Monday, June 8, 2009


These last couple of months have taught me so much; when it comes to God.
I have learned how important God's timing is, and how important it is to never stop talking to him. I also have learned, about the strength of prayer...and how much stronger it is when we are all united & together praying.

I want to write down some people's names on my blog, so that maybe you can help too. Help us reach God together and pray for some adoptive parents.

'Andrew' (you just received your boy from Kazak..I pray for a safe return, and a brand new beginning for your family..God Bless).

'Angie' (I pray that your daugher gets ready to come home, and that you will be hopping on a plane real soon to meet her, finally!)

'Anna' (You have been of great help to me, and I thank you for that. I thank God for introducing us, I pray you receive your child whoever he/she may be).

'Lynn' (I feel like I may have met a forever friend, and I pray you reach your children as safely as possible and that God leads you the whole way through, so that your journey may be peaceful as well as more disapointments here!)

'Adrienne' (I pray that you will be Blessed with as many children as God desires for you & your family!).

'Dennis' (I have fallen in love with you & your family; and I wanna pray for them & pray for you..forever).

'Our children' (God please let us do your will to Glorify you Lord; please protect these motherless babies, and guide us so that we can complete your plan).

In Jesus' Precious Name...AMEN.

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