Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Resolution, Tiredness..& Back to School

Okay, looks like the HoneyMoon is over and its back to work & back to school!

Is anyone having as much trouble waking up these days as me? Ouuuufff! My mornings are HARRD! I woke up at 7:30am this morning, leaving me exactly 25 minutes to feed the kids breakfast, dress them, get the lunch ready and get them in the car to get them in school by 8am! AHHHH! I made it..but do not like this at all!

At times, like this morning and while I was busy going up and down the stairs with the laundry today, I thought to myself wogh..is it going to be hard with one more child here at home! A child who is younger and needs a bottle. A child who will need a lot of attention (yes the 2 older boys are in school) and a child, who will have to get accustomed to different foods, languages & time change!! GOD HELP ME! I tell my husband sometimes..'gee its gonna be busy around here with Hope'...he smiles and says 'I know..now I get to be left alone to work on the boat!'.....what a wise guy! Sheesh..MEN!

For some reason Noah (our youngest who turns 3 this month) is having 'accidents'...its very unusual..and I am wondering if it has anything to do with us being gone? It hasn't been very pleasant especially in the laundry room (with repeated linen washes) grrrr...I hope this fades..unless he regresses because of the new baby...oh well..like the french say 'deja vue'. I tell you, mom business..is not an easy one!

Ever since our boys have been taking pictures of Hopee to school to show their teachers; a few of those teachers have come up to me to ask about the process, for their own interests of possible adoption. Isn't that great? Its amazing what kind of fire can ignite in the hearts of some people! God Bless!

On another note; its actually very cold here in Florida,...we have the heat on (don't laugh) and we have hats and coats on..so the children's closets are scary! With winter and summer clothing all mixed up and everywhere...atleast in Russia, we expected it to be cold and we were dressed for the weather. In Florida, it can be really humid one day, and then the next day, we get these temperature drops, and then we're in hats & coats...then you wonder why we're always sick around here. Our bodies don't know what do these days.

Anyway, aside from weather dicussion:)

Does anyone have any 'New Year's Resolutions or Goals for 2010?'

Here are mine:

More patient!

More exercise!

Less Gossip!

More organized!


upgrade my minivan!

Less Debt!

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Chris and Celeste said...

Yes I am having a hard time getting into the groove of school etc. My goals this year are; be more organized, be healthier, patient with my kids, be in the Word daily, and bring my son home!