Friday, December 28, 2012


There has been a million things crossing my mind today...yes we all heard the rumor-but now with this supposed 'quick action' being taken-I couldn't help but feel panic! We have a couple of friends in the Russian adoption process, and this just freezes my blood! This just proves of the condition of our world...a broken world...that is falling more and more by the minute...and its the children who will suffer!!!

Russia claims they are doing this because of the 17 deaths by the hands of their adoptive American aprents-but Putin also mentioned he was doing this because of a recent U.S. legislation....the real reason I guess...but how dare he lash out at the fatherless! Seven hundred thousand orphans in Russia alone! Even though Russians are being encouraged to adopt, many will not and cannot because of poverty and tough living in Russia.

My heart goes out to the adoptive heart goes out mostly to all of the children-may God be there for comfort.

Please pray for my friends Adrianna and Jorge and their daughter to be.

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