Sunday, January 3, 2010

When we might hear news...& sales

Alot of people are asking, about, when we are going to return to Russia for Hope.

Good question;) We do not know much either...except that Russia has shut down for their holidays in January. They probably will not be up and running before the 18th. We are hoping to return for trip 2 (our court trip), around this time or atleast before Februaury. I would like to be back home no later than the second week of Februaury. Though, these are things out of our control. I do know one thing though; the more I look at pics of Hope, the more I drive myself crazy, about how she is doing and what can happen to her etc...its not making it any easier for us, especially my husband -he tries to reassure me, but I know he too is worried about Hope! We are sure that she has 'rickets' or 'rachitis' which is a 'softening of the bones' because of vitamin deficiency and a lack of sunlight and calcium. Also, part of her orphanage delays are that her back does not seem very strong and so she is not truly sitting on her own yet...I am very thankful that she is a good eater, atleast, her brain has been getting nourished & her head is growing nicely (thank you GOD for that). Despite the lack of iron and Vitamin D...I know the sooner she is home the better.

I did buy a few things online, at Kohl's (they had a GRRREAT sale), Old Navy, GAP...I am also searching for the perfect stroller right now..would love a pink one, but don't think Noah would appreciate that, (I'm looking for a double jogging stroller).

I don't want to bore you too much..but I posted some of the things purchased..I should be organizing closets..seriously!


Jeanette said...

Adorable outfits!! I can't wait to start shopping, but don't dare do anything yet! I'm sure Hope is in good hands and in reality, a week or two extra wouldn't have that big of impact. At least she is in the one place she feels comfortable with and people she knows. She has no idea what a wonderful family she is soon to be a part of forever! Good luck with those dates!

Anonymous said...

Very very cute - hoping that you hear something the moments they return to their desks...


Chris and Celeste said...

cute outfits. wish i had a jogging stroller to give you, but I don't. Some friends of ours who adopted from Russia had to wait 3 months to go to court, hope it goes a lot quicker for you.

AddingOn said...

Hi, I've been following your blog via Russian Blogs Galore, I just wanted to give you some peace of mind, that our daughter had Rickets and she has no permanent effects of it that we can see, the human body is amazing. My daughter has mild CP,and I have seen not only her but many older children who have had many more years of neglect, go from not being able to do something like sit up, to being able to do it very quickly once home.
I hope you get a court date quickley