Saturday, January 9, 2010

Finishing up yet, another Dossier...

I think you have all heard about Russia's paperwork..or I have complained about it once or twice on here..well, did you know that for the court/final trip..yes, more paperwork will be required! And luckily we only needed a police clearance update (notarized & apostilled of course), they will need three years of tax returns (U.S. Embassy), our naturalization certificates (we are both Naturalized Citizens), employment verification/pay stubs, I think some more photos...Well we are almost done, we used Fed Ex of course for everything. Now we wait to hear news on a court date and to find out when to apply for visas again, since they are only good for 30 days at a time.

I noticed a picture of Hope on the Russia Data Bank (where they advertise to promote domestic adoption) was an updated pic of her (a very good one..guess they switched to digital camera), and so when I was looking out of curiousity (and in hopes that she would not be there) my surprise a very beautiful, familiar, little doll face popped up..and I thought to myself 'that sure looks a lot like Hope' and when I saw the orphanage given name...I couldn't was my Hopee on there! AHHHHH! She is so cute! Get her off of there, seriously....even though we have petitioned and signed to adopt her, she is not yet, legally ours;( Until the 10 days are up after court..AHHHH! This better move quickly..nobody is to take our little 'Penguin Princess' off of us..its bad enough she's still on the Data Bank...with her beautiful little face exposed!

I have been doing some more shopping at Children's Place..just could not ignore the sales..Fred is gonna kill me..despite buying her sweaters and stuff to keep her warm in Russia; I just could not pass up, buying her a bathing suit;)) Can't wait to teach her to swim..maybe even before walking;) Our Agency LH, is having a Reunion in Orlando, Fl. this year...and even though it will be cutting it close (us arriving back to the U.S.) we desperately want to go!! We have bonded so easily and have become quite close to a lot of the LH clients/members...and I would just love to see them with Hopee in tow;)

We will see..God willing!

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