Monday, June 8, 2009

Typing to GOD

My pastor told us a story the other day about dealing with our anger & frustrations the right way..God's way.

Sometimes we don't know what that is when we are warped by our emotions. Soon after, we usually fail to deliver, because we were so blinded by anger or jealousy, or whatever it was that came over us and blurred our decision making capabilities.

My pastor said, because he was once so angry at a friend one day, he couldn't find the means of falling on his knees and asking God first...but, he instead did find the strength to sit at his desk quietly, and began to type to God!
He typed all his questions & reasons for being angry, and finally he was able to leave it there on the monitor, for God to which he did soon after!

God is also with the times, he is above everything..don't ever think for a minute that he isn't watching or listening to what you need.

He granted solomon the things that he needed and the things that he didn't even know he was going to want or need.

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