Monday, April 27, 2009


I finally got my American passport..YEAHHHHHH!

It got here in only one week! Wow that is God's timing! Okay, so it's not my best picture..but its me:)

Speaking of pictures, check out Dad & Mack, hanging out in the 'Boys Club House' no girls being pushed around here.

Also, the garage sale was a success..we didn't make as much as the last one, but I wasn't as prepared either..we kind of just threw it together and made it happen; and we got through somehow..and went home happy!

Thank You God!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yard Sale;)

Okay guys we are getting ready to do yard sale # 2...GROANNNNN! On Saturday, April 25-we will begin at 7am and end around 1-2pm. Hope the weather permits it, as it is very necessary because we are sending off our Dossier in May!

I feel weak just thinking about being on my feet and trying to keep things organized and people happy/pleased..yikes.

Freddy did get a part time job for this adoption, so that we wouldn't have to do yard sales..guess he feels sorry for me..I feel sorry for him..but he seems happy and thinks its no big deal...sigh when your in love all is possible;)

Speaking of love, I guess sending off our Dossier will be our Anniversary present this coming May (8 years). We will go out and eat and hopefully celebrate (God willing) that we are on our way to getting a little girl of our very own.

Forgive me if my posts these days are a little spacey, I am a little dazed and confused. I really am trying to pull together; but in between day dreams and getting my kids to school (the daily war at our house), and our kids' karate lessons, and family parties..I feel like its endless work. I mean Don't even get me started on the details of the house's situation!

Today I sent off our marriage certificate to the secretary of state of Nevada for an apostille..should be interesting, my first experience at the whole apostille thing.

Wish me luck..hope I did it right!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

James 1:5

If any of you lack wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I-600A SENT!!!!

Okay, today is very EXCITING!!

Even more than yesterday..We sent off the I 600A application, (petition to bring an Orphan to America)!!! I am so jittery..hmm could be the third cuban coffee I had today..I also sent off two packages to a Bulgarian Orphanage, hoping I could send a little bit of Love their way (thank you Jesus for your guiding light).

I also applied to rush my American Passport...YEAHHH! Finally! Three weeks is considered a rush, yikes! Anyhoo I know God is with us and I pray for his guidance and blessing on this adoption. I felt myself so excited and wanting to rush the papers off, and then I would feel myself start to feel fearful and think, what if its too soon? What if we're not ready? Emotionally, physically..or worse,..financially? AHHHHH! STOP ALREADY..something said inside me..its on God's time he knows when we will be ready all we can do is our part and pray. Now we plan on finishing up our Dossier, and getting them notarized & apostilled (don't ask) and hopefully getting it there to russia before they're all on vacation!


Guys any Comments are welcomed & encouraged..thank you everybody for your words, patience & kindness.

God Bless.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Finally an AMERICAN!

I can tell you that today I am officially an American Citizen. I tried to get my passport started but did not make it in time. We will go tomorrow and do that. I cannot wait to finally send out the I 600a for the Orphan petition!

Thank You God for giving me this day, with my husband by my side. I didn't want to cry, but I got a little choked up when I saw the footage of the early Americans and the children from different parts of the world arriving to America. Wars that have landed us here, the fight that brought us here..I have waited a long time, and now after eight years, I will continue the gift of Adoption by bringing home our little girl to America..the country that my family Adopted and love so much.

God Bless America,


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Follow your Shepard

Jesus knew you before you were ever concieved
in your Mothers womb. He knew every Sin that you would commit in this life and yet he still "Chose" to die on the Cross for you. Why? Because he loves you un-conditionally. Jesus
knows what we go through here in the world. Remember, he has been there and done that. So don't ever let the enemy convince you that God doesn't love you because he does and always will. Remember, Jesus said he would never leave nor forsake us. So when we feel un-loved its only because we have walked away from him. But he's still there right where we left him, waiting
for us to turn around and come back. Its so important that you know this, because you are "everything" to God and he loves you so much. Believe me when I say, the enemy will do anything he can to convince you that you are un-loved, a failure, worthless, ect. But the fact of the matter is; "You belong to Jesus Christ!" He paid the price for you with his Blood and he is not about to let you go! NEVER! God understands... Just talk to him for he is a very forgiving God! Believe me, I know. So be Blessed.. In Jesus Name!

Friday, April 3, 2009


My mother in law Esperanza (Hope), decided a great Easter present for the boys would be birds (Cockatiels). We have a boy & girl (course I'd still get a boy right?). Skip & Angela..cute; guess those were the twins I was referring to, never had birds before, so this should be interesting. Today I observed on the photosite some of the most beautiful babies born in 20 new pics of these precious girls. I am excited again..anyone of those girls would be a blessing to us. I can't believe we are ready with all our paperwork, and that we are just waiting for my swearing in..that has to be God! For some reason, my timing has to be this way, and I respect that. I guess someone knows that when I try to do things my way, it is so impulsive & emotional rather than rational & logical. I am glad that he is looking our for us..especially my husband Freddy! The boys need to be done with school and in the same school, rather than this nutty double school thing that we did for Mackenzie, just so that he could attend at 4. We will probably just have to redo the medicals & maybe the financial part will be for the already does look better!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

HAHA April Fool's..for me anyway!

Well..I really don't know what to say except that..its taking forever to be an American!

Y'know, I was born in the same Continent..this is getting ridiculous..I go down there to the immigration office hoping its just this quick small ceremony..and what do you know? They call me in and start asking me, why is it my signatures don't match, the signatures on my pictures..uhh..cause there was no room to sign on my pictures..I would end up scribbling on my face? I started this process when I was 18..I am now 26 and still not done yet. I was born in Canada, I have been traveling back and forth in the United States since I was 12, I married at 18...ok I am depressed! Big Time!

I know this is God's timing..I know it is only for my own good..but I am starting to get cold feet in the waiting process. Freddy has a second job now; I am pushing my friends away because I prefer isolation over conversation. I am grieving over a child that was brutally beaten in Russia may be the only thing that is keeping me going in the adoption direction though. I have friends who are adopting, and it seems like things just fall on their laps, and my path of adoption seems almost impossible at times. SIGH.

We really need to sell our rental; if we do this and are successful with this, then I will feel better and far less pressured about life's trials and errors. Freddy's mom recently gave us money for our adoption, I didn't know if I wanted to cry or if I wanted to jump up and down, if I was happy or if I was sad. Maybe I am getting overwhelmed by alot. I am terribly afraid now...and I don't really know why. I missed church on Wednesday because I forgot it was Wednesday..see how lost I am? I look to God for answers, and I know he is near, but I feel weak and tired. I will continue to pray and I will continue to search..God's timing. Sometimes all of your blogs is what keeps me going. I see how happy some of you are after your triumphs, or I see your courage for continuing the journey and it keeps me keep doing what you are doing..stay strong.