Sunday, March 31, 2013


Earthquake of Faith: The maturity of the worship service and the voices of Angels, were never as loud as our first night in Haiti. Truly, our hearts had no idea as to what the Lord had planned for us that week-A Holy week. We immediately were humbled, by the demeanor of the Haitian people and the strength of their spirit. We felt so blessed to be called 'brother and sister" by them, on a constant basis. The love and respect that was given to us could be a ministry in itself. The tears that we shared with them, also made us realize, how faithful Jesus is to all of the nations. The people of Haiti live out the gospel, in a way that stretches and exercises their faith daily. Not just in times of trouble, but even in times of peace and cheerfulness. Working alongside other members of Rio Vista, was also a privilege and learning experience for us. Jesus says: in John 15:5 "I am the vine; you are the branches. The one who remains in Me and I in him produces much fruit, but apart from me you can do nothing". Those words depict our group while we were working together as a team. At first, nothing seemed possible because the desperation seemed too overwhelming. As we commenced praying, we began to work and accomplished something together. Praise God! We refuse to leave these lessons behind, in Haiti. We refuse to stay quiet about Haiti, there is just too great of a story to tell-it’s God's story. We got to mourn the death of Christ with His children; the children He loves and cares for greatly. Returning home in time, for the worship of His resurrection was also something we had never experienced in this way-but it seemed to be the only way. To hold on so desperately to the Hope of His return, for all of us to be together one day-worshipping Him together. No more pain, no more tears, no more divisions of geographical place or time. How we pray for that day. Until then; there is still so much work to be done. More teams need to be formed and sent off to tell the nations of what our Savior has done. The bond that was formed with the people of Haiti is divine. We are so happy that Rio Vista has decided to partner with Mission of Hope, for that we are truly blessed as a church. God definitely invites us to such opportunities; and we truly do not want to miss out on anymore of them. Freddy already misses the soda in Haiti and is planning a second trip, with our eldest son this summer! God Bless, Freddy & Jeannie We are back from Haiti and I thank God for the sacrifice of His son-He died, then rose again leaving us with the promise of eternity. Amen. I am also officially 30 years old! So we're moving a long for real in the adoption process now. After Haiti; let me tell you, if I could take a child or two back with us...I would! Please do not let what others say about Haiti stop you from ever visiting! We were so amazed by the people and their faith-it was so moving. Adoption is for everyone to consider in any way possible-even by sponsorship. God demands our attention to the orphans and their distress. Putting children down and leaving them to cry in a crib was gut wrenching...I hated myself at that moment and I felt helpless. How many? Where do we begin? Of course we can't do it all...but we can do some...all of us can do some of the work. I did learn that in Haiti with our team...together we an do much. I also learned to pray always, and about everything. So here is to a wiser, older me in 2013.

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