Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Regressing Much?

Well I would like to add this post to Hope's blog. It is about the recent activities that has been going on with her lately. Since I have been in school full time and since she has started shool full time...she started to have 'accidents'. I suspected it was normal and this would eventually subside...but nope, it just got worse! It wasn't only in school, it was also beginning at home. It wasn't just soon turned into poopoo in the pants at school also...then I started buying the pull ups again for her days there (ughhh poor teachers). Then the behaviors...the whinning, squealing and holding onto my ankles....then the I hate mommy...I love daddy. Once I had finished my term at school unsuccessfully, I took her out of school, where I attend now just twice a week at nights. She hasn't changed much...she still potties in her pants...I have her in diapers at times when I do not have the time to monitor her potty patterns. She decided to whip out the ol' bottle too....and says Hopee is a baby! I went along with it, because she needed a nap anyway..but then she didn't want dinner and just wanted the bottle-and I said NO! I am no longer encouraging the bottle and tell her she is a big, and that girl Hopee is not a baby. Babies don't get to go to school, or ride bikes or do ballet! Speaking of ballet; last week, she hooted and hollared and screamed and refused to go to ballet! Initially when we were dressing she was excited, but when we got there, she just kept shaking her head no. The instructor told me to ignore Hope and leave her there..but after hearing her scream and seeing her in the instructor's arms flapping her hands and feet around I thought, Uhhmmm I think I am just going to take her home., ya...there are some changes happening right now with Hope...I hope this does soon go away. We are trying to be patient but just do not understand at all why she has went from one extreme to another. Only God knows...I thank him for slowing me down when he did so that I can try to handle this and get to the bottom of this. Girls are so different.....I am happy I only have one, ha! That sounds terrible...but it is true. If I had Hope first, we probably would have stopped at Hope-so I am thankful for the order of kids I have been blessed with. Hope's daddy, always takes her side of I let him change a few of her recent diapers!

HEHE..have a good days;)


Jeanette said...

Sounds like Hope is going through some stuff :( I wish I had any advice to give. Three is a difficult age. It may just be the daycare issue and the age 3 "tude". Good luck!

ps. I would have taken her out of ballet too :) She obviously needed you that day.

Anonymous said...

Jeanette you can call me anytime! my email address is no longer have a facebook.