Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jeremy Camp - Overcome (Slideshow With Lyrics)

One day at a time!

My birthday is coming up..yeahhhhh-not! I am getting older...and my purpose in life does become more clear as days go by. I went to a Jeremy Camp concert with my mom and siblings-it was so amazing! So why am I posting this? Well was there, and they spoke about the needs of the world and our needs as was all very moving (of course). Though, it wasn't just that it was moving because life is sad etc. It was very moving for a multitude of reasons. In the last few weeks, all I have been doing is talking about adoption with people. The director at Noah's school is interested in adopting from Russia because of Hope. They were so impressed by her beauty and intelligence that they felt they wanted a 'Hopee' of their own, since she cannot conceive. Of course I am encouraging! The story of our adoption and our daughter and our agency are imprinted forever in our lives. I started to think back once again to when we decided to adopt, and of all of the paperwork and the phone calls..the fears etc. I started to once again yearn and hurt for the children in Russia, and the children who are suffering in the countries at war.....sigh...with our country. You know those moods we sometimes get in...anyway, then for some reason I thought just down because of school, and Hope's I thought maybe, I'll take my mother's offer of joining a gym. I will feel better and be able to blow off steam better. Well, I now know why I have been feeling the way that I have been..because God has answered my heart. They asked who would be interested in more info about Compassion...of course I raised my hand-I know God was talking to me! When I have thought about the possibility of adopting more children, I have always wrestled with a boy or a girl...a boy and a girl...and sure enough the lady accidentally gave me 2 pamphlets...a boy and a girl;)) This is AMAZING to me! I looked at the children in my hands that God was tugging at my heart about, I immediately knew they were mine too. Its not Russia...or orphans from Russia....I will always hurt for Russia, and the door is not closed on Russia....especially now with what has gone down politically. I will return to Russia...but maybe not to adopt...maybe for ministry-Russia needs God...all of Russia. These children are from Bolivia; and for whatever reason, they have been put into my hands and in a care. I am going to answer this ministry this time. I am not going to turn away just because I already have Hope...Hope is my chosen daughter...I really don't consider her a ministry. 'Deymar and Eymi' are my ministry children. I am proud of what God has done for me and the work he has planned out for me. I have also join my church team for a ministry for sexually abused youth...this one is very close to my heart and I plan to put everything I can into this one. I failed a nursing course and am now a semester behind...but I think I understand why now. God knows I wanted to nurse while being in nursing school and here I am nursing;)

I thank God for my husband, because he works hard for our money...and it is only possible, because of my husband's hard work and the blessings that God bestows upon us. We are very blessed because my husband is employed still, and is thriving because of God. It would be a not show God our appreciation for all He does for us.

I thank you Lord first and foremost for all you do-you shower your love on us, on a constant basis and it is so good.

Jesus bless this children that come in your name.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Regressing Much?

Well I would like to add this post to Hope's blog. It is about the recent activities that has been going on with her lately. Since I have been in school full time and since she has started shool full time...she started to have 'accidents'. I suspected it was normal and this would eventually subside...but nope, it just got worse! It wasn't only in school, it was also beginning at home. It wasn't just soon turned into poopoo in the pants at school also...then I started buying the pull ups again for her days there (ughhh poor teachers). Then the behaviors...the whinning, squealing and holding onto my ankles....then the I hate mommy...I love daddy. Once I had finished my term at school unsuccessfully, I took her out of school, where I attend now just twice a week at nights. She hasn't changed much...she still potties in her pants...I have her in diapers at times when I do not have the time to monitor her potty patterns. She decided to whip out the ol' bottle too....and says Hopee is a baby! I went along with it, because she needed a nap anyway..but then she didn't want dinner and just wanted the bottle-and I said NO! I am no longer encouraging the bottle and tell her she is a big, and that girl Hopee is not a baby. Babies don't get to go to school, or ride bikes or do ballet! Speaking of ballet; last week, she hooted and hollared and screamed and refused to go to ballet! Initially when we were dressing she was excited, but when we got there, she just kept shaking her head no. The instructor told me to ignore Hope and leave her there..but after hearing her scream and seeing her in the instructor's arms flapping her hands and feet around I thought, Uhhmmm I think I am just going to take her home., ya...there are some changes happening right now with Hope...I hope this does soon go away. We are trying to be patient but just do not understand at all why she has went from one extreme to another. Only God knows...I thank him for slowing me down when he did so that I can try to handle this and get to the bottom of this. Girls are so different.....I am happy I only have one, ha! That sounds terrible...but it is true. If I had Hope first, we probably would have stopped at Hope-so I am thankful for the order of kids I have been blessed with. Hope's daddy, always takes her side of I let him change a few of her recent diapers!

HEHE..have a good days;)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Touched Again by Adrienne....

I do brag about my daughter, and thanks to this post by Adrienne's blog and recent post-I am humbled. All children and mothers deserve the spot here it is.

God Bless you. (Adrienne's blog) that has always inspired me.

Monday, March 5, 2012

A Moment of Magic Across the Globe

A neighbour of mine, has a rental home on my street. The home is often rented out by out of towners who rent for the weekend. We usually don't really see anyone..but he had mentioned to us, that in this particular weekend, his home was being rented out by a couple from washington and the young lady of that couple, was from Kyrgyzstan. He knows our daughter's from Moscow but of Kyrgyz descent and I guess that is why he shared with us about his visitors. I of course was excited and wanted to meet them to see what a grown up Hopee might look he introduced us to nosy as I felt I was just so excited to see this young lady. When we explained our affection for the country of Kyrgyzstan because of our adoption process and of course our daughter Hope-she was very touched and pleased. She said she had already seen my daughter playing with my husband and knew that my daughter was of Kyrgyz descent. We exchanged information on FB to keep in touch, since our conversations were endless...and she was so kind and full of smiles..I just wanted to stay in contact with her. She had asked me about Hope's birthmother, but I told her I had very limited information on her just a name that may or may not be real and a birthdate..I actually wasn't even able to recall Hope's BM first name. So a couple of months later she emailed me a quick note saying that she was leaving the country and if I wanted to contact her to contact her via an email address....I don't know why, but I responded saying that she better stay in touch and be safe..and then I said...oh by the way Hope's BM name was ******. So just the other day I got a message from her asking about Hope and I and the kids...and of course I asked about her and her fiancee...she seemed well...then she said to me..."Jeannie do you remember your email to me?" I said yes of course...she then asked "you know when you told me Hope's BM name..I said yes??? At this point I am thinking..what is the matter..or do you know her? She said she did some research in the small Kyrgyz community....and thought that she have found her!!!! I was kind of shocked and excited all at the same time...I have never intended on searching for Hope's BM...I have thought that maybe Hope might want to when she gets older...the only thing that I have felt during the adoption process in that I wish I had more information for Hope about her BM for when those questions do arrive. I was given very little on Hope's BM, and many of my friends who have adopted all seemed to have had more info for their children. Anyway-she asked me..her BM name is ************* right? I said remember wow..and then she said was her birthday !!!!!? I said yes!!!! I immediately became so overwhelmed with excitment..because I'd never forget that birthdate or that name. So she sent me a link of information on this russian/kyrgyz community website. I asked her to wait for me to look at it as I am not fluent in russian and thought I may not know what I am actually looking at or reading. As soon as I opened up this page I saw the picture of the is young woman that I knew was Hope's BM!! I mean...without a doubt..I was looking at my daughter. I saw the name and the birthdate and even in russian I could identify the spelling..and just was amazed. She had multiple pictures. My friend asked me what I plant to do..and I said I just plan on keeping these pictures and printing them out for Hope. I told her I am sure this is her...and my friend said she was sure as well...and that she is now engaged. There were pics of a baby...a little boy, who does not have a real resemblance to I am not sure about that...but I am just happy to have something to show my daughter for when she has those questions. I think it is very important for a young girl to grow up and have certain information on her life...adopted or not. I thanked my friend, and said I was still in disbelief..she said she was as well..but felt that I should know and that Hope should know as much as possible. I feel as though I met this woman for this purpose...for whatever reason I was so taken by her kindness and presence...and for whatever reason she decided to research Hope's BM....which I assume may not be hard in Kyrgyzstan. WOW! How many adoptive parents can say that.....I don't know. Also, just recently, I was contacted by my BF I was not adopted..but my father was out of my life at a very young age...and so I grew up really without a father. Being contacted by him, drew out a lot of different feelings. Its complicated, and its not easy to try and make sense of life sometimes, especially when it comes to biological parents/caregivers/guardians who were influential etc. Anyway, I felt it was necessary to share this amazing news on Hope's blog. So that Hope knows how this story all began. Hope's BM is very young and very beautiful....she seems like she may have a lot of the qualities Hope now demonstrates; kindness, intelligence and beauty. Whatever her story maybe...she had her reasons and I am blessed by her decisions. She will always be in our prayers...I hope, that Hope will understand how amazing God's plan is for us. How his miracles continue to bless us again and again in our lifetime. I felt so blessed by God..he wants Hope's life to be complete. I am not saying FB is always awesome...but it sure can connect people around the world. My husband says women are so bizarre in their socializing....hehe..he is in disbelief. It was because of my connection with this young lady...she is a lady of faith in the Lord..for whatever reason she took it upon herself to retrieve such precious info. It does seem a bit invasive to Hope's BM..but for whatever reason she gave accurate info when she left the hospital...and I think it was because she may have wanted to be found....or leave Hope with some kind of info about her roots..I am thankful for all of it. AMEN.