Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Our Tricks and Treats

November's Adoption Awareness Month How often do we revisit adoption awareness month and think about our local foster care organizations, and popular countries like China, Columbia when we think about the orphaned population. What about places like the middle east and the recent disruptions there? Have we given thought to the consequences of the recent attacks on Christians in Iraq? With the increasing awareness of persecution of Christians caused be ISIS (Muslim extremists). There are now many orphaned, abandoned and abused children as a result. This one is heavy on my heart. I say let's acknowledge this and do whatever we can to support these children this month and acknowledge their families who fought the good fight. Please continue praying for them. If they decide to place these children with Christian families in West, that would be a blessing to both them and to us-Christ's Holy Church. Visit the link to find out more. Be apart of the greatest mission in history! God Bless Spain for its concerns and aggressive action in protecting the Church! Praise God for the Conservative decisions that recently played out-Go Florida! Praise God for what He is doing to our hearts! Praise Him, Praise Him all the time we don't know what He is doing but He is doing something amazing before our very eyes! Blessings to you my brother and sisters in Christ. Let's turn this country around by prayer first and foremost! Shalom!