Monday, January 18, 2010

This Week...

This week is the week of my youngest son 'Noah's 3rd sniff, sniff, to Noah who is approaching 3 on the 19th...and Hopee is right around the corner too..which is why I am also hoping for this week to have news! For it is also the offical 'Russia opening up' week ...yeah this sentence makes sense? Well it does to those of us waiting on Russia ok! It's both of our BABIES' BIRTHDAYS!!WAHHHHHH!
Freddy and I are assuming, that we will know 'offical dates' for travel sometime this week (ok I won't use 'week' anymmore I am annoying myself)...because, we still have to get visas ordered and carry out a travel plan...frankly, one fit for a baby. It's been a while since we have travelled with a baby...and the truth is, one forgets how hard it really is. So, NO WAY ARE WE, going to be running around, trying to connect like crazies around the world, with Hope in tow. So we're looking for a more direct route, NOT VIA PARIS...I am not fond of this airport! We were told that Berlin is no Lufthansa either! We are thinking, either Alitalia from Miami, or United out of Washington (not thrilled about flying to Washington) but they do fly direct to Moscow's DME (our drivers will not be thrilled) as DME is at the opposite side of town. We've already started looking at apartments too, via Peace Travel again. We were given a business card by a fellow in Russia, who promised we would get a much better apartment& rate with him (he was our visa registration pick up guy). I took his card from him, and figured we would compare and keep him in mind. Though, we think we will stick with Peace Travel. In a smaller apartment probably, and closer to the Metro & baby home location, as we wish to visit Hope every day for the ten day 'waiting period'. I have already packed the Baby home donations (trying to configure what kind of luggage we are taking) far only carry-on is out, and not a possibility I am afraid. As just the donations took up an entire suitcase...if we have to leave this suitcase behind, it will be ok. We also will be attemping 'the Metroro' (Russian pronounciation)...ohhhh this one does make me nervous..but I will go in bravery and not look back wink*.

Alright, I have rambled enough. I think I'll just call it 'a blog'...and wait to post again with some concrete news.

P.S. (I haven't left yet;)..I just purchased two books for our trip via Amazon; a Russian phrase book, which is a survival 'must' in my opinion, (I may even take one of those hand held pocket translators) especially, with us taking the metro...the other book is called 'Raising Adopted Children' by Lois Ruskai Melina (this was highly recommended by a fellow PAP & dear friend, thank you Ivana;)

Oh, and NO WAY am I forgetting my 'Russian Adoption Handbook' again..I'm gonna put in my suitcase right now...Okay...I'm leaving;)



Jeanette said...

Hoping this week brings news for both of us :) I'm so anxious!!! There is a delta flight that flies direct from JFK into the SVO airport. That's what we will do hopefully. Good luck!!!!

Chris and Celeste said...

I check your blog daily, can;t wait to hear when your travel dates are.