Saturday, January 9, 2010

More About Hope..and Adoption

I wanted to add something else...Hope is either of Kyrgyz/Kazak/Tajik descent..the orphanage is not certain where her birth mother was from..but clearly, she has Eurasian like features.

She is GORGEOUS and Very Healthy thank GOD! (a more in depth article, about Russia's meltingpot..and possibly, why our daughter and many other children, are abandoned)

The more that you begin to understand Russian Adoption, especially these days..things have changed drastically, with Russia promoting 'Domestic adoption and Foster care'...though, what has not changed, is that Russia has many, many ethnicities (very attractive and unique looking people). And the Russians are adopting...but they are not adopting children of minority, and they are not adopting as many boys.
The Roma children, The Kazak/Kyrgyz/Tajiki children are the minority in Russia, and they will not even get 'looked at' by a Russian...and if you look at the countries; the people from the Southern part of the Soviet Union, (Central Asia) have migrated from (into Russia) will understand why. Their countries are a mess, because the poverty level is out of control. The amount of street children/orphaned children who are suffering, are out of these counties control... There are MANY, MANY, CHILDREN IN NEED OF FAMILIES in Russia! These children are GORGEOUS and DESERVE to have a normal life with love! There are MANY CHILDREN of ASIAN & ROMA descent in Russian orphanges who may never get a chance at life.
There are MANY BOYS in Russian orphanages who are not being adopted simply because they are boys and not girls! There are many girls who are not getting adopted simply because, they are not blonde & blue eyed.

...a lot of times, couples who cannot have biological children of their own, opt to adopt from Russia (very understandable), though,...they want to choose the sex of the child..and for whatever reason, most prefer to adopt 'girls' or a girl first....I think this is a personal choice...but I also think that they are missing out! We have 3 boys and would not change that for the world!! Boys are AWESOME, Affectionate, sweet and well behaved...they are extremely close to me...most mothers agree about the bond of mother and son! I think when you are adopting you have the right to choose...but in my experience with my children God chose for me; to have 3 sons, before my daughter..and those 3 sons led me to wanting, to have more children in our home...if it was a bad experience, or they were 'terribly hyper or active' I probably would have quit after 2 boys!

All I am saying is please don't miss out on a wonderful boy! If you want to adopt from Russia to have a child that could look 'biologically related' like blonde hair or caucasian featured..please opt for a boy...referrals are so quick..and they deserve to be loved and adored;)


Rob,Dawn,Catherine and Iain said...
We are waiting to bring home our beautiful 11 month Eurasian daughter. (Feb). She is of Shor and Russian background. Everyone is surprised that she is Russian.I wish more people understood that Russia is a country with many different ethnic backgrouds. We feel blesssed to have be given the chance to parent such a lovely little girl. We think she is breathtaking.

Beth said...

I agree I am a single mom who has adopted one son from CHina in 2007 and I am in the process of adopting my 2nd son from Russia. I am just waiting for my court date I have almost been waiting for 9 months so I am losing my patience. I agree boys are great and very sweet!!!