Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fingerprints Finally DONE!

Today was uneventful..THANK GOD! We got to the USCIS office in plenty of time..and did the fingerprints and left. I pray the I 171H does not take too long getting here....cause it already has been long enough! My Homestudy Agency needed to give me an upgraded license, and they did give me 3 copies, notarized....ONLY TO SEE THAT THE NOTARY EXPIRES SEPTEMBER OF 2009! GRRRRR...when does it end..it almost feels like a joke!

Anyway, I appreciate alot of your comments, they are very uplifting and they help carry me on the days I don't feel like I can carry on.

So a big Thank You!

P.S. Did I tell you guys that my sis is PREGGOS?

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Anonymous said...

Hi, GOOD LUCK WITH DOCUMENTS, AND NEVER GIVE UP.. we updated out dossier 5 times before we met our Nadia, and now I can see it was all meant to be... and I would not change it...
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every day that goes by you are close to your perfect child...