Thursday, May 20, 2010


Well tonight, we went out to dinner with friends and it felt oh so good and oh so needed! Hopee was showing off her stuff;) She pointed to herself, trying to say "me/mio"..we have been teaching her this. Which toys belong to Hopee, and who is Hopee. She also picked up; today, when I was making faces while changing her diaper I said "ewww Hopee did caca"..she laughed and yelled "CACA, CACA!"...I just thought a minute to myself..sheesh she's smart! What a smart cookie we have on our hands..she is just picking everything up so quickly! She understands so much, and thinks its funny to pick her nose! We think this funny too, but try to keep straight faces and say "Hopee No..don't pick your nose!" She is also, 'Miss Kisses galore'...she just wants to have her face close to mine or Daddy's or one of the boys', and she tries to pucker up..its to die for!

Lord we are ever so blessed with this beautiful child! You have been so faithful and so wonderful to our family. Our daughter is such a GEM in our lives...nothing else truly matters. I was ever so proud today with our family, our life, our marriage, our love-and most of all our four children...the Angels in our lives.

Mackenzie said tonight: "Arn't we lucky to be four kids?" "You got three boys who are cool and one tiny girl who is really cute!"
Couldn't have said it better myself;)As school comes to a much anticipated end..we look forward in planning activities together and possibly, get into better shape (for some beach fun), and just enjoy our new family structure & roles..and most importantly our little Hope..we have so much to learn about our new daughter, she has so much to learn and explore about her new life...a life that she has allowed us to be apart of with GOD's grace and peace;)

P.S. I gotta catch a pic of Hope with her finger in her nose!


The Megerles said...

Awww that is so awesome that she is picking up on so much and wow she is such a smarty to pick up on all the words and knowing herself. That is wonderful. So happy for your family. You have a gorgious family and are truly blessed. Samara has also found her nostrils and likes to stick her fingers up her nose. Although she sticks it up there too far and then cries. Silly Girl!!!

Jeanette said...

Sounds like Hope is taking over the house!!! So is Grace! It's amazing to me how strong these babies are after not getting all they should for so long. Grace yells at me too :)