Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Chinese Dossier

I have not mentioned about the kind of paperwork that is required for China. I know I sound like a broken record-but it can be overwhelming! Not only does it require notarization and state certifications, it also requires to be sent to Houston's China Consulate for sealing! Ahhh, and to make matters worse Freddy and I are both born in different countries, we were married in Nevada and the Chinese consulate for Nevada is San Francisco..Some days I literally tell myself that I can't do this...I can't-not again! Other days I slap some sense into myself and think God you're here with me, this is your will and I will...I will...we can do this.

So far I am still waiting for our original marriage certificate that needs to be resent to Nevada for certification and then sent to San Francisco..all documents of the dossier must be issued within 6 months upon arrival in China. I can't imagine when we will be officially LID. Our home study has not even begun yet, and I feel we are doing so much work-our social worker for Russia spoiled us-groan!

We'll see...I've made some connections via the new adoption agency CCAI. They already have referrals! So that is seems like everyone in the agency has already been matched! I feel like we're the dummies that can't get our papers together...guess it all makes sense..and its so oh familiar. I can't even believe we did this four years ago...the day we signed the papers January 30th with our social worker-our daughter was born. So I know God has everything worked out. I know He knows I'm clumsy and awkward when it comes to paperwork and order and uhm..organization..hehe.

Not to mention this month Freddy's aunt has been ill and in and out of the hospital as well as my grandfather's failing health in Canada. We probably will be flying to Canada this weekend to pray over him and possibly-say our goodbyes. Freddy and I were also planning to go to Haiti in march..but with the expenses-I think we'll probably just send him. The kids and I are getting ready for exams and have lots of catch up to with school..they are pretty excited about having a bake sale or a lemonade stand to fund raise for the adoption. Some days I am more than others....but I know it will all work out. Please pray for us. And don't be shy, please send me your prayer requests so that we can grow as a community and testify to God's miraculous works in our lives. My husband is much more on board and he has been helping me alot more this adoption with the paperwork-this really warms my heart.

He says that he is looking to see what he can get rid of in his garage to generate money for our adoption (this is where you need to pray for us) as he has quite a collection and quite a mess...if we could rid of it and turn it into funds for Faith that in itself would be multiple miracles;)

I would love to hear from others who are embarking the China special needs many have their own unique reasons...many say its a calling...many ask us why China? Why Russia? Why not U.S.A.? I almost snapped at a lady who is Christian at our P.E. underground group..but something inside me said "Jeannie-chilax!" Anyway, I don't I'll go into detail with it..but people are different..we all have our minds made up and our you can't go barking at the world-we're just human. The spirit of the Lord is patient, kind, forgiving, humble....I try to etch this on my heart and onto my children. Raising the next generation is indeed a delicate matter. Sighhhh.

Monday, February 25, 2013

She cut her own hair!

I didn't post this yesterday-but I guess it was because I had not seen the major chop chop job she had left under the dining room table! The good news is that she isn't bald..and that she had left most of it long..but its kind of layerd in the front..which looks kind of odd...but it will stay like this until grows out I guess;(

Oh the joys of being 4!

I thought this should be written down in her history that she could look back and smile.

Monday, February 11, 2013

3 Years later

February 11 is the day Hope Isabel was declared our daughter in a Russian courtroom.

Its a date forever in my heart...going through another adoption takes me back to this day in very real  detail.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mei Mei's name is Faith

With much silence around here, Hope continues to ask us about mei mei. She even embarressed me the other day when I was donating some of her things to-She became hysterical in front of my mother in law and said "no no mama, that's for my mei mei don't give it away"
 I really appreciated her sentiments and her ever growing attachment to mei mei. I was proud of my daughter's heart and concerns; and so I whispered in her ear, that we would go and buy new shoes for her and mei mei. It is very confirming for me on a daily basis-as I ask the Lord frequently, to please confirm this journey for us. I have finally told Hope, that mei mei has a name and  her name is Faith. "Faith mama?" Yes Hopee, its Faith.

I have not written much about Faith as we know so little about her right now. I do know one very powerful thing though, that Faith is already being loved by her big sister. Just recently, we purchased six new stools for our counter. Hope now no longer wants to sit in her highchair-she says that she is a big girl and that is for mei mei. My husband finds her very amusing...but we have not told his side of the family yet about our adoption of mei mei. We do not have an idea of when a good time is....sometimes when you are already a large family, you feel that most people cannot be happy for you and your growing family. I think I feel this way deep down. We have amazing support at church and with my side of the family...but with casual friends, neighbors and yes, even some family members-we feel we are judged for our family building decisions.

I guess this is the other side of blogging about adoption. I am sure some can would be great to hear from anyone who has advice to share. I have left it to the Lord, and in another sense I feel as thoughI am dodging it. The happiness in my heart is no less than adopting Hope. I am more frequently, starting to think about Faith's face...Faith's life. We are eager to know more...and so may God lead us...and hopefully tie all of us together with happiness to this other little girl who is a mei mei.