Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Family get away...

We haven't been posting in a while..and haven't been taking many pictures, shame on me!
We are leaving this weekend on a little family get away before hubby goes off to Europe for some work:( I am always pretty tired around here with the four kids alone and school...but thank God I am managing. The kids are great though...they are maturing before my very eyes. I would love for Hope to start some dancing, but very little can be done with her not yet potty trained;( Again, shame on me. She started out great-but now completely refuses to potty outside of her diaper.
On a more positive note-her sentences and vocabulary are awesome, she says full sentences, catches on to games and songs effortlessly. She puts on her own shoes, and tries to dress herself-she is actually shoe obsessed to be honest...and I take them away from her as a consequence when she is not listening..which is often lol-Hope is quite stubborn!

She's a daddy's girl...and boy does Freddy look forward to coming home and seeing her run to him. She is very helpful to me..she is always wanting to help with the groceries its so cute. I colored my hair the other day to a red..don't ask...but anyway, she wanted to color her hair too, and of course that was not happening, but I didn't want her to get upset, so I put a pink, Hello Kitty-shampoo in her hair which made her smile..and then her and I waited 25 minutes;)
She is learning her ABC's and numbers..she enjoys playing Fish and has an excellent memory...too good if you ask me..
Hopefully we'll be back with some cute pics of the kids at the water park. See ya in a few!