Saturday, March 9, 2013

Homestudy & Family Pics..

Our home study is to be scheduled this month yeah & ney...let's just get this over with...Freddy and I have to freshen up around the the pool fence that is slowly caving in...I need to revamp our photo wall along the stairs, and I need to actually contemplate bunk beds! Also, possibly separating Hope and Noah..Hope likes to sleep in the boys' room because she doesn't like to be alone in her room (who does)...but her room needs a she has some of her art work on the wall (literally).

We need a yard sale ASAP also...I'm tired of the clutter.

China requires 3-passports photos each of Freddy and I.

3- 4X5 photos of just Freddy and I...uhmm we need to take these cause we have none without children

8- 4x5 photos of us with our children/family...and my hair must be all the same color in all the photos..I've decided to stop coloring my hair anyway and let the greys and all come here goes!

I've also gained weight..and so has Freddy...China also has weight restrictions.

I still have not received our local police clearances and we have to pick up our doctor's exams Monday...groan.

We are not going to Haiti this month..but we will God willing be starting a community prayer group in our home and we're taking the required classes.

The boys start piano lessons today;)

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