Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hope's Debut On The Beach

I am posting tonight because of How beautiful Hope looked today dancing on the beach. At first glance, it was not even obvious to us that it was even Hope we were watching dance. Our little girl has just transformed before our very eyes...she looked so free and happy. Her hair has grown and has become so shiny. Her cheeks have gotten so much color from the sun, that her skin is just radiant and soft. Her little body is changing also ever so drastically, she has gotten much taller, and I am often buying her another pair of shoes to fit her ever growing feet;)

The minute she hears music-she dances, she shakes, she taps her feet, snaps her fingers and smiles...our lil showboat...Hopee...even drew a crowd-who is this little girl?

She calls Freddy-Dada & Papa

She says "Stop" while pointing her fingers angrily..hehe its so funny!

She carries around an ugly 'Ghostrider' doll in her stroller..uhh

she is developing molars all at the same time..oww.

She comes up to me every so often to rub my head;)

We are in heaven with this little girl!

The Lord is just too good.

Such a ministry he has led us to...and I feel as though we are far from knowing just why or what or where or when...there is just so much to discover about our Hopee.

God has blessed her tremendously, with all her talents and beauty...I think often about her BM...may he bless her too.

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Jeanette said...

Such a sweet post! Hope is blessed also to have such a loving family!