has his timing guys...and I am feeling his reasons too;) Once again, Thank you Lord!

From now till the 8th though, since I have packed our stuff already (coocoo-coocoo)...I will keep you updated if necessary;)

Also, on a possibly sad note...we probably, will not be able to make it to the reunion..but ya never know...So I may be up for the DARE...wink*

P.S. MANY MANY THANKS AGAIN, TO AMY, TAMARA & THE JACKSONS, for The Family Medical Kit! You guys are Angels, and I hope you know just how wonderful you guys are...very thoughtful people! God Bless you guys (especially the babies)!

OOOps..also..MY PAP PEEPS, SHHH-you know who you are...We'll see you in RUSSIA TOWN! SO GET THERE A.S.A.P.! Jeanette..we're gonna miss you again ;( Safe travels to you Jeanette!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Possible Travel delays.... guessed it..and can imagine how I am feeling right now...for some reason, either I am in denial or it truly is a feeling or E.S.P thing; but, I just don't believe that we will not be leaving January 31st! My Agency thinks that the court day, will get pushed back another week or so...but I am hoping that what they need comes through for the 4th or 5th!

..and I was organizing my closets today thinking we'd hear good news;(


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Packing Again

My Nona/grandmother is in town from Montreal...she always makes our days when she's in town! The days are also passing by real fast because we are occupied with 'Great Grandma.' She is very excited about Hope & my sister's new baby (due in March). As you all know I lost an uncle in July 2009; my mother's baby brother, who in which was also my Nona's she is still grieving, but her Faith is inspirational and together with our pain, we have grown closer and stronger in CHRIST! He reveals his peace to those who are needy, and even with HAITI, we don't know why, but he does.

I have been slowly trying to put things together in our suitcase. As you can tell, just like last trip, this is my packing style, especially for such an upcoming important trip! There is just so much that needs to be thought about and included. Hope's clothing,bottles,binkies,snowsuit. Then its the orphanage needs of clothes,toys etc. Our court clothes, and clothes for 2 weeks worth (warm & bulky clothes at that).

We sent off our visas via rush..which equals more expensive! I hope these dates stick, because if its earlier, we're doomed, cause I have Visa entry for Jan.31 the earliest.

We'll have to just pray it rolls smoothly again.

This book I am reading (Raising Adopted Children) is really making me understand alot! We will be fortunate enough, to visit Hope for ten days, every day to observe her schedule & behavior, prior to her coming in Mommy & daddy's custody. We have been told to try and not introduce too much change at first, and this only makes sense. My husband is dedicating some volounteer hours along with my brother David to 'Kids in Distress'...we plan on attending an 'Adoption Support Group' this Wednesday coming up; that, they have there 'Free of Charge' (some good things really are free;)..and it was Fred's idea (strangely), so I am excited to do this with him and hope to learn something there too!

What else, what else? Guess we're just excited to return to Russia! We will feel like veterans now (less intimidated), and I vow not to let people push me around any more! But I can't promise that we won't eat at McDonald's again..hehe.

Today we plan on taking Nona on a boat ride for lunch. We hope to get great pictures of the family (wow to have Great grandma here from Canada too in the pics) how AWESOME for HOPE! She will see these pics on her BDAY celebration (even if it won't be exactly on the date).




Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Nose..

Oh how I yearn for this little girl..I thought I'd post one of my favorite features...HER NOSE!

Get a load of this nose...its PERFECT! MUAHHHH Hopee..hold on..mommy & daddy are going to get there real soon!

Cannot wait till I can post her pics!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tentative Court Date....

Well, we have a tentative court date for February 4th..hmmm why do I not like this date? I feel like it isn't soon enough;( Because it means we will not make it in time for Hope's birthday and we will not get to Russia, till February 1st..the earliest..YUCKKKKK!

My Agency said to go ahead and get our visas & book our apartment...but I'm dragging my my dog Rexy does on our carpet sometimes..EWWWWWWW! Well whatever, its how I am feeling right now...and I have my monthly cycle thing add it all up..YUCK!

I will post pics a lil later of the fantastic day we had yesterday at ChuckECheese and the movies. We watched Alvin & The Chipmunks, it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! The kids LOVED IT! We thought they'd all pass out (because of the busy day at Chucke's) but they laughed the whole movie, ate all the popcorn..and Noah was the last to fall asleep! We were painfully trying to get him to bed, because we felt pretty beat up, HA!

Noah is 3 today;) He's even acting to turn my mood around we are going to bake a homemade cake for Noah..look out..cause I'm awful at baking!! I will post a pic of the cake (if it even looks like one;)

God Bless & be happy! I should be happy, instead of moping..we can't ask for everything in life...we're getting Hope and that is all that matters!Wink*


Monday, January 18, 2010

This Week...

This week is the week of my youngest son 'Noah's 3rd sniff, sniff, to Noah who is approaching 3 on the 19th...and Hopee is right around the corner too..which is why I am also hoping for this week to have news! For it is also the offical 'Russia opening up' week ...yeah this sentence makes sense? Well it does to those of us waiting on Russia ok! It's both of our BABIES' BIRTHDAYS!!WAHHHHHH!
Freddy and I are assuming, that we will know 'offical dates' for travel sometime this week (ok I won't use 'week' anymmore I am annoying myself)...because, we still have to get visas ordered and carry out a travel plan...frankly, one fit for a baby. It's been a while since we have travelled with a baby...and the truth is, one forgets how hard it really is. So, NO WAY ARE WE, going to be running around, trying to connect like crazies around the world, with Hope in tow. So we're looking for a more direct route, NOT VIA PARIS...I am not fond of this airport! We were told that Berlin is no Lufthansa either! We are thinking, either Alitalia from Miami, or United out of Washington (not thrilled about flying to Washington) but they do fly direct to Moscow's DME (our drivers will not be thrilled) as DME is at the opposite side of town. We've already started looking at apartments too, via Peace Travel again. We were given a business card by a fellow in Russia, who promised we would get a much better apartment& rate with him (he was our visa registration pick up guy). I took his card from him, and figured we would compare and keep him in mind. Though, we think we will stick with Peace Travel. In a smaller apartment probably, and closer to the Metro & baby home location, as we wish to visit Hope every day for the ten day 'waiting period'. I have already packed the Baby home donations (trying to configure what kind of luggage we are taking) far only carry-on is out, and not a possibility I am afraid. As just the donations took up an entire suitcase...if we have to leave this suitcase behind, it will be ok. We also will be attemping 'the Metroro' (Russian pronounciation)...ohhhh this one does make me nervous..but I will go in bravery and not look back wink*.

Alright, I have rambled enough. I think I'll just call it 'a blog'...and wait to post again with some concrete news.

P.S. (I haven't left yet;)..I just purchased two books for our trip via Amazon; a Russian phrase book, which is a survival 'must' in my opinion, (I may even take one of those hand held pocket translators) especially, with us taking the metro...the other book is called 'Raising Adopted Children' by Lois Ruskai Melina (this was highly recommended by a fellow PAP & dear friend, thank you Ivana;)

Oh, and NO WAY am I forgetting my 'Russian Adoption Handbook' again..I'm gonna put in my suitcase right now...Okay...I'm leaving;)


Saturday, January 16, 2010


Guys I have been so taken by what is going on in Haiti..that I almost feel guilty thinking about Russia. Haiti is so sad right now..and I just feel like they are not getting their help fast enough. Watching the children suffering there, has given me a very heavy heart these days. I hope they do grant them the 'PeterPan' and bring them into the U.S.A. These children need families...I don't want to carry the burdens of the world, because I alone can do nothing..but that won't stop me from praying though..please pray for Haiti...I repeat, PLEASE PRAY FOR HAITI..ALL OF US!
if we all add Haiti in our prayers regulary..we can help. As well as the monetary donations...heck if we can bring another child here along with Hopee..I'd be willing. Whatever I can do GOD..let me know.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Week of FEBRUARY 1st?

Okay, just got done mailing last minute Docs..and we have a tentative date of the week of Februaury 1st...hmmm don't really know when this is..but, atleast its some kind of guideline;) right?

You just never know with could be later or sooner...hoping its sooner!

We are staying for the ten days..which is going to be long..but oh so worth it!

Much love to you are all AMAZING!

Prayers to those who still wait;)

Thank You Lord..just for EVERYTHING.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I can't really explain..but tomorrow my Agency opens back up and we wait to hear NEWS!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

More About Hope..and Adoption

I wanted to add something else...Hope is either of Kyrgyz/Kazak/Tajik descent..the orphanage is not certain where her birth mother was from..but clearly, she has Eurasian like features.

She is GORGEOUS and Very Healthy thank GOD! (a more in depth article, about Russia's meltingpot..and possibly, why our daughter and many other children, are abandoned)

The more that you begin to understand Russian Adoption, especially these days..things have changed drastically, with Russia promoting 'Domestic adoption and Foster care'...though, what has not changed, is that Russia has many, many ethnicities (very attractive and unique looking people). And the Russians are adopting...but they are not adopting children of minority, and they are not adopting as many boys.
The Roma children, The Kazak/Kyrgyz/Tajiki children are the minority in Russia, and they will not even get 'looked at' by a Russian...and if you look at the countries; the people from the Southern part of the Soviet Union, (Central Asia) have migrated from (into Russia) will understand why. Their countries are a mess, because the poverty level is out of control. The amount of street children/orphaned children who are suffering, are out of these counties control... There are MANY, MANY, CHILDREN IN NEED OF FAMILIES in Russia! These children are GORGEOUS and DESERVE to have a normal life with love! There are MANY CHILDREN of ASIAN & ROMA descent in Russian orphanges who may never get a chance at life.
There are MANY BOYS in Russian orphanages who are not being adopted simply because they are boys and not girls! There are many girls who are not getting adopted simply because, they are not blonde & blue eyed.

...a lot of times, couples who cannot have biological children of their own, opt to adopt from Russia (very understandable), though,...they want to choose the sex of the child..and for whatever reason, most prefer to adopt 'girls' or a girl first....I think this is a personal choice...but I also think that they are missing out! We have 3 boys and would not change that for the world!! Boys are AWESOME, Affectionate, sweet and well behaved...they are extremely close to me...most mothers agree about the bond of mother and son! I think when you are adopting you have the right to choose...but in my experience with my children God chose for me; to have 3 sons, before my daughter..and those 3 sons led me to wanting, to have more children in our home...if it was a bad experience, or they were 'terribly hyper or active' I probably would have quit after 2 boys!

All I am saying is please don't miss out on a wonderful boy! If you want to adopt from Russia to have a child that could look 'biologically related' like blonde hair or caucasian featured..please opt for a boy...referrals are so quick..and they deserve to be loved and adored;)

Finishing up yet, another Dossier...

I think you have all heard about Russia's paperwork..or I have complained about it once or twice on here..well, did you know that for the court/final trip..yes, more paperwork will be required! And luckily we only needed a police clearance update (notarized & apostilled of course), they will need three years of tax returns (U.S. Embassy), our naturalization certificates (we are both Naturalized Citizens), employment verification/pay stubs, I think some more photos...Well we are almost done, we used Fed Ex of course for everything. Now we wait to hear news on a court date and to find out when to apply for visas again, since they are only good for 30 days at a time.

I noticed a picture of Hope on the Russia Data Bank (where they advertise to promote domestic adoption) was an updated pic of her (a very good one..guess they switched to digital camera), and so when I was looking out of curiousity (and in hopes that she would not be there) my surprise a very beautiful, familiar, little doll face popped up..and I thought to myself 'that sure looks a lot like Hope' and when I saw the orphanage given name...I couldn't was my Hopee on there! AHHHHH! She is so cute! Get her off of there, seriously....even though we have petitioned and signed to adopt her, she is not yet, legally ours;( Until the 10 days are up after court..AHHHH! This better move quickly..nobody is to take our little 'Penguin Princess' off of us..its bad enough she's still on the Data Bank...with her beautiful little face exposed!

I have been doing some more shopping at Children's Place..just could not ignore the sales..Fred is gonna kill me..despite buying her sweaters and stuff to keep her warm in Russia; I just could not pass up, buying her a bathing suit;)) Can't wait to teach her to swim..maybe even before walking;) Our Agency LH, is having a Reunion in Orlando, Fl. this year...and even though it will be cutting it close (us arriving back to the U.S.) we desperately want to go!! We have bonded so easily and have become quite close to a lot of the LH clients/members...and I would just love to see them with Hopee in tow;)

We will see..God willing!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Resolution, Tiredness..& Back to School

Okay, looks like the HoneyMoon is over and its back to work & back to school!

Is anyone having as much trouble waking up these days as me? Ouuuufff! My mornings are HARRD! I woke up at 7:30am this morning, leaving me exactly 25 minutes to feed the kids breakfast, dress them, get the lunch ready and get them in the car to get them in school by 8am! AHHHH! I made it..but do not like this at all!

At times, like this morning and while I was busy going up and down the stairs with the laundry today, I thought to myself it going to be hard with one more child here at home! A child who is younger and needs a bottle. A child who will need a lot of attention (yes the 2 older boys are in school) and a child, who will have to get accustomed to different foods, languages & time change!! GOD HELP ME! I tell my husband sometimes..'gee its gonna be busy around here with Hope'...he smiles and says 'I I get to be left alone to work on the boat!'.....what a wise guy! Sheesh..MEN!

For some reason Noah (our youngest who turns 3 this month) is having 'accidents'...its very unusual..and I am wondering if it has anything to do with us being gone? It hasn't been very pleasant especially in the laundry room (with repeated linen washes) grrrr...I hope this fades..unless he regresses because of the new baby...oh the french say 'deja vue'. I tell you, mom not an easy one!

Ever since our boys have been taking pictures of Hopee to school to show their teachers; a few of those teachers have come up to me to ask about the process, for their own interests of possible adoption. Isn't that great? Its amazing what kind of fire can ignite in the hearts of some people! God Bless!

On another note; its actually very cold here in Florida,...we have the heat on (don't laugh) and we have hats and coats the children's closets are scary! With winter and summer clothing all mixed up and everywhere...atleast in Russia, we expected it to be cold and we were dressed for the weather. In Florida, it can be really humid one day, and then the next day, we get these temperature drops, and then we're in hats & coats...then you wonder why we're always sick around here. Our bodies don't know what do these days.

Anyway, aside from weather dicussion:)

Does anyone have any 'New Year's Resolutions or Goals for 2010?'

Here are mine:

More patient!

More exercise!

Less Gossip!

More organized!


upgrade my minivan!

Less Debt!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

When we might hear news...& sales

Alot of people are asking, about, when we are going to return to Russia for Hope.

Good question;) We do not know much either...except that Russia has shut down for their holidays in January. They probably will not be up and running before the 18th. We are hoping to return for trip 2 (our court trip), around this time or atleast before Februaury. I would like to be back home no later than the second week of Februaury. Though, these are things out of our control. I do know one thing though; the more I look at pics of Hope, the more I drive myself crazy, about how she is doing and what can happen to her etc...its not making it any easier for us, especially my husband -he tries to reassure me, but I know he too is worried about Hope! We are sure that she has 'rickets' or 'rachitis' which is a 'softening of the bones' because of vitamin deficiency and a lack of sunlight and calcium. Also, part of her orphanage delays are that her back does not seem very strong and so she is not truly sitting on her own yet...I am very thankful that she is a good eater, atleast, her brain has been getting nourished & her head is growing nicely (thank you GOD for that). Despite the lack of iron and Vitamin D...I know the sooner she is home the better.

I did buy a few things online, at Kohl's (they had a GRRREAT sale), Old Navy, GAP...I am also searching for the perfect stroller right now..would love a pink one, but don't think Noah would appreciate that, (I'm looking for a double jogging stroller).

I don't want to bore you too much..but I posted some of the things purchased..I should be organizing closets..seriously!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Now let's pray for a speedy court date!

We are dying awkward and lost and strange as we felt in Russia, we are so looking forward to returning there soon!

We have decided to make it one last trip!

It won't be easy...but it will be worth it, because Hope needs us there A.S.A.P!
Well we need her, maybe even more;)

I have yet to buy anything for her (I don't know why I suck this way). I don't know where to begin? Sizes? I feel like I am starting all over again! Bottles and binkies?

Any recommendations where to shop right now? Should I buy 12 months? She was wearing 6-9months in December...I need help..this is harder than I thought!

This wait is hard, but not as hard as the first kind of waiting with no news and no face to think and dream about. So I thank God for this kind of waiting;)