Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mei Mei's name is Faith

With much silence around here, Hope continues to ask us about mei mei. She even embarressed me the other day when I was donating some of her things to-She became hysterical in front of my mother in law and said "no no mama, that's for my mei mei don't give it away"
 I really appreciated her sentiments and her ever growing attachment to mei mei. I was proud of my daughter's heart and concerns; and so I whispered in her ear, that we would go and buy new shoes for her and mei mei. It is very confirming for me on a daily basis-as I ask the Lord frequently, to please confirm this journey for us. I have finally told Hope, that mei mei has a name and  her name is Faith. "Faith mama?" Yes Hopee, its Faith.

I have not written much about Faith as we know so little about her right now. I do know one very powerful thing though, that Faith is already being loved by her big sister. Just recently, we purchased six new stools for our counter. Hope now no longer wants to sit in her highchair-she says that she is a big girl and that is for mei mei. My husband finds her very amusing...but we have not told his side of the family yet about our adoption of mei mei. We do not have an idea of when a good time is....sometimes when you are already a large family, you feel that most people cannot be happy for you and your growing family. I think I feel this way deep down. We have amazing support at church and with my side of the family...but with casual friends, neighbors and yes, even some family members-we feel we are judged for our family building decisions.

I guess this is the other side of blogging about adoption. I am sure some can would be great to hear from anyone who has advice to share. I have left it to the Lord, and in another sense I feel as thoughI am dodging it. The happiness in my heart is no less than adopting Hope. I am more frequently, starting to think about Faith's face...Faith's life. We are eager to know more...and so may God lead us...and hopefully tie all of us together with happiness to this other little girl who is a mei mei.

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