Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What a Miracle!

Hope is completely potty trained! She wakes up in the middle of the night and everything Hallelujah!

Everything is truly great, I am a little stressed because of school, but my husband has been helping me so much with the kids as well as my brother! I cannot wait till the kids' school is done though, so that I no longer have to make bagged lunches! Its pretty rainy here in Florida, which keeps the children indoors and makes it hard for me to concentrate at times...but I'm sure the sunshine will be here soon enough.  Hope is very active and talks all the time! She's nosy too..and for some odd reason has decided to write on the walls!!! She listens to everything, and you will hear her reply to something your talking about that is not related to her-she's SHARP! She is very advanced academically, and her vocabulary is amazing. Her fashion style not so much..but she likes to be dressed pretty, with pretty shoes. She doesn't like to clean up..but when I am upset-she knows and picks up quite fast...with whining of course; that is the thing with girls, they don't push their limits...she's smart! Her hair is just getting longer, and she's truly gorgeous;) I just can't keep my eyes off of her some days...I'm gushing sigh...cannot thank the Lord enough for our decision to have Hope! The pack of four is truly a great number for us...its hard at times too, but what would they do without each other?
I need to start taking pictures again, I've been bad about that...but its Memorial weekend so I'll get on it;)