Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hope's Debut On The Beach

I am posting tonight because of How beautiful Hope looked today dancing on the beach. At first glance, it was not even obvious to us that it was even Hope we were watching dance. Our little girl has just transformed before our very eyes...she looked so free and happy. Her hair has grown and has become so shiny. Her cheeks have gotten so much color from the sun, that her skin is just radiant and soft. Her little body is changing also ever so drastically, she has gotten much taller, and I am often buying her another pair of shoes to fit her ever growing feet;)

The minute she hears music-she dances, she shakes, she taps her feet, snaps her fingers and smiles...our lil showboat...Hopee...even drew a crowd-who is this little girl?

She calls Freddy-Dada & Papa

She says "Stop" while pointing her fingers angrily..hehe its so funny!

She carries around an ugly 'Ghostrider' doll in her stroller..uhh

she is developing molars all at the same time..oww.

She comes up to me every so often to rub my head;)

We are in heaven with this little girl!

The Lord is just too good.

Such a ministry he has led us to...and I feel as though we are far from knowing just why or what or where or when...there is just so much to discover about our Hopee.

God has blessed her tremendously, with all her talents and beauty...I think often about her BM...may he bless her too.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our Vivacious Hope..

Who says girls are calmer than boys? HA! Not Hope;) She is so active & daring!

Oh gosh..her father freddy in a nutshell!

Here is what Hope does & says:

Mama-constantly, especially in the morning-she calls me and knows I will come.

Dada-She smiles and runs in daddy's work shop knowing he is there almost always!
She even runs to him and lifts up her shirt-knowing that he will tickle her tummy;)

She says YaYa & NaNa for her grandmas..who are always boasting about her..she knows this and therefore 'performs' for them.

She makes these hand signals when she wants up, and just cups mommy or daddy's legs when she wants their devoted attention.

She likes to play with the computer's keyboard..uhhhh.

She always tries to climb up the stairs to go in her brothers' room to play;) She has even figured out how to climb down the stairs...yep-we got a wild one!


She loves to swim and submerge her head into water-with her wings, non of my boys were this fearless.

She babbles a lot..she'll call out to me, and i'll say "yes Hope?" She babbles..we don't understand her yet;)

She does understand us-when we say:close the door/pick up your toys/where is dolly?/ don't go upstairs..etc.

She shakes her head yes or no...my boys have fun with this..cause whatever they ask her..she nods her head yes mostly..."Hopee did you pee in your pants?" She'll nod yes!

She loves to sleep with mummy & daddy.

She is always giggling about something..and she soo loves to dance and shake;)

She has a dolly & stroller that she rolls up and down the house..and occasionally up the stairs...

She loves her baths and loves to get dressed..but still hates things in her hair and shoes on her feet.

She loves to be tickled and soemtimes makes us tickle her:)

She gives kisses constantly, and hugs Noah lots too.

We are going to NY tomorrow morning with the four babies. I hope to take lots of pics to post Hope out and about, especially at FAO SCHWARTZ..and Central Park...Boys are out of school..Hope you guys have a great summer!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bites found on Hope

Well, I couldn't for the life of me understand why Hope was getting these awful looking bites!

I went to the extreme thinking that they were bedbugs (ewww)..washing all the linens and searching, and vacuming..even putting her to bed with socks..and just being so paranoid. I had my bug guy come over again-telling him that we may have bed bugs etc.

Well-he laughed and told me we didn't and that Hope has an allergy to 'mosquito bites'....huh? Ya! Makes sense..her immunity is not strong enough to tolerate the mosquito bites..and so she has these awful rasberry bites that really don't show up till later on..on at once!! We were horrified!

Well-good news-no bedbugs (eww)...bad news...mosquito season here in Florida with all the rain and fast growing grass, not to mention, we live on the water and many of my neighbors own PONDS!

Well, I felt I should post this-because, PAP's should know about 'all precautions' when bringing their lil sensitive ones on home.

Right now-Hope has cortisone creams galore, triple antibiotic cream and antihistamine;(

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dr. Phil?

Did anyone see Dr. Phil on Wednesday? http://drphil.com/shows/show/1474/

I don't watch much t.v. and I would not begin because of Dr. Phil..but a friend of mine called me up to watch this episode, knowing, that I'd be interested because of the subject matter of IA adoptions. Of course this show was sparked up by the Tennessee mom sending her child back to Russia...it had cases from Belrus, Russia, china & Ukraine...which I am glad, because I get tired of only hearing smack about Russia. All of these stories were quite scary..I really didn't sleep much that night. There are no guarantees in this life no matter what! Be it family planning, marriage, adoption, career choices etc. we just do not know-period.

I take a day at a time with Hopee...at the end of the day when she is tucked in her crib..I just breathe and thank the good Lord for the opportunity & trust, he has given me as a mother, to these four children. I try my best...that is all I can say. We have our awesome days, our tired longer days, the too quick days...one day at a time.

Motherhood is a huge calling, most of us arn't always equipped at all times. No one said it was going to be easy...admire the men/women who have parenting in their hearts.