Friday, January 18, 2013

It is getting..COMPLICATING!

This post may or may not make sense because of the amount of emotions I have behind it.

I didn't post about the orientation because I didn't have much to say or to think about. I actually felt very discouraged, when they told Freddy and I that would have to get our original birth certificates from our birth countries of Canada and Cuba! Ughhhh...Cuba cooperate? I am from Quebec, Canada....things will have to be translated....well I prayed instead of getting too upset. Sure enough the Lord responded! Faith Jeannie...have faith! After writing some emails and inquiries, I got a response back, saying that it was no longer necessary for us to have to request original birth certificates from our birth country! what a relief! China is still more complicating than Russia as far as paper work goes..the dossier papers must be within 6 months and we need to fill an I 800 Hague convention application for USCIS. China is a hague country. It will take a minimum of 6 months to be LID (to have a log in date/be registered in China as waiting parents) officially. Sighhhh, but I'm in no rush really. I have enough to keep us busy.

 Hope asked me, if she can have 2 mei mei's....and I asked her why 2?
She said so that she can have 2 more Wii controllers...its good that she's thinking ahead! HA! She cracks us up, I can't even put the stuff she comes up with into words.

She's very smart and she is very healthy! Sometimes I think about that and I think about this waiting child in China, will she be as healthy and strong? God knows....and He alone will tell us when we get there. So shhhhh for now.

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