Friday, December 28, 2012


There has been a million things crossing my mind today...yes we all heard the rumor-but now with this supposed 'quick action' being taken-I couldn't help but feel panic! We have a couple of friends in the Russian adoption process, and this just freezes my blood! This just proves of the condition of our world...a broken world...that is falling more and more by the minute...and its the children who will suffer!!!

Russia claims they are doing this because of the 17 deaths by the hands of their adoptive American aprents-but Putin also mentioned he was doing this because of a recent U.S. legislation....the real reason I guess...but how dare he lash out at the fatherless! Seven hundred thousand orphans in Russia alone! Even though Russians are being encouraged to adopt, many will not and cannot because of poverty and tough living in Russia.

My heart goes out to the adoptive heart goes out mostly to all of the children-may God be there for comfort.

Please pray for my friends Adrianna and Jorge and their daughter to be.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dossier commencment

 Merry Christmas everyone! Can you believe it was here and now it has left us? Unbelievable! I asked my kids this same question but they said that 'Christmas took forever this year'...So I guess its us? Our Christmas was quite wonderful...with so many opportunities for giving and sharing with others.

 I looked over at my paper pile and decided that it was time to drag myself to begin the dossier papers...I started printing and copying..and digging up papers..I loath this part of the process-ick! But something inside me just says do it!! Freddy considers it giving blood-but it was the signing of papers-again. All the presents that Hopee didn't care for-She would say this is for my 'mei mei' because she is really into Barbies this year as well as boots. So when she got a pair of sneakers-she said that's for 'mei mei'. When she received stuffed animals, she said that was for 'mei mei' and when we go shopping she says we need to get another dress for her 'mei mei'...I don't buy anything for 'mei mei' just yet though-but I am very impressed with Hope's sentiment, because we really do not talk much about 'mei mei' because it still doesn't feel real for us just yet. Hope asked me when it is 'mei mei' will be here already? I told her that I didn't know but that we should pray.

On another adoption note-did you hear about Russia closing their program? This is sooooooo upsetting! As we have friends that are in the process and we have friends who were thinking about starting the process in Russa.

Sighhhhhh...its always the children who pay!

We have a couple of neighbors on our street who are contemplating adoption, and it makes me so happy to be part of such a street. Pray for Russia and their orphans....and pray for the parents who are trying to adopt.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Going back Home...

Well we've been busy and quiet on our blog-but pictures are to come..I didn't take many though, as we were always on the go and it was quite chilly in Newark, colder in Portland Oregon and coldest in Seattle! Brrrrr....

Freddy had work in Portland, but his best friend lives in Seattle so we took the opportunity and went to visit him and his lovely wife. The kids had a blast and we visited the space needle as well as Santa who was in the space needle-neat! The kids were not really dressed for the occasion-but I figure hey whatever! Hope had a whole conversation with Santa, she told him she wanted an 'IPAD'...ya, you saw IPAD at 3 years old! Well that isn't going to happen for her or her who knows how long Santa will be on her love motto is-the sooner they know, the better. Because we are all for Christmas being solely the celebration of Christ...and it seems almost impossible to not have that corrupted in this society-call me Scrooge or what you will...but we must be consistent with the kids..its no wonder there is confusion...just count the commercials these days on t.v. Anyway-Bahhumbug!

In Portland, we went to a zoo...and saw like 1 animal! Hehe but there was nice lights and we visited a Holocaust memorial sight that was very special, and we wanted the kids to try and understand how such things had happened and how tragic they were for many, many reasons. And they tried to understand, and they tried to read and ask questions...Hopee pointed to the old tattered toys that were on display..that impacted them the most I think, to relate that children were present during such times.

Well now on to the most important post here today, I wanted to post yesterday as it was fresh on my mind...but for whatever reason I write it today. We had stopped for coffee, and an older gentleman was close by and we began to talk. A discussion about our children (as most people stop and comment on such a crew), and then a discussion about adoption as his daughter had adopted 2 children, and then a discussion on faith. He pulled out his necklace that a friend had made for him that was quite beautiful, and then he stopped and shared that he has cancer. It took a moment to gather ourselves and find what to say next, but he proceeded  to explain that he had metastatic bone cancer ( and that his meds were not working, and that he was about to see his doctor to find out more news in which he felt was going to be difficult. Again, where to find the my heart I knew I needed to let my heart respond, but to also respond with strength and encouragement, because as a man of God he has nothing to fear! That is easier said than done of course. Every human has experienced fear at one time or another...and even those who walk in the faith...sometimes it can be even more of a struggle-because we know we are not to fear, but we know we feel fear in the flesh. This man's name is Doug Oliphant, and he needs our prayers today, and he needs your prayers today...and you know, I am going to add-that prior to bumping into Doug, I was whining to my husband about walking into  a hospital lobby (where we needed to enter in order to board onto the aerial tram) and being an ex. nursing student/germophobe, I was complaining about the chances of germs and viruses. Who would have thought we'd bump into Doug-a patient having coffee with us...God made this connection most definitely; and I don't know why He chose us...but He did-for Doug. So if you've stopped on my page today, its because God has tapped you on the shoulder to pray along with me, for Doug and his family. Doug is very brave and very strong at heart he went on to tell us about his passion, which is promoting the donating of organs on your driver's license. You may think, oh ok...but the reason Doug is passionate about this, is because he lost his son not too long ago to heart failure even though his son was very athletic-and his son was a donor...and so Doug was proud to report that because of his son, two blind women with children could see now because of his well as a few others who needed organs for their health. Again, a loss of words...a loss of air...especially when you see a sincere joy in this man's eye for those who received his son's organs. It makes you think of the Father...and His son who died for us....who were blind, but who can now see because of His sacrifice. I bet you God has this same look of joy when He sees His son's fruit at work.....I can't even write this without tears. Because of what we saw in him and what we heard with him....Doug you are blessed! He cited a passage from the Bible that he wasn't sure where he had read it from, but he said in this passage, God revealed how we are apart of God's work always when we work in Him...even if we don't get to see the results sometimes, we will always be apart of it. That really touched me, because I was clear with what he was saying...and I do believe it to the fullest. My grandfather is also suffering from cancer right now, he is actually in the hospital as we speak and my greatest worry for him, is that he does not have the comfort and confirmation that Doug grandfather is in a lot of physical please help me pray for him too, his name is Geraldo....just say 'Jeannie's grandfather Geraldo'...God will know who he is. Thank You.

We return to Florida today God willing, so it will be a long flight and a long day, but I hope you join me in prayer for these 2 people.

I leave you with this passage:
LUKE 15:4-5 &7 & 10
What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, does not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it?
And when he has found it, he layeth it on his shoulders, rejoicing.
And when he cometh home he calls together his friends and neighbors saying unto them rejoice with me; for I have found my sheep which was lost.

*I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner who repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance.

*Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.

I think its important for Christians to know that were supposed to be here in the world, we're supposed to be amongst those that don't yet believe...God created them and loves them too. Too often we the Christian hide God's glory...just let God do His thing...through you.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

NY Here we come..

Well we just are finishing a second quarter of homeschool wooooo....glad to get that ou of the way and take a break! Freddy had left to Colorado for seven days...and that was not so easy for us five. So now that he is leaving to NY we're tagging along to take a breather. No news on the adoption front except that we have been accepted as applicants and will be starting the homestudy in January God willing. We also complete our last Russia post placement report for Hope in January. Freddy brought down Hopee's snowsuit that she left Russia in and we both just gazed at it....maybe Mei Mei will be wearing it too, maybe not. We haven't told Freddy's mother yet, I think we're too chicken or we're just sparing ourselves the looks and know its not as if we haven't thought of things ourselves in the negative pool. All the what if's will always be I'll leave it at that I guess;)