Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Friends On Board!

Our friends are officially on board with a Chinese adoption! Hooray-praise God! I want to explain a situation though (if I haven't already). We met our friends through Hope and Noah's school. They fell in love with Hope and inquired about her and our adoption. They instantly wanted to adopt a little girl like Hope as we pointed them to Russia. They did some research and found an agency that they felt comfortable with...but the company ended up being a disapointment-so I told them to not give up and use the same agency we used. They did immediatly and were on their way to Russia! As you know, shortly after Russia closed all international adoptions;( My friends and I were devastated...and I felt horrible! I felt as if it was my fault! They kept being optimistic and telling me they knew God was using me to push them to adopt..but now what? Look at what happen? I was no where near contemplating a Chinese adoption at the time-in fact I was quite intent with one little girl. For soem reason God pick up my heart again and pointed me to adoption once more...I told them hoping they'd maybe think about still trying. They were too sad. Plus we are on a journey to a little girl with possible 'special needs' they could not deal with that idea. So we prayed for them..I had my whole neighborhood praying for them. I heard a voice tell me that our adoption was going to be miraculous-we were going with friends! Friends? What friends? I asked my neighbors since they were inquiring about China as well...but they felt led to fostercare (initially I was as well). My friends were back in contact with us again and they said they have been praying and they said God was pointing them to China! They wanted to go to Russia for an Asian little girl to begin with..but God seemed to be stretching their faith to something unpredictable-the China special needs program! So now they are officially on board! I know these are the friends God was telling me about...and I joke that they will probably be done with the paperwork before us! BUT but but....Freddy and I wanted to fundraise extra for this adoption...but I have it on my heart to help them fundraise too. They don't know and I won't tell them because they'd never accept...but I just know we will be blessed and I want to help this wonderful couple. They have no children at home-they are both teachers and He is also a pastor...they are the kindest, most humble people you will ever meet. Please pray for them and please help us raise funds for our Chinese daughters-anything helps. Thank You & God Bless!

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