Friday, June 26, 2009

Seriously,...a USCIS Dossier!

I didn't want to post this, because I just finished posting good news about recieving a phone call, and getting a fingerprint date etc.
Well, what good is a blog if only good news is being posted right? Here's a little bit of rain (we are keeping it real)! I get a letter on the 24th, thinking it was the biometrics. Nope! It was from USCIS though; it was a list of paperwork they want us to send in to complete our
I600A (petition for orphan).

1.)W-2's & 2008 tax paper
2.)FDLE backround check under my maiden name & Fred's mother's maiden name (huh?..exactly)
3.)Doctor's reports from Homestudy
4.)5 reference letters from Homestudy
5.)Social Worker License (what is this?)
6.)DCF (Child abuse clearance)again under my maiden name & Fred's mothers...ya okay!
7.)Local police backround check again...under those names....I'm STEAMING!

So far I have completed everything in this 'Dossier' except the DCF (cause its a zoo across town)!

I have until July 30th to complete this..but I am so sending this TOMORROW! I will give them all this and then some more, to confirm who we are as Prospective Adopting Parents! I know this is a MIAMI, FLORIDA thing! Seeing we were both born out of the U.S.A....and now we want to bring another immigrant to the United States? Better believe it! We've earned that right! Wether we populate the country biologically or bring an Orphaned child here..what's the difference? We are paying the 'fees'? We are doing the 'paperwork'!
Good to know we are just being kept safe, right? Immigrants come over the waters into Miami EVERYDAY! Then granted residency, within days! Its taken me, a Canadian Citizen, EIGHT YEARS, the LEGAL WAY! OUCH! I am so affected by this.

I love it when I hear the comments these days by loving neighbors & family & friends...

1.)well technology is so advanced now, that you can choose the sex of the child and have your 'own' girl...(all of a sudden they are interested in technology)!
2.)Why not an American kid? (We have of course, searched these options in the States, as well as Canada, first, but were not comfortable with the way the system works. Especially in the state of Florida, it is so 'Pro-Foster Care' that it would just be a nightmare. We have three children in the home (very young boys), why am I going to bring havoc in our house? To get attached to a child, and then have her taken away, would scar all of us! Canada won't even adopt between Provinces, let alone Internationally)!
3.)What if she is 'sick' or has 'genetical problems'...(what if we God forbid get sick or have genetical problems?)
4.)Well God didn't give you a girl..maybe you should leave it that way..(God expects you & me to take care of the fatherless children, along with the children he Blessed us with), he has power over all things, if he doesn't want, then he won't allow!
5.)Why Russia? (As in..why not China? or Ethiopia, Panama, Brazil, Vietnam, Ukraine, Phillipines, et.? Well, most PAP's start researching all these countries before we make a set decision; we soon learn time frames, costs, laws, processes etc. real fast...we feel as though we had been on a rollercoaster of countries..trying to find out which was for us. I wanted Kazak for the longest, because I found the children BEAUTIFUL! Freddy said China, because of his colleagues' personal experience (and the need to adopt girls), then we said Ethiopia is very poor, and we can get a very young baby, Ukraine is only one trip, and she can look just like me,..but...Ethiopia is very unpredictable and health concerns of parasites & cost variations concerned us. China I am too young for (min. age of 30yrs), and has a 3-4 year wait (can you believe it?), Kazak is too long a trip (2-3 mths), and verrrrry expensive! Ukraine has serious health concerns and also is not a very organized process...and I can go on and on and on..about Kyrgstan, Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan...we looked into all of these countries! Freddy is Cuban (here since 4yrs), I am Italian/Scottish/Dutch (Canadian born) think we really have strict preferences?) We chose Russia, because God led us there, by helping us finally find an Agency, that we were very comfortable with and(who has very limited programs). We just said hey, Russia is bigger than the united States, has many many many Orphans (and when you see why and how bad it is, it breaks your heart to a harsh reality check), we just knew it all felt right. Russians have a diversity just like America does now...and most importantly to us; THE DEMAND FOR PARENTS for children who need homes, (not children for parents) and not needing to wait 3 years..does this sound understandable yet, a little?)
6.) I think this is the last one..the biggest mambo-jumbo is very hard to love a child that is not yours biologically and/or are you going to be able to love her like the boys? Absolutely! (she'll be my only daughter) and anyone who calls themself a friend or family member, who truly know us and our natures, know, that we have the love & concern that it takes..)

SIGHHHHH...I think I covered the biggest concerns & questions, and I think I am over the USCIS thing..cause we want our little girl so badly...we'll do the papers! If I felt that this was not our destiny, the Immigration stuff alone, would have stopped us. It stops a lot of people..otherwise, maybe more people would adopt.

Phillipians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me.


Thursday, June 18, 2009


We finally have news from USCIS; an officer called asking us for our social security numbers, and together we set up a Biometric appointment that would work for us! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! July 10th, at 3pm is our appointment, its the day before my mom's wedding...but hey it works! Finally! I thought we did something wrong! After we are cleared with the fingerprints, she said we shouldn't be waiting much longer to receive the I 171! Sighhhhhh, I truly feel as though there are no coincidences in life, God has everything timed perfectly for us.

Another specific case of perfect timing, would be my trying to rush Noah's potty business along so that I won't have two kids in diapers. Noah refused my plan..until now! Just yesterday he said "Mommmmmyyy...KAKA..." and I took him to the potty, where he did it! Thinking that it was going to be a one night thing, he again today let me know that he had potty business, but he didn't quite make peepee in is still A+ effort in my books;)

On my naughty list on the other hand, is my husband Freddy! I had to return the shirts I bought for the wedding; cause, I had a feeling that they were the wrong choice. So I needed Freddy, to help me find the perfect attire. Of course, he whined and fumbled and complained..he's 40 years old! Naughty! I put up with his nonsense and was able to find something nice, but I am stressed out and I am sure glad I got good news today!


Thanks a lot guys, for all your help and great comments & advice!

Have a Blessed Day:)

Monday, June 15, 2009


Prettiest little furniture ever caught my eye for a doll!

I think people usually paint first, but for some reason I was compelled to buy furniture. It was an amazing deal, and its a mommy's dream for her little girl, to have such a room;)

I don't know what Hope is going to be like, or look like..but whoever she is, she is going to be my little dream come true. I already have her locked up deep in my heart. I pray God protects her & watches over her, till we reach her.

I love you God so much..thank you for another awesome, love filled day!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Were Gonna Do It!!!!!


Hope's Room...Currently.

I have decided that I will begin organizing and preparing Hope's room! It is now a toy/computer room and just looks AWFUL! It is such a big space, with beautiful glass doors that lead into the balcony outside. When we bought this house, I just knew it was going to be full of children, and I knew that this room was going to be very special...little girl special;)

So here is the before pix.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Typing to GOD

My pastor told us a story the other day about dealing with our anger & frustrations the right way..God's way.

Sometimes we don't know what that is when we are warped by our emotions. Soon after, we usually fail to deliver, because we were so blinded by anger or jealousy, or whatever it was that came over us and blurred our decision making capabilities.

My pastor said, because he was once so angry at a friend one day, he couldn't find the means of falling on his knees and asking God first...but, he instead did find the strength to sit at his desk quietly, and began to type to God!
He typed all his questions & reasons for being angry, and finally he was able to leave it there on the monitor, for God to which he did soon after!

God is also with the times, he is above everything..don't ever think for a minute that he isn't watching or listening to what you need.

He granted solomon the things that he needed and the things that he didn't even know he was going to want or need.


These last couple of months have taught me so much; when it comes to God.
I have learned how important God's timing is, and how important it is to never stop talking to him. I also have learned, about the strength of prayer...and how much stronger it is when we are all united & together praying.

I want to write down some people's names on my blog, so that maybe you can help too. Help us reach God together and pray for some adoptive parents.

'Andrew' (you just received your boy from Kazak..I pray for a safe return, and a brand new beginning for your family..God Bless).

'Angie' (I pray that your daugher gets ready to come home, and that you will be hopping on a plane real soon to meet her, finally!)

'Anna' (You have been of great help to me, and I thank you for that. I thank God for introducing us, I pray you receive your child whoever he/she may be).

'Lynn' (I feel like I may have met a forever friend, and I pray you reach your children as safely as possible and that God leads you the whole way through, so that your journey may be peaceful as well as more disapointments here!)

'Adrienne' (I pray that you will be Blessed with as many children as God desires for you & your family!).

'Dennis' (I have fallen in love with you & your family; and I wanna pray for them & pray for you..forever).

'Our children' (God please let us do your will to Glorify you Lord; please protect these motherless babies, and guide us so that we can complete your plan).

In Jesus' Precious Name...AMEN.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Another denied grant letter....


I saw that an envelope in the mailbox today, was from one of the grants we applied hopes wern't too high, besides it still wasn't what I really want (USCIS I- 171)!
I opened it up because, atleast it was something adoption related..but it was a single letter stating that there is just not enough funds to go around.
I understand that; our adoption is in God's hands, and God alone will provide.

Sometimes it is so hard to not think about our adoption though..I hate the suspense, the uncertainty. You'd think I would be occupied enough; today while cleaning all I can sense aside from the Clorox, was my mind racing with thoughts about everything! The baby's room (its so ugly now), the furniture, the disorganization in my home, when my daughter starts school, her name (if we are certain about it being Hope), uhmm what else..oh yes, 'the what ifs' don't you love them? What if we don't end up getting a dumb am I going to feel with an empty pink room? WHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Now for the positives:

1.)We are doing everything that we can possibly can to make this adoption dream a reality!

2.) Today I watched my eldest son receive an award for reading 100 books in single school year..yeahhhh! I am so proud!

3.) My middle child Mackenzie, is so anxious to start Kindergarten.

4.) Noah my youngest son; is a chatterbox, and is building his vocabulary by the minute!
5.) We unoffically adopted my neighbors cats...guess its still God's work?

6.) My mother surprised me last Sunday, by attending church...ahhhhhh what a Blessing from God! Thank you Lord, for answering my prayers!

7.) My neighbor says she wants to give me furniture for our baby girl..sweet!

8.) I am going shopping tomorrow with my sis to buy a dress for our mother's!
9.) I am getting a lot better at speaking/reading Russian!

10.) Freddy & I are spending a lot more time together..oouhhh la la...wink*