Monday, August 17, 2009

The Reason I think 4 Is Better.... cuz..LOOK AT US! You will not find closer is just a fact!

I am all the way at the right side (goofy looking), my momma in the middle (hot I know), and my lil sissy is at the far left, and my two bros (the babies) are in the middle.

I figure you should get to know the whole family. Our daughter Hope is coming into a very loving and very tight knit family, where she will only be cherished. She may even be lucky enough to have a little cousin who is also a girl (praying).

You can't tell by this pic, (it was my sis's 24th B Day), but right now we are hurting pretty bad, because of the loss of my mother's younger brother (Arturo), she too comes from a very close family of 6!

Only God knows the truth and only God can pass judgment, so we are leaving details of Arturo's tragic passing in his hands.

Uncle Arturo I hope you are smiling & happy above..finally in the palace that you deserve. A place with no more worries or pain. Just the love of your father, that you waited so long to be with. He is going to be so proud of you!


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