Saturday, December 1, 2012

NY Here we come..

Well we just are finishing a second quarter of homeschool wooooo....glad to get that ou of the way and take a break! Freddy had left to Colorado for seven days...and that was not so easy for us five. So now that he is leaving to NY we're tagging along to take a breather. No news on the adoption front except that we have been accepted as applicants and will be starting the homestudy in January God willing. We also complete our last Russia post placement report for Hope in January. Freddy brought down Hopee's snowsuit that she left Russia in and we both just gazed at it....maybe Mei Mei will be wearing it too, maybe not. We haven't told Freddy's mother yet, I think we're too chicken or we're just sparing ourselves the looks and know its not as if we haven't thought of things ourselves in the negative pool. All the what if's will always be I'll leave it at that I guess;)


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