Friday, December 28, 2012


There has been a million things crossing my mind today...yes we all heard the rumor-but now with this supposed 'quick action' being taken-I couldn't help but feel panic! We have a couple of friends in the Russian adoption process, and this just freezes my blood! This just proves of the condition of our world...a broken world...that is falling more and more by the minute...and its the children who will suffer!!!

Russia claims they are doing this because of the 17 deaths by the hands of their adoptive American aprents-but Putin also mentioned he was doing this because of a recent U.S. legislation....the real reason I guess...but how dare he lash out at the fatherless! Seven hundred thousand orphans in Russia alone! Even though Russians are being encouraged to adopt, many will not and cannot because of poverty and tough living in Russia.

My heart goes out to the adoptive heart goes out mostly to all of the children-may God be there for comfort.

Please pray for my friends Adrianna and Jorge and their daughter to be.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dossier commencment

 Merry Christmas everyone! Can you believe it was here and now it has left us? Unbelievable! I asked my kids this same question but they said that 'Christmas took forever this year'...So I guess its us? Our Christmas was quite wonderful...with so many opportunities for giving and sharing with others.

 I looked over at my paper pile and decided that it was time to drag myself to begin the dossier papers...I started printing and copying..and digging up papers..I loath this part of the process-ick! But something inside me just says do it!! Freddy considers it giving blood-but it was the signing of papers-again. All the presents that Hopee didn't care for-She would say this is for my 'mei mei' because she is really into Barbies this year as well as boots. So when she got a pair of sneakers-she said that's for 'mei mei'. When she received stuffed animals, she said that was for 'mei mei' and when we go shopping she says we need to get another dress for her 'mei mei'...I don't buy anything for 'mei mei' just yet though-but I am very impressed with Hope's sentiment, because we really do not talk much about 'mei mei' because it still doesn't feel real for us just yet. Hope asked me when it is 'mei mei' will be here already? I told her that I didn't know but that we should pray.

On another adoption note-did you hear about Russia closing their program? This is sooooooo upsetting! As we have friends that are in the process and we have friends who were thinking about starting the process in Russa.

Sighhhhhh...its always the children who pay!

We have a couple of neighbors on our street who are contemplating adoption, and it makes me so happy to be part of such a street. Pray for Russia and their orphans....and pray for the parents who are trying to adopt.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Going back Home...

Well we've been busy and quiet on our blog-but pictures are to come..I didn't take many though, as we were always on the go and it was quite chilly in Newark, colder in Portland Oregon and coldest in Seattle! Brrrrr....

Freddy had work in Portland, but his best friend lives in Seattle so we took the opportunity and went to visit him and his lovely wife. The kids had a blast and we visited the space needle as well as Santa who was in the space needle-neat! The kids were not really dressed for the occasion-but I figure hey whatever! Hope had a whole conversation with Santa, she told him she wanted an 'IPAD'...ya, you saw IPAD at 3 years old! Well that isn't going to happen for her or her who knows how long Santa will be on her love motto is-the sooner they know, the better. Because we are all for Christmas being solely the celebration of Christ...and it seems almost impossible to not have that corrupted in this society-call me Scrooge or what you will...but we must be consistent with the kids..its no wonder there is confusion...just count the commercials these days on t.v. Anyway-Bahhumbug!

In Portland, we went to a zoo...and saw like 1 animal! Hehe but there was nice lights and we visited a Holocaust memorial sight that was very special, and we wanted the kids to try and understand how such things had happened and how tragic they were for many, many reasons. And they tried to understand, and they tried to read and ask questions...Hopee pointed to the old tattered toys that were on display..that impacted them the most I think, to relate that children were present during such times.

Well now on to the most important post here today, I wanted to post yesterday as it was fresh on my mind...but for whatever reason I write it today. We had stopped for coffee, and an older gentleman was close by and we began to talk. A discussion about our children (as most people stop and comment on such a crew), and then a discussion about adoption as his daughter had adopted 2 children, and then a discussion on faith. He pulled out his necklace that a friend had made for him that was quite beautiful, and then he stopped and shared that he has cancer. It took a moment to gather ourselves and find what to say next, but he proceeded  to explain that he had metastatic bone cancer ( and that his meds were not working, and that he was about to see his doctor to find out more news in which he felt was going to be difficult. Again, where to find the my heart I knew I needed to let my heart respond, but to also respond with strength and encouragement, because as a man of God he has nothing to fear! That is easier said than done of course. Every human has experienced fear at one time or another...and even those who walk in the faith...sometimes it can be even more of a struggle-because we know we are not to fear, but we know we feel fear in the flesh. This man's name is Doug Oliphant, and he needs our prayers today, and he needs your prayers today...and you know, I am going to add-that prior to bumping into Doug, I was whining to my husband about walking into  a hospital lobby (where we needed to enter in order to board onto the aerial tram) and being an ex. nursing student/germophobe, I was complaining about the chances of germs and viruses. Who would have thought we'd bump into Doug-a patient having coffee with us...God made this connection most definitely; and I don't know why He chose us...but He did-for Doug. So if you've stopped on my page today, its because God has tapped you on the shoulder to pray along with me, for Doug and his family. Doug is very brave and very strong at heart he went on to tell us about his passion, which is promoting the donating of organs on your driver's license. You may think, oh ok...but the reason Doug is passionate about this, is because he lost his son not too long ago to heart failure even though his son was very athletic-and his son was a donor...and so Doug was proud to report that because of his son, two blind women with children could see now because of his well as a few others who needed organs for their health. Again, a loss of words...a loss of air...especially when you see a sincere joy in this man's eye for those who received his son's organs. It makes you think of the Father...and His son who died for us....who were blind, but who can now see because of His sacrifice. I bet you God has this same look of joy when He sees His son's fruit at work.....I can't even write this without tears. Because of what we saw in him and what we heard with him....Doug you are blessed! He cited a passage from the Bible that he wasn't sure where he had read it from, but he said in this passage, God revealed how we are apart of God's work always when we work in Him...even if we don't get to see the results sometimes, we will always be apart of it. That really touched me, because I was clear with what he was saying...and I do believe it to the fullest. My grandfather is also suffering from cancer right now, he is actually in the hospital as we speak and my greatest worry for him, is that he does not have the comfort and confirmation that Doug grandfather is in a lot of physical please help me pray for him too, his name is Geraldo....just say 'Jeannie's grandfather Geraldo'...God will know who he is. Thank You.

We return to Florida today God willing, so it will be a long flight and a long day, but I hope you join me in prayer for these 2 people.

I leave you with this passage:
LUKE 15:4-5 &7 & 10
What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, does not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it?
And when he has found it, he layeth it on his shoulders, rejoicing.
And when he cometh home he calls together his friends and neighbors saying unto them rejoice with me; for I have found my sheep which was lost.

*I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner who repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance.

*Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.

I think its important for Christians to know that were supposed to be here in the world, we're supposed to be amongst those that don't yet believe...God created them and loves them too. Too often we the Christian hide God's glory...just let God do His thing...through you.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

NY Here we come..

Well we just are finishing a second quarter of homeschool wooooo....glad to get that ou of the way and take a break! Freddy had left to Colorado for seven days...and that was not so easy for us five. So now that he is leaving to NY we're tagging along to take a breather. No news on the adoption front except that we have been accepted as applicants and will be starting the homestudy in January God willing. We also complete our last Russia post placement report for Hope in January. Freddy brought down Hopee's snowsuit that she left Russia in and we both just gazed at it....maybe Mei Mei will be wearing it too, maybe not. We haven't told Freddy's mother yet, I think we're too chicken or we're just sparing ourselves the looks and know its not as if we haven't thought of things ourselves in the negative pool. All the what if's will always be I'll leave it at that I guess;)


Friday, November 16, 2012

The Call to a Mama and Baba

Is it me, or do most of us start praying or feeling it around November? Does God do that on purpose?

He calls them first with a whisper,
He calls them next with a tone.
When the wind begins its dance, not many leaves get blown.
Then I heard it in my head, then I heard it in my dream.
I heard you cry Mama and Baba,
and I even heard you scream.
I began to cry because I felt your pain,
and ashamed I felt also.
 I didn't know how to begin His plan.
So I prayed to Him who always answers back.
Who is she Father?
Where is she now, and where do we fly to quickly?
Daughter, she is little and alone and she suffers greatly.
I want this child Lord I need her now with me,
Then go ahead and tell him now, that you must go because of Me.

A few papers finally Sent!

Yesterday, my husband and I had planned to get our boys' passports renewed, but what a process that is! Freddy will be in Denver for work, so he had to give me a notarized consent. We got our adoption paperwork notarized also! Yipee, finally! Talk about delaying things! It's getting mailed out today-so today marks the official day that something is getting documented-sheeeeesh!

 On the paper work note, Hope told the lady (notary), that she was getting a 'mei mei' and the lady looked puzzled and we explained it meant 'little sister' in Chinese. I think she thought we were strange;) HA! Hope doesn't miss a beat really, she knows how to say things at certain moments that cracks us up! She does have this really annoying habit now, of sucking her thumb but because we're on her about it, she decided to just suck her bottom lip instead. Her bottom lip always has this red irritated line on it these days and it drives me crazy, because she picked  this up in California.

And the application and home study papers are finally in the mail! Phew. In the state of Florida you need five references aghhh. That wasn't the hard part, the hard part was who would be a good reference for us? We're very tight knit with the family, but what if we couldn't include the fam? So I had neighbors and friends write one just in case. It's always nice to read what some had to say about our family, sometimes we don't stop and encourage each other this was very encouraging to us. Uhmmm, what else? I am addicted to blogs again...especially LadyBug ones...and of course I am looking at special/needs China adoptions...which are numerous/diverse enough...I don't think that makes sense? Anyway, did  mention how important it is to consider adopting a boy? If a boy is in an orphanage in China it is because he has special needs-9/10 times. But this label of 'special need' is foolish and can trick you into being scared-it did us....special needs in China can be a heart murmur, a cleft lip/palate, spina bifida, a missing finger/arm, clubbed get it I am sure. If a boy is born with a deformity his parents cannot afford to correct it and/or he will be a shame to the community and/or considered unemployable, so the boy is given up. Orphans in China are out on the street at 14 years of age, and there are many orphans who are aging out fast. Sponsoring a child to receive foster care can be such a blessing, think about it this Christmas and please pray for these children.

The Bible mentions caring for orphans a minimum of 350 times. I don't know why I remember that but I hit me once like a sling shot. Wow, God really cares about the poor and fatherless. He's always including them in His words and instruction to us. If we can be sure of anything its that there are many orphans out there...that even means foster care work here at home...we can't be sure about the politics, stock market, job market...but we can be sure that there will always be orphans in need and it easy to ignore them because we think I can't make a difference? Really? Even today, America is still among the richest of nations. We are all rich compared to the way others live around the world...our freedom in itself is a luxury. I can look around my house and see all the garbage I don't need and can sell to help an orphan at least get a meal/education/foster care/water etc. Please extend yourself to another in some way this Christmas-even the homeless...Christmas means nothing if its just about ourselves and more it only me or is that even getting old these days? Do we really need more stuff? If we just really prayed this Christmas, it would make a difference to our world.

To really celebrate the birth of Jesus is to think of Him as not just a baby, but a God man that came to rescue us because we were all going to fail otherwise. He came to warn us and help us understand His plans-to do His work before we leave this life...if things were to get really bad, there is nothing else I'd rather do than what I am doing right now...His work. To be a part of beyond degree/career or status, can compare.

Ha! I think I got into this, because my husband made a funny comment yesterday. He said that after this adoption, he will definitely lose all of his friends. I am not sure if he meant that because of the five kids or because of another adoption...maybe he is right, maybe we we will lose more friends, maybe we will gain new may not just be friends we lose...even family have their strong opinions/views. I told him that I'll take the risks.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Still no Progress..

Well its been quiet on the blog blog...but there has been much activity behind the scenes. First and foremost WE LOVE HOMESCHOOLING!! Yippeeee...and we're getting better too!

We have been sponsoring a little girl in China that we have fallen in love for and we began looking into the agency that handles her region. But...even though she was in our hearts-she's being adopted! Which is wonderful for her and we get to be apart of it by helping her get foster care...and I have concluded, that God may be using her to prepare our hearts for the daughter who will be ours....soooo that was a little bit of agency drama.

We are officially going with CCAI-Chinese Children Adoptions International.

We have not sent out the papers yet because something always pops up that prevents us from getting these papers sent out! Grrrr....its frustrating...I am starting to recall this race...and China is getting more complicating too because we will have to translate the post placements!!!! Ughhh.

This may sound so redundant but we've never been more sure about adopting from China! We both are on board equally which is great! So it doesn't matter how long this takes God's preparing all of us well.

I am selling my wedding dress and my sister has donated hers to me for this adoption as well as two other friends and I think that's pretty beautiful! I may post a pic of the wedding dresses on display for our cause;)

I will post when we finally send out these papers! I guarantee this adoption will be fun;( with lots of challenges and stress...

Please keep the Chinese children in your prayers boys & girls that are without parents.


Friday, November 9, 2012


Guys, they say it take a community to raise a child...and we can't do this without your support, and your prayers are priority! Please find a tee that you like and purchase one for our Mei Mei Faith;)

Love ya,


Adoption Tees

Hi Guys!

These are our up and coming adoption Tees that will help us complete this adoption. The link is not up and ready yet, but I wanted to give you a peak at the different styles we've chosen. Most of our shirts are "SHOW HOPE" shirts because we are very passionate about orphans around the world and are very thankful for 'Steven Curtis Chapman's example and aid to other families who want to embark on the magic of adoption. For every shirt that is purchased of the 'SHOW HOPE' line, $1 goes to other orphans and the rest goes to us and our sponsors (AdoptionBug) who have been so kind and helpful.

I am selling the brown and white Chinse 'Faith, Hope & Love in a Tee not a hoodie.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


So even though we are beginning the adoption process, I should mention that there is a little, teeny catch-I'm not 30 years old yet! China is known as a very predictable, steady, country but it does have some strict boundaries and restrictions such as age, health history and BMI (body mass). I have always considered China as a wonderful ministry for adoption but I was not qualified to adopt from there because you have to be atleast 30 + and I think not older than 55 when the child comes home. As well as income specifics...a net of $10 000 per child. Most agencies do accept 29 1/2 year old clients as it is recommended to start the immigration and homestudy process. Knowing my husband, we will need the 5-6 months dossier compilation time anyway...but waiting this time is fun when you already are busy with a bunch of kiddies any how! Time will fly...The agency has social workers in Fl and a Fl branch, so this worked out. My dossier on the other hand, will not be able to be sent to China until I turn 30 in March 2013! will be a cool birthday God willing! Our travel count down will be from when I turn 30 and have an 'LID' (log in date).

More Chinese adoption terminology to come as we are just learning ourselves;)

There are some secrets that I want to share as well...since this is *my blog...

We'll call it the secrets Freddy didn't know...but God and I did know;)

*I knew we'd be open to a child with a special need one day.
*I knew when we left Russia we'd have to help another orphan(s) one day.
*I knew the burden in my heart for orphans may never go away...and we can't save them all, but God knows about the ones we can.
*I knew Hope would need a sister and raising girls is an honor for me.
*I knew that we'd go to China one day for a ministry (orphan related).
*I knew I'd turn 30 one day and even be thrilled about it;)
*I knew that our marriage and life would be different than most of our friends and family and knew we'd face criticism.
*I knew that my husband would be my soul mate and be on board with adoption.

*Mini story 1: The Never forgotten Twins
Our agency presented twins to us and it was very hard to say no! They were just beautiful! But at the time not meant for us and in fact meant for a wonderful family we got to know and are so proud of today! But I never forgot those twin girls because I felt something very deep inside me that I couldn't make sense of...but I think I know today. I have always wanted twin girls! Shhh Fred doesn't know-  he'd faint! But it's true! And when I saw those girls I knew there was something special and familiar about them. It may have just been my yearning for twins, it may have been that they were sisters that needed to be together, it may have been that one had a special need and I felt that need was very minor and felt I could deal with it...and it may even be the s/n we face with Mei Mei in China. Ta Da! God your Great!

*Mini Story 2:  My Cambodian Dreams
We watched a documentary of Cambodian children; specifically little girls, that just knocked me off of my feet that night! The horror of children growing up in such poverty, that they were being sold as slaves! I think I cried all night and mourned all day! Who could go on living without ever giving those children a thought? I knew we had to adopt. God blessed us with our boys but we were going to honor God by taking in His girls. It turns out though, that Cambodia is not an easy country to adopt from! It is a very unstable program;( Can you believe how much worse it gets for these children? There is terrible crime on children in every country, including our own which may be the biggest secret and corruption of all...since most of the third world countries evil business' can't run unless rich Americans/Canadians/Europeans fund them! This angered me more...and after deep searching I fell in love with the country of Kazakhstan. I'd stare at pictures for hours at night while searching the web (hmmm I wonder why). But at the time, Kazakhstan had changed a lot, you could no longer request a girl, because they were back logged because of China's back log for girls. It would be Moscow, Ru. that we'd adopt from and find our 'Cambodian girl' and now it will be China where we find our Mei Mei...I see a very clear connection between our past, present and future destinations. Most importantly, I see the Lord at work in our lives...and I think at times, we just have to open our eyes and ears to really hear and see to understand Him. During the first adoption there were so many signs that we this second time around we just feel things..and we both know what we have to do...but its not easier...God always has a higher standard than we do...and so sometimes its even harder, and even daunting...but I have a feeling that God wants it that way. To rely on Him more and less on ourselves... What is Faith without works? (James) It is also said that God must test us with little things before He can trust us with bigger things...and Mei are a much bigger thing for us and we are honored God.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Did I mention that I'm scared?

I hear the calls God-but I'm scared! I don't want to be the leader this time either! With Hope's adoption, I was pulling Freddy every which way...I don't have the energy for that. It's not easy with four kids-what's five going to be like? Balanced out on Hope's side? Out numbered parents? The house messier than it is now? I purposely whip out the negatives so that I can toughen up for the journey ahead.


 Please pray for us.







Jeremiah 29:11-13      I hear it in my head over and over again...


11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 12 Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Quotes that stole my heart today

For every call has a beginning...
A quiet moment when God whispers a promise to a mother's heart.
A holy place where a father bows and faithfully accepts the journey set before him.

 A miraculous morning that unexpectedly dawns...
Casting its first light on a chosen threshold.
A gentle knock...a closed door opens.
A sacred invitation sent by the Father...
Leads to the other side of the world.

Where lonely hearts stare out orphanage windows
praying for someone to care.

And then one morning..On an ordinary day
An orphan's life changes...
God sends them a second chance...

Through you!

The Call of Adoption

I just wanted to share these beautiful quotes on the call of adoption...and even the answer to helping orphans. Most adoptive parents can agree that even though we have one child no longer orphaned, in our hearts we know we are leaving many more behind;(

I went to Russia not knowing what to expect...maybe expecting a little girl that looked like me..and who really was my daughter born a far. As I walked into a poorly lit room I sat and shook with nerves and fear; of such a moment, that was finally here. It was too quickly that this child appeared before me, and I had forgotten how to breathe...She was so awkward, and I was so awkward. We both locked eyes and did not know what to do next. She was pale and chunky, barely fitting in her blue dress. Her wheezing in between her cries made me think-this can't be her? She doesn't look like me at all! It was when my husband took her from me, that I was able to really look at the daughter God gave me...through God's eyes I knew then that I was so blessed! His plan was better than my plan. His eyes saw clearer than my eyes...She had a beauty that was rare for Russia...her BM was a foreigner and too young to take on life in Moscow, let alone a little girl. Though I believe she had a hope for her baby and that is why she left her in the hospital that day...after prior days of contemplation of what to do for this special child.

When I left Russia with a daughter. I left with such pride and I have pride for Russia in my heart because of the opportunity they give to foreigners to adopt. Apart of my memories in Russia; when I look back, are the other parents at the embassy, who had adopted 2 and 3 and 4 and even 5 times or more, from Russia. I felt such awe for those people and their hearts and resources of course, for international adoption. We struggled to scrape for just little girl that I wanted so badly for my be mine and for me to be hers. We were overwhelmed by the Lord and the faith of flying across the world for such an unknown child. No picture, no name. God made us feel so special...and its a kind of special that doesn't go away! Every day, we are graced with His children...all with their own story of how they came to us...all through the same Father. God has a plan for all of them. Now, there is a familiar calling in the air this season...and after Nicaragua much of our lives have changed. We now know there is much to do...and so much need around us-world wide. The children are our future; and this country needs a special generation ahead...Jesus cares deeply for His orphans and He wants us to as well. And through Hope, I began thinking about her life as she gets older...her possible challenges or upsets. She's the only girl, she will ask us questions because people stop us all the time and are confused when they see her. I wonder sometimes, when I should stop talking in front of her about being adopted. It can even get South Florida its a diverse group, but not for Asians. So everyone assumes she  is from China, sometimes it's cute to hear and sometimes its not depending on my day...not all Asians are from China! But anyhow, there is no point in explaining because even when I say she's from Moscow, or her family is from Kyrgyzstan...I just say Kazakh, and even with that country I get a deer in the headlights look! Sighhhh...anyway, Hope is the only girl, she has her own room. She always wants to room in with the boys...and she is quite girly despite all the boys...but I believe every girl does need a sister in this world..and I was ever  so blessed in having one. In all the seasons of life, I needed my sister. She is the only one that has truly been a friend to me. There isn't a friendship that can compare-who can agree with you more than your sister;) Yes, we have the room in our house, yes we most definitely have the love...and my daughter Hope is such a loving and compassionate and helpful girl. The Lord blessed me with a daughter. She has even changed my husband in ways that I cannot explain! God's mercy on us is so great..and yes, at times it is through the babes that He is talking. So...why did I write all of this? I don't even was only supposed to be some quotes hehe...I guess I got carried away with my heart speaking again. Stepping out in faith for China is scary for us. I can't even explain shouldn't be but it is. I guess because Hope is so perfect how can another compare? But in my heart I know it can only be more mercy from the Lord as well as love and miracles...for the world to see....especially in our own family. We didn't have all harmony in the decision to adopt Hope. It was hard to defend a little girl who wasn't even here yet, but the odds seemed already against her. And so it starts with Mei Mei; you are not even here yet, but the odds have been against you. The enemy prefers for us not to walk in faith and leave these children oppressed. Let it all just is hard and it is what it is (I dislike this expression a lot). But, if we are just passing by like a mist in this life...and our children are just loaned to us by our Heavenly Father, then why wouldn't we take leaps? Why wouldn't we raise our hands for these children and care for them? So...I think I will leave you with these quotes that I have never read or seen before.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

China Town- San Francisco

Well there definitely is a Chinese community in San Francisco! How cool is that; to be looking into a China adoption and to be surrounded by a community! I see precious asian children everywhere....Hope sees them and is eager to want to play and copy what they do (face painting yesterday). Thinking of a special need is a little scary too at times when I stop to think about it. I have already contected our social worker about Hague and she referred me to an agency who specializes in China that she works with. Of course choosing an agency is a very big part of the process, I remember spending months for our Russian adoption. If you have any recommended agencies please send them to me I'd love to hear what you have to say or based on your experience. China is popular though, and quite steady and predictable. The 'special needs' according to China is not the same as Russia-in fact they are quite minor. It can be a heart murmur, cleft palate, missing toes/limbs etc. Some things are quite minor as well as their older children program. China has many boys available as well whom of which have special needs, and again its if you've ever considered, you might want to look in to China.

Fundraising coming to a blog near know every little bit helps!


Friday, October 5, 2012

God finally says China!

Well you probably think I am nuts by now and I was starting think so too...when again we couldn't make the dates for the MAPP classes, and when we thought no big deal we'll start in January...and maybe 'host an orphan for Christmas'...that led to more confusion and some prayers. Should we host for a Ukrainian orphan or host an older China all came down to me saying 'God...I don't know what you want me to do' I'm giving it to you!

Today is a very special day for us-because I got a phone call from my dear sister that she had something to tell me...and in my heart I knew it was going to be big! She told me 'its China Jeannie....its China that God is calling you for! Any other direction has been a distraction....

What? Really? I tried to stop thinking of China..and thought I had succeeded? When my husband and I listened to more of what she had to say, we knew she was right....its always been China!

So I am sorry for all my blabber and nutty posts.....even though fostercare is a wonderful thing to do and it should be done....Hope needs a sister...and she will be from China. Its probably the only way to give her a sister that will truly be her other half as I am with my sister.

There has been a name that has been crossing my mind for the past month...and yes we have her name for the world to know already....She will be our precious Faith,....coming to this family near you!

We do not have an agency yet....we have some in mind with where God has tugged us..but we'll wait for His confirmation on this too....the little girl will have a slight special we are in prayer about this also. I pray that you will join us on this blessed journey to our second daughter.

Hope even told our Sunday class that Mommy was going to 'go get' her a baby sister...who in fact will be her 'Mei mei'.....I'm still shaking with fear and excitement for us and this girl who God is calling us for.

A command for all is James 1:27

Purest religion is the taking care of orphans and widows in their discomfort and despair.

The Bible mentions orphans a minimum of 350 times!!!

We hear you Lord....we hear you.

Little red chinese threads coming to a blog near you...cause we're officially tangled!

We fly out tomorrow with the peace of mind that our daughter is waiting in China, and we will have 3 weeks to pray about an agency. God is going to lead us I know He is-In San Francisco....there is a China town and a Chinese Baptist church there, that I was already thinking about even before the *call! feels like really does to think about another angel being given to us from a far.

Please pray for us and our children-that this journey be nothing but a blessing to us and them. China requires 1 trip that we'd love to take the whole family on this time.

Also, we have neighbors who are true friends to us and they too need prayers and may have been bitten by an adoption bug for a little ukrainian girl or possibly with us in China....please pray for the parents being called to paper-chase-travel for their fatherless angels. We love you Yolanda & Gary! xox

Thursday, September 13, 2012

California Here We Come!

Some quick updates: We will be signing up for MAPP classes with 4Kids of South Florida. I was not able to take the Trees of Hope class because Freddy's job is requiring him to go to California for 3 weeks and we're tagging along with him.

Freddy and I will also be going to Chicago this weekend for one day!

This is a very busy month for us-Freddy is also a year older this month;)

Our friend/neighbor-just had a heart attack! Yes, you read right...the same person with the dreams just had a heart attack, but he is stable and recovering..he is still having the dreams and gave us all a scare including himself. He is eager to get back and start truly working for God's his exact words. He was not a religious person this is quite miraculous. I'll keep you updated, so that all of us can be encouraged by faith.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mei Mei or Foster Care?

God looks at the Heart  
Well I have already taught my first Sunday school class and it was terrific! I loved hanging with these little people and getting to know them and seeing things through their eyes.

After Nicaragua God has opened our eyes and hearts to many things and Foster care has been one of them. We adopted our little girl Hope, via international adoption and it has been an awesome ride ever since; obviously so, if we are thinking about doing it again. I previously wanted to adopt because of selfish reasons; just to have my little girl. But I am starting to think in other ways now; I think about just wanting to give more...and sharing more of what we have with a child who needs love and security-no matter the sex of the child.

1 Samuel 16-7
For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”

I thought I'd share a story with you...because we have been discussing adopting again, many ideas came to mind. How about a minor special needs child in China? Taiwan? Phillipines? Russia-again?
Well of course excitment was in the air as well as all the late night web surfing, phone calling, restless thoughts and conversation with the would all lead me to confusion at times!

Why was I feeling like this? I started to pray and read scripture for guidance. I'd pray God please if this is of you please deepen the yearning-but if it is not you and just my silly foolish heart, then take it away...I'd hear Foster Care here and husband even started saying how about Foster Care first Jeannie? The fact that he was willing to take the MAPP classes warmed my heart. I was still searching for another asian girl as my daughter though...

I received a phone call from a neighbor/friend of ours, he was concerned about some nightmares he was having and he described them to me and I was blown away by the fact it was evident that the Lord was speaking to him! As we were about to hang up he concluded with one last thing he had to tell me, and I said "sure what is it?" He said
"Jeannie, I know you like going abroad to help people and help the kids but there is work here and kids that need you here, your kids need you to work close to home!"

I was blown away! I asked him what made him want to tell me that as I have not mentioned anything to anyone really about my plans or prayers. He said
"Jeannie, my dream told me to tell you!"

WOW! How shocking....just like countless confirmations to adopt Hope, I was getting confirmation to also, stay home and not adopt abroad. I thanked the Lord countlessly that day, and could not help but sing praises for such a loving and caring God. He didn't want me to spread myself too thin and take away from the kids-let alone the costs I am sure. God knows our hearts, He knows our desires...He leads us to the our paths of grace.

I later began reading and I didn't realize that I would be reading again on Foster Foster Care be where we are headed? I don't know, but maybe so...I pray for continued guidance I know God is faithful and caring, he knows what we are capeable of better than we know ourselves.

I am afraid..I guess with all the stigma associated with Foster Care...and also with homeschooling..we'll have to see for ourselves I guess.

I have a class I'm interested in, called 'Trees of Hope'. It's a facilitator course for sexually abused girls. I have some family members/ friends, that I have in mind that I'd like to have take part in this course with me, as I see it very beneficial. So to think about this course and MAPP classes, is a little daunting...but I guess it's best for me to start somewhere and see where it takes me. The more training the I am keeping the ministries local for now;)

I just thought I'd share the amazing evidence of God clearly governing His ministries for His glory.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Here is an update on our 3 year old daughter Hope...I mean Elizabeth? No Hope!

Hope's dolls are all named Elizabeth, it is also Hope's pretend name. No one else can use this name, she likes this name-I don't even know where she has heard it.

Hope loves to swim and is now doing so underwater-she's quite fearless.

Hope will trip or fall atleast once a day-hence the temper tantrum and endless crying.

When she gets mad she calls everyone 'uggy'...sweet girl!

Hope loves babies and she always says 'awww look how little' its like she isn't little she's 30 in a 3 year old body.

She's obssessed with make up! It's annoying at times...cause we'll look at her and think what did she do to her face now!

She dressed 5X a day-hence her room is always messy-she has a bathing suit obssession too-but its better then her 2 year old shoe obssession.

She's very caring, and nosy too. She's always commenting on our grown up discussions.

She loves baths and books and barbies.

She loves to listen to the radio and tells me to 'turn it up mom' her favorite song is 'Hosanna'

She loves to dance and tells me that is what she is-a dancer princess.

She now sleeps with us! Somehow this started in the middle of the night.

She loves our dog Ryder and he adores her...they are both inseperable, and he's always growling if we go near her when she sleeps.

She loves her grandmothers Nana and Yaya and they love her!

She tells me she loves me every 5 minutes and always blames Noah for everything, but if we get mad at Noah she gets mad at us!

She's pickier these days about what she eats-and includes ketchup with everything.

She and daddy like to eat donuts for breakfast when mommy isn't looking!

She draws alot of things and writes her name and hangs them up herself-we're still trying to figure out what the art means-ha.

She always wears shorts under her skirts or dresses (I admire this about her alot)

She's creative with her clothese and does a good job putting herself together.

We just cut more of her hair (she wanted to after I did the boys') her hair is growing fast and we're trying to thickin it out by cutting the ends gradually.

Sometimes I think Hope will be the only girl in our family because of all the attention she requires....she's quite dramatic and demanding at times-she'll grab on to our legs or arms and hang there till she gets her way!

She always thanks me when I do her hair and says let me see in the mirror mom what you did...I follow her into her room and catch her twirling around in front of the mirror-she says "I'm a beautiful!"

Yes you are Hope...yes you are.

Surfer girl!

Monkeying around this Summer!