Monday, March 5, 2012

A Moment of Magic Across the Globe

A neighbour of mine, has a rental home on my street. The home is often rented out by out of towners who rent for the weekend. We usually don't really see anyone..but he had mentioned to us, that in this particular weekend, his home was being rented out by a couple from washington and the young lady of that couple, was from Kyrgyzstan. He knows our daughter's from Moscow but of Kyrgyz descent and I guess that is why he shared with us about his visitors. I of course was excited and wanted to meet them to see what a grown up Hopee might look he introduced us to nosy as I felt I was just so excited to see this young lady. When we explained our affection for the country of Kyrgyzstan because of our adoption process and of course our daughter Hope-she was very touched and pleased. She said she had already seen my daughter playing with my husband and knew that my daughter was of Kyrgyz descent. We exchanged information on FB to keep in touch, since our conversations were endless...and she was so kind and full of smiles..I just wanted to stay in contact with her. She had asked me about Hope's birthmother, but I told her I had very limited information on her just a name that may or may not be real and a birthdate..I actually wasn't even able to recall Hope's BM first name. So a couple of months later she emailed me a quick note saying that she was leaving the country and if I wanted to contact her to contact her via an email address....I don't know why, but I responded saying that she better stay in touch and be safe..and then I said...oh by the way Hope's BM name was ******. So just the other day I got a message from her asking about Hope and I and the kids...and of course I asked about her and her fiancee...she seemed well...then she said to me..."Jeannie do you remember your email to me?" I said yes of course...she then asked "you know when you told me Hope's BM name..I said yes??? At this point I am thinking..what is the matter..or do you know her? She said she did some research in the small Kyrgyz community....and thought that she have found her!!!! I was kind of shocked and excited all at the same time...I have never intended on searching for Hope's BM...I have thought that maybe Hope might want to when she gets older...the only thing that I have felt during the adoption process in that I wish I had more information for Hope about her BM for when those questions do arrive. I was given very little on Hope's BM, and many of my friends who have adopted all seemed to have had more info for their children. Anyway-she asked me..her BM name is ************* right? I said remember wow..and then she said was her birthday !!!!!? I said yes!!!! I immediately became so overwhelmed with excitment..because I'd never forget that birthdate or that name. So she sent me a link of information on this russian/kyrgyz community website. I asked her to wait for me to look at it as I am not fluent in russian and thought I may not know what I am actually looking at or reading. As soon as I opened up this page I saw the picture of the is young woman that I knew was Hope's BM!! I mean...without a doubt..I was looking at my daughter. I saw the name and the birthdate and even in russian I could identify the spelling..and just was amazed. She had multiple pictures. My friend asked me what I plant to do..and I said I just plan on keeping these pictures and printing them out for Hope. I told her I am sure this is her...and my friend said she was sure as well...and that she is now engaged. There were pics of a baby...a little boy, who does not have a real resemblance to I am not sure about that...but I am just happy to have something to show my daughter for when she has those questions. I think it is very important for a young girl to grow up and have certain information on her life...adopted or not. I thanked my friend, and said I was still in disbelief..she said she was as well..but felt that I should know and that Hope should know as much as possible. I feel as though I met this woman for this purpose...for whatever reason I was so taken by her kindness and presence...and for whatever reason she decided to research Hope's BM....which I assume may not be hard in Kyrgyzstan. WOW! How many adoptive parents can say that.....I don't know. Also, just recently, I was contacted by my BF I was not adopted..but my father was out of my life at a very young age...and so I grew up really without a father. Being contacted by him, drew out a lot of different feelings. Its complicated, and its not easy to try and make sense of life sometimes, especially when it comes to biological parents/caregivers/guardians who were influential etc. Anyway, I felt it was necessary to share this amazing news on Hope's blog. So that Hope knows how this story all began. Hope's BM is very young and very beautiful....she seems like she may have a lot of the qualities Hope now demonstrates; kindness, intelligence and beauty. Whatever her story maybe...she had her reasons and I am blessed by her decisions. She will always be in our prayers...I hope, that Hope will understand how amazing God's plan is for us. How his miracles continue to bless us again and again in our lifetime. I felt so blessed by God..he wants Hope's life to be complete. I am not saying FB is always awesome...but it sure can connect people around the world. My husband says women are so bizarre in their socializing....hehe..he is in disbelief. It was because of my connection with this young lady...she is a lady of faith in the Lord..for whatever reason she took it upon herself to retrieve such precious info. It does seem a bit invasive to Hope's BM..but for whatever reason she gave accurate info when she left the hospital...and I think it was because she may have wanted to be found....or leave Hope with some kind of info about her roots..I am thankful for all of it. AMEN.

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Jeanette said...

That is so awesome! We are in the same boat since we don't know anything but a name (if it's correct) and age of her BM. Grace's BM is supposedly Krygz too. It's so nice that you have at least something to show Hope when she is older. I find myself thinking a lot lately of Grace's birth mom and what she may thinking or wondering about Grace.