Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I peeeeeeeed Mom!

Yes Hope is pottying finally! Yeahh-Lord you're too good to me. It seemed almost impossible at one point with Hope and the potty. Though she is finally getting it, with a lot of positive attention and praise she delights in her accomplishment;)

She actually really likes the potty...she dislikes the toilet. She will be almost fully clean too...amazing!

I am finishing up school and will be entering the hospital come this January (God willing) and Hope will have to go to daycare..I wanted more than anything for her to be potty trained...and low and behold she is! I am worried about her in daycare..but I am happy for her at the same time...because I think she is sooo bright and would benefit from an early education...she often sings to herself holding an invisible microphone...thirteeeen, seventeen...twentyyyyyyyy!

We go away for a sneaky, mini vacation to Orlando Disney Resort...I'll snap some pics there...she's gotten so big, and her hair so long..she TALKS SOOOOO MUCH! husband wonders when she will button it..hehe. Mackenzie will be celebrating his 8th birthday...God bless kids are growing up!

I have finals next week and will be able to finally take a real breather and enjoy this Christmas with the kids before the chaos starts with my RN training....sighh...wish me luck;)