Sunday, January 30, 2011


The girl is officially 2 today, the very first time we get to be with her on her day of birth! What a Blessing! XOX


The girl is officially 2 today, the very first time we get to be with her on her day of birth! What a Blessing! XOX

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hope get's her 2 year old vaccines

Wanted to post this yesterday, but due to Hope's grumpiness and pain, after receiving the vaccines I couldn't. Her new Doctor, Dr. Kiang, (the Russian one has moved to another office, *sigh) made a comment on how dramatic girls are compared to boys....but Hopee is Super Dramatic, ha! Hope was staring the Doctor down, and would whine everytime the Doc would get near...and after the shots,..she was very unhappy! I bet she never forgets this day, and will not be happy to see Dr.Kiang from now on-or until she gets old enough to understand, why Mommy & Daddy takes her there.

The rest of the night I had to give her Motrin for the pain in her legs;( awwww....despite those lil chubby thighs being plumped, she was really hurting, and now says 'ow Mom, booboo'.

We've recently, got a notice from our Agency, that it is that time again-for another post placement report for Russia (her 1 year)! It caught us off guard, it came so quickly. And Russia has these specifics, for dates and timeframes, that they want these reports done by...thank goodness there arn't that many left to do.

Hope's vocabulary these last few days include:

Get Down
Get Up
Daapur (Diaper)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Baby Boy Turns 4 Today;)

Noah David, born January 19, 2007.

God Bless you my son on your day.

He will be starting pre K God willing this fall;)

Three kiddos in they grow.

Thank you Lord, for such Blessings in my life....the sons I needed and the daughter you gifted me with.

Hope and Noah will have a joint Birthday Party-This Sunday-so great pics to come;)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dolly says "Byeeeee"

I don't even know how I am going to explain this post..but I just have to post this before I forget (like that's even possible)...I will try to get this on camera. Hope was playing with her doll, and we were trying to film her talking...but could not...anyway, once we gave up on trying to catch her do something, we said "ok Hopee Bye" and she said "bye" then we said "bye baby" (her dolly), then she turned around and stuck out her dolly's hand and made the dolly wave goodbye!! LOL-it was sooo hysterical adn kinda creepy lol...she makes us do the strangest things! We have to kiss dolls all day long, she feeds us with her tea set and play foods-the other day she had water in her tea cup and I saw that she had been playing in the dog's water (ewwww) just never know with her! These days she's applying lipstick on herself too...its so hard to chuckle and take a pic at the same time, seriously!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hope and her Auntie and her 2011 stinky lil diaper......don't think Auntie noticed..hehe...Hope loves surprises!
Just yesterday, Hope now says 'tatu' (thank you) and when Daddy tickles her she yells 'Mom, hep' (help)! We love this child!!
What a blessing 2010 was...can only hope for more happiness in 2011;)
PSSTTT.....Noah & Hope have birhdays this month;))
Can't wait to plan and post this joyous event on my twins!