Friday, November 16, 2012

The Call to a Mama and Baba

Is it me, or do most of us start praying or feeling it around November? Does God do that on purpose?

He calls them first with a whisper,
He calls them next with a tone.
When the wind begins its dance, not many leaves get blown.
Then I heard it in my head, then I heard it in my dream.
I heard you cry Mama and Baba,
and I even heard you scream.
I began to cry because I felt your pain,
and ashamed I felt also.
 I didn't know how to begin His plan.
So I prayed to Him who always answers back.
Who is she Father?
Where is she now, and where do we fly to quickly?
Daughter, she is little and alone and she suffers greatly.
I want this child Lord I need her now with me,
Then go ahead and tell him now, that you must go because of Me.

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