Saturday, March 24, 2012

One day at a time!

My birthday is coming up..yeahhhhh-not! I am getting older...and my purpose in life does become more clear as days go by. I went to a Jeremy Camp concert with my mom and siblings-it was so amazing! So why am I posting this? Well was there, and they spoke about the needs of the world and our needs as was all very moving (of course). Though, it wasn't just that it was moving because life is sad etc. It was very moving for a multitude of reasons. In the last few weeks, all I have been doing is talking about adoption with people. The director at Noah's school is interested in adopting from Russia because of Hope. They were so impressed by her beauty and intelligence that they felt they wanted a 'Hopee' of their own, since she cannot conceive. Of course I am encouraging! The story of our adoption and our daughter and our agency are imprinted forever in our lives. I started to think back once again to when we decided to adopt, and of all of the paperwork and the phone calls..the fears etc. I started to once again yearn and hurt for the children in Russia, and the children who are suffering in the countries at war.....sigh...with our country. You know those moods we sometimes get in...anyway, then for some reason I thought just down because of school, and Hope's I thought maybe, I'll take my mother's offer of joining a gym. I will feel better and be able to blow off steam better. Well, I now know why I have been feeling the way that I have been..because God has answered my heart. They asked who would be interested in more info about Compassion...of course I raised my hand-I know God was talking to me! When I have thought about the possibility of adopting more children, I have always wrestled with a boy or a girl...a boy and a girl...and sure enough the lady accidentally gave me 2 pamphlets...a boy and a girl;)) This is AMAZING to me! I looked at the children in my hands that God was tugging at my heart about, I immediately knew they were mine too. Its not Russia...or orphans from Russia....I will always hurt for Russia, and the door is not closed on Russia....especially now with what has gone down politically. I will return to Russia...but maybe not to adopt...maybe for ministry-Russia needs God...all of Russia. These children are from Bolivia; and for whatever reason, they have been put into my hands and in a care. I am going to answer this ministry this time. I am not going to turn away just because I already have Hope...Hope is my chosen daughter...I really don't consider her a ministry. 'Deymar and Eymi' are my ministry children. I am proud of what God has done for me and the work he has planned out for me. I have also join my church team for a ministry for sexually abused youth...this one is very close to my heart and I plan to put everything I can into this one. I failed a nursing course and am now a semester behind...but I think I understand why now. God knows I wanted to nurse while being in nursing school and here I am nursing;)

I thank God for my husband, because he works hard for our money...and it is only possible, because of my husband's hard work and the blessings that God bestows upon us. We are very blessed because my husband is employed still, and is thriving because of God. It would be a not show God our appreciation for all He does for us.

I thank you Lord first and foremost for all you do-you shower your love on us, on a constant basis and it is so good.

Jesus bless this children that come in your name.


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Laura Jones said...

Jeannie, is everything okay? You disappeared from FB. I just read your posts about Hope and her behavior. Logan is not even potty trained yet and the doctor says that he is 'just not ready' so I'm not pushing. I'm very excited that I'm getting a new caregiver that starts next week and she is Russian! She also is a violinist and my hopes are that she will teach Logan the violin since I have one and never learned to play.

Anyway, just thinking of you and hoping that all is ok.