Sunday, March 31, 2013


Earthquake of Faith: The maturity of the worship service and the voices of Angels, were never as loud as our first night in Haiti. Truly, our hearts had no idea as to what the Lord had planned for us that week-A Holy week. We immediately were humbled, by the demeanor of the Haitian people and the strength of their spirit. We felt so blessed to be called 'brother and sister" by them, on a constant basis. The love and respect that was given to us could be a ministry in itself. The tears that we shared with them, also made us realize, how faithful Jesus is to all of the nations. The people of Haiti live out the gospel, in a way that stretches and exercises their faith daily. Not just in times of trouble, but even in times of peace and cheerfulness. Working alongside other members of Rio Vista, was also a privilege and learning experience for us. Jesus says: in John 15:5 "I am the vine; you are the branches. The one who remains in Me and I in him produces much fruit, but apart from me you can do nothing". Those words depict our group while we were working together as a team. At first, nothing seemed possible because the desperation seemed too overwhelming. As we commenced praying, we began to work and accomplished something together. Praise God! We refuse to leave these lessons behind, in Haiti. We refuse to stay quiet about Haiti, there is just too great of a story to tell-it’s God's story. We got to mourn the death of Christ with His children; the children He loves and cares for greatly. Returning home in time, for the worship of His resurrection was also something we had never experienced in this way-but it seemed to be the only way. To hold on so desperately to the Hope of His return, for all of us to be together one day-worshipping Him together. No more pain, no more tears, no more divisions of geographical place or time. How we pray for that day. Until then; there is still so much work to be done. More teams need to be formed and sent off to tell the nations of what our Savior has done. The bond that was formed with the people of Haiti is divine. We are so happy that Rio Vista has decided to partner with Mission of Hope, for that we are truly blessed as a church. God definitely invites us to such opportunities; and we truly do not want to miss out on anymore of them. Freddy already misses the soda in Haiti and is planning a second trip, with our eldest son this summer! God Bless, Freddy & Jeannie We are back from Haiti and I thank God for the sacrifice of His son-He died, then rose again leaving us with the promise of eternity. Amen. I am also officially 30 years old! So we're moving a long for real in the adoption process now. After Haiti; let me tell you, if I could take a child or two back with us...I would! Please do not let what others say about Haiti stop you from ever visiting! We were so amazed by the people and their faith-it was so moving. Adoption is for everyone to consider in any way possible-even by sponsorship. God demands our attention to the orphans and their distress. Putting children down and leaving them to cry in a crib was gut wrenching...I hated myself at that moment and I felt helpless. How many? Where do we begin? Of course we can't do it all...but we can do some...all of us can do some of the work. I did learn that in Haiti with our team...together we an do much. I also learned to pray always, and about everything. So here is to a wiser, older me in 2013.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Friends On Board!

Our friends are officially on board with a Chinese adoption! Hooray-praise God! I want to explain a situation though (if I haven't already). We met our friends through Hope and Noah's school. They fell in love with Hope and inquired about her and our adoption. They instantly wanted to adopt a little girl like Hope as we pointed them to Russia. They did some research and found an agency that they felt comfortable with...but the company ended up being a disapointment-so I told them to not give up and use the same agency we used. They did immediatly and were on their way to Russia! As you know, shortly after Russia closed all international adoptions;( My friends and I were devastated...and I felt horrible! I felt as if it was my fault! They kept being optimistic and telling me they knew God was using me to push them to adopt..but now what? Look at what happen? I was no where near contemplating a Chinese adoption at the time-in fact I was quite intent with one little girl. For soem reason God pick up my heart again and pointed me to adoption once more...I told them hoping they'd maybe think about still trying. They were too sad. Plus we are on a journey to a little girl with possible 'special needs' they could not deal with that idea. So we prayed for them..I had my whole neighborhood praying for them. I heard a voice tell me that our adoption was going to be miraculous-we were going with friends! Friends? What friends? I asked my neighbors since they were inquiring about China as well...but they felt led to fostercare (initially I was as well). My friends were back in contact with us again and they said they have been praying and they said God was pointing them to China! They wanted to go to Russia for an Asian little girl to begin with..but God seemed to be stretching their faith to something unpredictable-the China special needs program! So now they are officially on board! I know these are the friends God was telling me about...and I joke that they will probably be done with the paperwork before us! BUT but but....Freddy and I wanted to fundraise extra for this adoption...but I have it on my heart to help them fundraise too. They don't know and I won't tell them because they'd never accept...but I just know we will be blessed and I want to help this wonderful couple. They have no children at home-they are both teachers and He is also a pastor...they are the kindest, most humble people you will ever meet. Please pray for them and please help us raise funds for our Chinese daughters-anything helps. Thank You & God Bless!

Monday, March 11, 2013

I've Loved You for a Thousand Years

My new favorite song...I am not a Twilight fan...but I hear this song is a representation of Twilight. Allow me to represent what this song means to me for a minute:

 When I first heard this song (just recently), it immediately reminded me of our SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST...and His love for us. It motivates me to relay more of this kind of love in my own life, on to my children and my husband and on to the human race. God keeps reminding me about patience (as I have none), but God is so patient with why can't I manifest this if He lives in me?

He's shown me through my own children:

I am changing our homeschooling curriculum and we are now on board with 'Classical Conversations' thanks to some amazing friends and neighbors. Who have demonstrated to us the love of teaching and learning with your children! I so overlooked this before and even dreaded at times working with my children when it came to education. Instead of shortcomings I have seen blessings through the eyes of Christ! My child isn't so A.D.D.! My child is blessed! He's chosen by GOD! Why would I not work with his gifts instead of against his gifts? So one step at a day at a the world moves quickly-we will be steady. As long as Christ is the center of it all we will be fine and most definitely we will be happy! I want my children to continue their innocence, their world of learning. I want God to forgive me for not seeing it before...and just restore my children, don't let my shortcoming hinder their gifts.

Just give me the eyes to see see it all-your grand picture for our lives...another child joining our family and easing in our family...our children living in in harmony and delight in the works you bless us with. For your glory alone.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Haiti calls out...

I gues we are going to Haiti after all! God is so mysterious and wonderful...I have said it before and I will say it again..stop trying to control your destiny folks because you will miss out on so much!

Today a man from church walked up to us in tears and asked us if we are going to Haiti or not because he's going again his third consecutive month...and with just his testimony and message I knew it was GOD tugging us again...Lord we're a mess for you!

Praise God for His mercy...and Justice to His people.

Now we have to go back to the Doctor's office for our China paper work and to get the Malaria pills:)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Homestudy & Family Pics..

Our home study is to be scheduled this month yeah & ney...let's just get this over with...Freddy and I have to freshen up around the the pool fence that is slowly caving in...I need to revamp our photo wall along the stairs, and I need to actually contemplate bunk beds! Also, possibly separating Hope and Noah..Hope likes to sleep in the boys' room because she doesn't like to be alone in her room (who does)...but her room needs a she has some of her art work on the wall (literally).

We need a yard sale ASAP also...I'm tired of the clutter.

China requires 3-passports photos each of Freddy and I.

3- 4X5 photos of just Freddy and I...uhmm we need to take these cause we have none without children

8- 4x5 photos of us with our children/family...and my hair must be all the same color in all the photos..I've decided to stop coloring my hair anyway and let the greys and all come here goes!

I've also gained weight..and so has Freddy...China also has weight restrictions.

I still have not received our local police clearances and we have to pick up our doctor's exams Monday...groan.

We are not going to Haiti this month..but we will God willing be starting a community prayer group in our home and we're taking the required classes.

The boys start piano lessons today;)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Still to Do

Hague Documents:

1. Original State marriage certificate is in-now I need to send back to Nevada, for State certification.

2. Employement verification is complete and ready for FL state certification.

3. My unemployment statement is complete.

4. Our financial statement is complete.

5. Our children's physical reports for the homestudy are done.

6. Our biographies for the homestudy are completed and sent off.

7. Our doctor's appointments are today at 2pm-Hope our BMI's don't topple the scale and just wait till he hears about our plans...I look forward to his expression.

8. We did the local backround clearance but they had to mail it back because of the notary not being there (go figure)-but we met someone in line who had tetrology fallot of the heart and I wondered about the possibilites of Faith having that as a need.

9. I still need to photocopy our passports properly

10. We still don't have a homestudy appointment date...most complex process thus far

11. The adoption petition done..that was complicating-because we had to list all the special needs we were open to..and we changed our age range at the last minute to 12 months-48 months-I felt like I already knew our daughter when I was writing about her.

12. We have to also still take pictures of ourselves and our family...not even thinking about it yet...just keep my hair color the same for the next few months

13. I need to turn 30 this month in order to have our dossier registered in China

At times I am afraid of even thinking about the certification process and then the China Consulate approval....I pray God walks me through this because this feels unimaginable to me today.

I also keep trying to find a good time/way to tell Freddy's mother about our adoption plans-but it seems too scary right now...maybe once the dossier is in China?

PSSSSSST: As I look back now...I see that you were born on this day, and I still do not know this yet as I'm writing this...but as I am stressing over are making your way into mommy and daddy's life. You just turned 2 years old today!

Monday, March 4, 2013

God's voice in a Dream

I had a powerful dream about my grandfather who is very ill right now with cancer. I decided to get on a flight to Canada and see him and tell him about my dream. He is very ill, and he was very weepy-as we spoke in depth about my dream and my prayers he began to weep as he said that is what he has been saying to God for the past few days. He has not made peace with his children from a former marriage and I advised him that it was time to do so. It was very powerful, and God gave me the right words as I had to tell him in Italian...God can cross these barriers...we are back home now and we continue to pray for him and ask that you so as well his name is Geraldo. Please pray that he forgives his children and that his children forgive him and see him before it is too late.

On a lighter note: I have friends who embarked on a Russian adoption and they were led to the wrong agency. I tried telling them that our agency was very good and that they should use our agency Lighthouse-they quickly switched over despite losing money. Then Russia closed their doors...and I was numbed by horror for them. We waited, we prayed..and it seems Russia's doors may remain closed. So I had a dream...and I heard a voice...the voice was very encouraging of our Chinese adoption...and there was going to be something wonderful about it as 'friends were going to join us'.....friends? I quickly told my neighbors as we are all quite close and their were contemplating adoption. It seemed that adoption was in the another neighbor was also contemplating adoption...but they decided domestic was going to be best for them-as special needs is quite scary as well as the travels and the costs. So I thought some more...I wrote a letter to our dear friends who were in pain and sorrow over Russia. I wrote them about my dream...and I wrote to never give up...adoption is God's heart and His plan....when a door shuts 5 more they wanted an Asian girl anyway...I asked what about China guys? What about if you are the friends that will be joining us on our adoption journey? They thought about it, and again we all prayed...and just a few days ago they said they signed an application with CCAI and will be embarking on China! WOW....I can't say enough about this couple...He is a pastor and she is a teacher and pastor's daughter...they have the faith..but I can see God working even further in them. Please pray for this couple couple and their future little girl.

I thank you Lord that you are great and powerful but that you still love us enough to speak to us. God we look forward to our journey and the blessings you have in store for our children.

JAMES 1:27
Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.