Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Still to Do

Hague Documents:

1. Original State marriage certificate is in-now I need to send back to Nevada, for State certification.

2. Employement verification is complete and ready for FL state certification.

3. My unemployment statement is complete.

4. Our financial statement is complete.

5. Our children's physical reports for the homestudy are done.

6. Our biographies for the homestudy are completed and sent off.

7. Our doctor's appointments are today at 2pm-Hope our BMI's don't topple the scale and just wait till he hears about our plans...I look forward to his expression.

8. We did the local backround clearance but they had to mail it back because of the notary not being there (go figure)-but we met someone in line who had tetrology fallot of the heart and I wondered about the possibilites of Faith having that as a need.

9. I still need to photocopy our passports properly

10. We still don't have a homestudy appointment date...most complex process thus far

11. The adoption petition done..that was complicating-because we had to list all the special needs we were open to..and we changed our age range at the last minute to 12 months-48 months-I felt like I already knew our daughter when I was writing about her.

12. We have to also still take pictures of ourselves and our family...not even thinking about it yet...just keep my hair color the same for the next few months

13. I need to turn 30 this month in order to have our dossier registered in China

At times I am afraid of even thinking about the certification process and then the China Consulate approval....I pray God walks me through this because this feels unimaginable to me today.

I also keep trying to find a good time/way to tell Freddy's mother about our adoption plans-but it seems too scary right now...maybe once the dossier is in China?

PSSSSSST: As I look back now...I see that you were born on this day, and I still do not know this yet as I'm writing this...but as I am stressing over are making your way into mommy and daddy's life. You just turned 2 years old today!

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