Friday, August 28, 2009

Finally done!

My hubby went to do his fingerprints (yet again). Hopefully now this I 171 gets resolved..I mean we really have done all that we should. Also, I contacted the FBI department in Virginia concerning our 'credit card ooops' and this too got resolved.

Lord all is truly in your hands, and I know you are working in all areas of our lives for our own good. I thank you as always for looking out for us and for teaching us what is best.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Adoption Comic Scripts...

Okay I think I am convincing myself that our adoption journey is a comic script...a very funny comic script that needs to end..right about now! Or next life I get to be a screen writer, without having to live out my screen plays firsthand!

We went to do our FBI fingerprints with our local outreach center, all seemed well enough, the technician was nice and informative. She even said that Fred has better prints than me, and does not understand why USCIS would have any problems with his prints, and that if anyone was to be reprinted it would be me..cause my fingers are small. Anyway, long story short....I get excited about completeing yet another adoption mile, gathering the paperwork, and finding the address to send off the prints, ..stamp, envelope etcetera, also including Fred signing off his part, and of course the fee...which is conveniently done by credit card (as an option)..well all sounds peachy correct? I send it off...feeling good. Then I go take the kids to Mickey D's for dinner before karate class to kill some time..but my credit card gets declined? SO weird..we always pay our bills on time, so I am quite puzzled by this. So then I hand them another credit card and it gets approved just fine. Then later I need to make a stop at the pharmacy, I use the first credit card again (the Mcdonald's lady said that their machine has been acting funny), so I tried it at the pharmacy this time to see...again DECLINED! Now I know its me. I call up my husband and tell him, (he's in Orlando for training) and he's like "oh yeah, I just cancelled that card!" I am like "what?" Freddy how can you cancel without telling me; I never use cash!?!

Then it hits me!!!!!



This cannot be happening! A friend of mine is says, "oh adoption has its ups and down etc." This is not about ups and downs girl..this is more like 'bad operator' problems (me&Fred), are not very good at 'take off' mode; maybe once we're flying we'll be good, but right now at this stance, its been hard taking off and getting the engines running! I do not know why he did not tell me? I was talking to him and even asking him about the credit card being in his name or mine..(didn't a bell go off then to tell me that he lost his?).
I mean what I am trying to say here is, that we are making the silliest mistakes these days, crazy things are just happening, we've become so distraught/distracted. It's been hard enough grieving the loss of my uncle..and worrying about my other house, that needed to sell like last year! Where our adoption on the otherhand, has been baby steps, yet comforting baby steps that would leave me at peace...and put my worries away. Though, these goofs are compounding the pain! Arrrghhhhhh!

...HAHAHAHAHAHA gotta laugh right? Before ya cry? I think I missed my calling as a comedian or a stuntman....cause I am taking all the hits this year;(

Seriously guys, how would you fix this? Should I call up the FBI office and explain? Should I just send in another form with the correct credit card info? Sheeesh, people are gonna start thinking I am nuts? Am I nuts?

I need to pray! Cause I am a disaster without God! I try to take worry into my heart, pushing God away when in fact, I need him nearer & dearer than before. I hope God is laughing at me too..I deserve that! I must look so silly running around trying to worry and do ten things at once..not even completing one of those things correctly! (CAN WE SAY A.D.D.?) God, please forgive me for being a foolish woman! Thank you for letting me get to this point, where I am all twisted and tangled, and I am trapped in a web of nothingness!
For without you...everything would be nothingness!
So please Lord, push me aside and take over...make me let you do your that I can remember that without you I can do nothing....and that no man can live on bread alone. Also, thank you for humbling me.

In Jesus precious name,


Sunday, August 23, 2009


Okay, so school starts up again (very good thing). Tomorrow we have our FBI prints to do, and on Thursday, we have our USCIS prints to do (again); hopefully, it gets taken care of this time. Freddy also needs a new passport, because the one he has now is quite mangled....So quite a busy and exciting week, we're also helping our friends move and paint (yeah), which I know will make this week fly by! I am checking the Data Base (where Russia posts children that are available for adoption) quite often lately, dunno why guess its the only thing that gets me to smile these days? And let me tell you that there are so many beautiful children in Russia, and more people should adopt! I wish we could adopt more children..also, for some reason this sounds strange, but I really would like a little girl with a birthday in August/September/October like my mom and husband...its just because our boys and nephews birthdays all follow from dec,Jan,Feb, it would be nice to have a Fall baby..but of course I really don't mind what her Birthday will be, I am just expressing how 'refreshing' it would be to have a 'break' in bewtween months, and have her birthday in a much different season (financially speaking also). So anyway, I got some preschool jitters, but in a very good I am going to continue organizing!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Reason I think 4 Is Better.... cuz..LOOK AT US! You will not find closer is just a fact!

I am all the way at the right side (goofy looking), my momma in the middle (hot I know), and my lil sissy is at the far left, and my two bros (the babies) are in the middle.

I figure you should get to know the whole family. Our daughter Hope is coming into a very loving and very tight knit family, where she will only be cherished. She may even be lucky enough to have a little cousin who is also a girl (praying).

You can't tell by this pic, (it was my sis's 24th B Day), but right now we are hurting pretty bad, because of the loss of my mother's younger brother (Arturo), she too comes from a very close family of 6!

Only God knows the truth and only God can pass judgment, so we are leaving details of Arturo's tragic passing in his hands.

Uncle Arturo I hope you are smiling & happy above..finally in the palace that you deserve. A place with no more worries or pain. Just the love of your father, that you waited so long to be with. He is going to be so proud of you!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


USCIS letter in mail..was smiling until I read that it was not the I 171H, but instead, a notice saying that Freddy needed to retake his prints!

Grrrrr..August this for real?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fully potty trained NOAH!

You heard right...God looks over even the tiniest details of our lives, like making sure we will have only one child in diapers (Hope)..and not Noah! He is completely clean, even at night he gets up and diapers at all.

Being consistent and potty training Noah has been a wonderful experience and great distraction for me...and we are very successful because of our consistency;)

I just can't believe how big my boys are getting..sniff sniff.

Hope everyone's summer was a BLAST!

Let's pray for a wonderful school year.


Life's a Beach

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fingerprints Finally DONE!

Today was uneventful..THANK GOD! We got to the USCIS office in plenty of time..and did the fingerprints and left. I pray the I 171H does not take too long getting here....cause it already has been long enough! My Homestudy Agency needed to give me an upgraded license, and they did give me 3 copies, notarized....ONLY TO SEE THAT THE NOTARY EXPIRES SEPTEMBER OF 2009! GRRRRR...when does it almost feels like a joke!

Anyway, I appreciate alot of your comments, they are very uplifting and they help carry me on the days I don't feel like I can carry on.

So a big Thank You!

P.S. Did I tell you guys that my sis is PREGGOS?