Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our Vivacious Hope..

Who says girls are calmer than boys? HA! Not Hope;) She is so active & daring!

Oh gosh..her father freddy in a nutshell!

Here is what Hope does & says:

Mama-constantly, especially in the morning-she calls me and knows I will come.

Dada-She smiles and runs in daddy's work shop knowing he is there almost always!
She even runs to him and lifts up her shirt-knowing that he will tickle her tummy;)

She says YaYa & NaNa for her grandmas..who are always boasting about her..she knows this and therefore 'performs' for them.

She makes these hand signals when she wants up, and just cups mommy or daddy's legs when she wants their devoted attention.

She likes to play with the computer's keyboard..uhhhh.

She always tries to climb up the stairs to go in her brothers' room to play;) She has even figured out how to climb down the stairs...yep-we got a wild one!


She loves to swim and submerge her head into water-with her wings, non of my boys were this fearless.

She babbles a lot..she'll call out to me, and i'll say "yes Hope?" She babbles..we don't understand her yet;)

She does understand us-when we say:close the door/pick up your toys/where is dolly?/ don't go upstairs..etc.

She shakes her head yes or no...my boys have fun with this..cause whatever they ask her..she nods her head yes mostly..."Hopee did you pee in your pants?" She'll nod yes!

She loves to sleep with mummy & daddy.

She is always giggling about something..and she soo loves to dance and shake;)

She has a dolly & stroller that she rolls up and down the house..and occasionally up the stairs...

She loves her baths and loves to get dressed..but still hates things in her hair and shoes on her feet.

She loves to be tickled and soemtimes makes us tickle her:)

She gives kisses constantly, and hugs Noah lots too.

We are going to NY tomorrow morning with the four babies. I hope to take lots of pics to post Hope out and about, especially at FAO SCHWARTZ..and Central Park...Boys are out of school..Hope you guys have a great summer!


Jeanette said...

Hope sounds like a busy little girl! I think Grace is tougher and more active than my boys were too. She is nonstop! Can't wait to see pics!!!

The Megerles said...

Wow, She is doing so well. I am very impressed with how much she does and says. You have one smart cookie on your hands! Have a great time in NY, sounds like a lot of fun. Take lots of pic's of all the kids and you and freddy.