Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dossier commencment

 Merry Christmas everyone! Can you believe it was here and now it has left us? Unbelievable! I asked my kids this same question but they said that 'Christmas took forever this year'...So I guess its us? Our Christmas was quite wonderful...with so many opportunities for giving and sharing with others.

 I looked over at my paper pile and decided that it was time to drag myself to begin the dossier papers...I started printing and copying..and digging up papers..I loath this part of the process-ick! But something inside me just says do it!! Freddy considers it giving blood-but it was the signing of papers-again. All the presents that Hopee didn't care for-She would say this is for my 'mei mei' because she is really into Barbies this year as well as boots. So when she got a pair of sneakers-she said that's for 'mei mei'. When she received stuffed animals, she said that was for 'mei mei' and when we go shopping she says we need to get another dress for her 'mei mei'...I don't buy anything for 'mei mei' just yet though-but I am very impressed with Hope's sentiment, because we really do not talk much about 'mei mei' because it still doesn't feel real for us just yet. Hope asked me when it is 'mei mei' will be here already? I told her that I didn't know but that we should pray.

On another adoption note-did you hear about Russia closing their program? This is sooooooo upsetting! As we have friends that are in the process and we have friends who were thinking about starting the process in Russa.

Sighhhhhh...its always the children who pay!

We have a couple of neighbors on our street who are contemplating adoption, and it makes me so happy to be part of such a street. Pray for Russia and their orphans....and pray for the parents who are trying to adopt.

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