Thursday, May 13, 2010

Children are Taking Over...

I am up this morning with the flu, its lasted now about 5 days now...I am miserable! Hope has been driving me crazy with her aggressive crying and screaming and tugging! In the evening when she is put down to sleep she screams. In the morning when she is awake she screams, and yells and shakes the crib...its so frustrating for me right now. The pediatrician told me, that since she now knows the difference in life style, and in treatment, that she is going to be aggressive and demand her way. She has been getting worse! It was cute at first, but now my nerves are shot. I try to talk to her to calm her..but it can make it worse. Also, Noah has been driving me nuts by 'accidently' breaking Hope's toys! Grrrr...I am so weak..the children are taking over the house!

Hope is also climbing everything in sight..she is a lil daring thing! She has yells at me and talk back in her baby lingo. I take it as atleast she is trying to babble and make sense. Though, she is feisty and possessive over me. If noah comes over to me, she screams and pushes him out of the way, or tries to climb onto me...survival of the fetis here...AHHHHHHH!

I so want my husband back on nights..I can't take him being away from me in the day!

I know I will be better once I am feeling better, because the house is out of control!



Hope's very sick mother!


Keith and Jennifer said...

You are not alone! I've felt so overwhelmed at times! If you ever need to talk you can contact me at I pray you feel better very soon!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need some help with the kids until you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I feel so bad for you! It is the worst thing to be sick and home with all your children! When you need to sleep and heal, and all they do is ask for things and drive you crazy. It is almost impossible to know it until you have lived it - and I have. I hope you get some good, good, sleep over the weekend!


The Megerle's said...

Oh I feel for you too....I have been there. Not with the two yet but with my son and I cannot imagine with 4 kids. . I pray you get better soon. I am with Jen, being a mom is very overwhelming at times. They don't come with an instruction manuel and I wish they did. LOL

Rob,Dawn,Catherine and Iain and Maura said...

Hang on!! It will get better. I promise. I just went through the same thing with Maura, but used the sling hold and it worked. call me if u need to talk. 810-220-3398