Monday, March 11, 2013

I've Loved You for a Thousand Years

My new favorite song...I am not a Twilight fan...but I hear this song is a representation of Twilight. Allow me to represent what this song means to me for a minute:

 When I first heard this song (just recently), it immediately reminded me of our SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST...and His love for us. It motivates me to relay more of this kind of love in my own life, on to my children and my husband and on to the human race. God keeps reminding me about patience (as I have none), but God is so patient with why can't I manifest this if He lives in me?

He's shown me through my own children:

I am changing our homeschooling curriculum and we are now on board with 'Classical Conversations' thanks to some amazing friends and neighbors. Who have demonstrated to us the love of teaching and learning with your children! I so overlooked this before and even dreaded at times working with my children when it came to education. Instead of shortcomings I have seen blessings through the eyes of Christ! My child isn't so A.D.D.! My child is blessed! He's chosen by GOD! Why would I not work with his gifts instead of against his gifts? So one step at a day at a the world moves quickly-we will be steady. As long as Christ is the center of it all we will be fine and most definitely we will be happy! I want my children to continue their innocence, their world of learning. I want God to forgive me for not seeing it before...and just restore my children, don't let my shortcoming hinder their gifts.

Just give me the eyes to see see it all-your grand picture for our lives...another child joining our family and easing in our family...our children living in in harmony and delight in the works you bless us with. For your glory alone.


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