Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I asked if she wanted to be in a dress so that I can take pictures in the park...she smiled but then said "I don't want to get dirty?"

That's our girl...

and I cannot believe that she is now 4! We just sent out last post placement report and said goodbye to our social worker June-who we adored! We cannot work with June for China..but we did ask her tons of questions concerning China adoptions today, and as usual she was so informative. June says we are very fortunate to have Hope so healthy and happy-I agree, we are quite blessed-its the only reason that we are attempting this process again. To whom much is given much is required is what Luke 12:48 says-and isn't that the truth! After our mission trip to Nicaragua its exactly how I felt.

CCAI has not appointed a social worker to us just yet for the homestudy. We are slowwwwly compiling the dossier...yuck! We have parent training classes that we have to do as well..that I barely started. Every day, I go back and forth in my head about an older a younger child...but I think I'll just give it to God to decide. Also, I have found amazing blogs that I am slightly addicted to. There are some amazing people out there, that truly love the Lord and truly, care for orphans-so in essence I have found some undercover heroes.

 I hope I can put pics on tonight, because Blogger keeps changing and its starting to get complicating to post pics on here-hence my lack of. I am not a phone-photo-taking-person. To me a cell is a cell and a camera is a camera...and Blogger is limiting where I can retrieve photos from grrr. Let me know if you know how to resolve this.

Friday, January 18, 2013

It is getting..COMPLICATING!

This post may or may not make sense because of the amount of emotions I have behind it.

I didn't post about the orientation because I didn't have much to say or to think about. I actually felt very discouraged, when they told Freddy and I that would have to get our original birth certificates from our birth countries of Canada and Cuba! Ughhhh...Cuba cooperate? I am from Quebec, Canada....things will have to be translated....well I prayed instead of getting too upset. Sure enough the Lord responded! Faith Jeannie...have faith! After writing some emails and inquiries, I got a response back, saying that it was no longer necessary for us to have to request original birth certificates from our birth country! what a relief! China is still more complicating than Russia as far as paper work goes..the dossier papers must be within 6 months and we need to fill an I 800 Hague convention application for USCIS. China is a hague country. It will take a minimum of 6 months to be LID (to have a log in date/be registered in China as waiting parents) officially. Sighhhh, but I'm in no rush really. I have enough to keep us busy.

 Hope asked me, if she can have 2 mei mei's....and I asked her why 2?
She said so that she can have 2 more Wii controllers...its good that she's thinking ahead! HA! She cracks us up, I can't even put the stuff she comes up with into words.

She's very smart and she is very healthy! Sometimes I think about that and I think about this waiting child in China, will she be as healthy and strong? God knows....and He alone will tell us when we get there. So shhhhh for now.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year=2013

2013 here we come!

We are reading the entire Bible in one year.

We are sticking with homeschooling.

We are trying organic produce for the added vitamins.

We have our last post placement coming up with June which seals Russia-yippeeeeee.

Hope turns 4 years old this month!

Noah turns 6 years old this month!

We start our homestudy officially this month for China-I sent off the papers today!

We have an orientation to attend before we send off the Dossier-where we will hopefully meet CCAI's CEO/founders, Josh & Lily!

We have parent training...and medical exams and Freddy and I need diets because we've put on some pounds with all of our traveling and eating out!

 I have begun a new hobby-sewing;)

We continue to pray for all of the nations.